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                 Rugby Reps

Good to see Mr.Koli Rakoroi still trim and active with the Fiji Rugby Union. Many former Fiji reps simply fade into oblivion and are forgotten. It would be good to have a TV programme about  our former Fiji reps to find out how they are faring.

In big countries their reps often prepare themselves business-wise or in education because the playing careers of rugby players only spans perhaps ten to fifteen years if they are lucky. After that, if they do not have regular day jobs to go back to, they could live in poverty and be forgotten.

Vinaka Koli Rakoroi.  You are a good example for rugby reps.

Manhole Covers

Isa, two men were caught red-handed on CCTV stealing manhole covers. This should be a lesson to thieves because it is costing taxpayers a lot of money to replace the covers.  Its also good that the men have been locked up because the theft of manhole covers has caused many accidents and injuries to people who step into a manhole.

In Waiyavi the grating on drains have been stolen.The city council has had to nail down large pieces of wood to cover them, and,  lo and behold, the wood has also been stolen.

I sometimes stand and look at the gaping holes and wonder about the people who have no civic pride and no pride for their country, the bloody rascals.


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