CCF and Yabaki Convicted and Fined

The Citizens Constitutional Forum has been convicted and fined $20,000 while CCF Chief ExecutiveOfficer, Reverend Akuila Yabaki has been convicted and handed a three month sentence, suspended for 12 months.

While handing down the sentence in the contempt of court case today, Justice William Calanchini also said that Yabaki's sentence will be suspended upon the condition that Yabaki pays a $2,000 fine within 28 days. He also has to pay costs of $2,500 within 28 days to the Attorney General's Office. CCF also has to pay $2500 in costs to the Attorney General's Office within 28 days.

Justice Calanchini also ruled that CCF has to arrange an apology directed to the judiciary of Fiji. This is to be drafted and submitted within 28 days to the court for approval. Once the apology is approved, it has to be printed in the next edition of the CCF Newsletter, Tutaka.

CCF and Yabaki were found guilty of contempt scandalising the court on the basis that the words in the article as understood by the newsletter's readers would have the effect of raising doubts in their minds that disputes between the public and the government would not be resolved by impartial and independent judges.

Justice Calanchini said in his view, this is a serious contempt. He said in his judgement that there may not presently be a parliamentary system of government in Fiji but this does not in any way diminish the importance of maintaining public confidence in the judicial system, and the moral authority and integrity of the judiciary and the courts.

Fiji Village Publish date/time: 09/08/2013. Story by Vijay Narayan.  Photo: The Fiji Times.


Anonymous said…
Thought you were friends? No supportive comments at all? Bit low, but then, what to expect.
Crosbie Walsh said…
Anonymous, please use your real name or a pseudonym. I have no idea which of the numerous anonymouses you are. I would be honoured if Akuila considers me his friend but friends should talk honestly with each other and on this issue I think CCF and Akuila made a mistake, and their retraction came to late to stop legal proceedings. I also think the judiciary is doing a remarkably good job in difficult times and, no matter what one's position is, we can question the judgement but not the independence of the judiciary. This is normal practice in Fiji, NZ, Australia and most other countries. You will note that I always publish CCF releases and on many occasions I have supported their position.
Anonymous said…
The only 'position' you have supported for the CCF is when they went down on their knees and slurped the illegal human rights abusing regime. When the CCF finally showed some (short lived) courage about this junta and the compromised judiciary you abandoned them. Sadly, like Father Barr, they ran back down their hole when the dictator and his junta judicial bullies growled at them.
Abrogation said…
Croz, what about the 2009 court ruling that the takeover was illegal? Should Frank have respected the judiciary then? No. Because he is Frank....remarkably good job
Abrogation said…
....No comment??....exactly

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