Need to Tweak Government Draft Constituton

Some helpful suggestions by Dr Shameem on eradicating institutional racism (the CERD recommendations), corruption and the Ombudsman's Office, and the State's limitation of rights. --Ed.   

Comments on the Government’s draft Fiji Constitution 2013 
in response to Government’s request for feedback

By Dr Shaista Shameem

My few short comments on the Government’s draft 2013 Constitution are as follows:

  1. General

The main principles of constitutional governance promoted by the Government in its public statements are:

  1. elimination of institutionalised racial discrimination;
  2. elimination of corruption and bad governance; and
  3. protection of all constitutional rights, including economic, environmental and social rights.

  1. Whether the draft Constitution 2013 is consistent with the Government’s expressed principles of constitutional governance and with international law.

(i) Elimination of institutionalized racial discrimination
The draft Constitution 2013 provides equal rights for all irrespective of race or ethnicity.


The draft does not accord with important 2012 recommendations of the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination1 which Fiji is obliged to follow as a State Party to the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination.

The CERD Committee recommended to the Fiji Government as follows:

(a) Disaggregated data to be made available on the socio-economic situation of Fiji’s different ethnic groups to show which groups suffer socio-economic disadvantage

(b) Fiji to impose special measures (affirmative action) to improve the participation of minority groups in public administration and politics since, currently, minority groups are disadvantaged in these areas. Any special measures to be based on disaggregated data which should be publicly available.

(c) Fiji to enact specific legislation against racial discrimination- especially law which criminalises racial motives as an aggravating factor in criminal activity.

(d) Fiji to secure the free, prior and informed consent and consultation of the indigenous peoples regarding their permanent rights as a group.

(e) In 2013 Fiji to report back to the Committee on (i) minority participation in public and political life and its affirmative action plans to restore balance in these areas; (ii) disaggregated data on protection of economic, social and cultural rights of minority groups; and (iii) rights of indigenous peoples.

My Recommendations on (i):

  1. that the Fiji Government ensure that the draft 2013 Constitution is consistent with the 2012 recommendations of the CERD Committee so as to eradicate institutionalized racial discrimination in Fiji..

  1. that the Fiji Government declare, in good faith and in adherence to its own theory of constitutional governance, that individuals and groups in Fiji can petition the CERD Committee through the Article 14 procedure of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination:

Art. 14 CERD: A State Party may at any time declare that it recognises the competence of the Committee to receive and consider communications from individuals or groups of individuals within its jurisdiction claiming to be victims of a violation by that State party of any of the rights set forth in this Convention.

  1. Elimination of Corruption and Bad Governance

The draft 2013 Constitution contains the section 141 provision on accountability and transparency of all public officers in the declaration of their assets, liabilities and financial interests.

Whistleblowers will be protected by law.


  1. There is a clash between section 141 wide-ranging right of the public to personal information of public officers and the right to personal privacy protected by section 24, as well as the right to security (especially security of family members including children) provided by section 130 (2) of the Constitution.
  1. The removal of the Office of Ombudsman from the draft 2013 Constitution means that the free service previously available for people alleging mal-administration or misconduct by public officers has been eliminated.

My Recommendations on (ii):

  1. Section 141 should contain limitations on the type and extent of public access to personal information

  1. The Ombudsman’s Office as a free (constitutional) public service for investigation of maladministration should be retained in the Constitution (as per the People’s Charter) despite the new section 16 Executive and Administrative Justice which can only be enforced by the courts, thus making it expensive and cumbersome for the ordinary people to access.

(iii) Constitutional protection of all human rights, including economic, environmental and social rights

Additional rights have been formally included in the Government’s draft Constitution, incorporating elements from the Social Justice (Compact) provisions of the 1997 Constitution.


(i) The Bill of Rights provisions do not include an important clause to curb absolute state authority – missing is the phrase ..’as long as it (State limitation of rights) is reasonable and justifiable in a free and democratic society’. This phrase was included in all the relevant provisions of the 1997 Constitution and is a feature of international human rights law.

The phrase means that it is permitted for a State to limit some (not all) fundamental rights as long as those limitations would be reasonable and justifiable in a free and democratic society’.

This is the most serious flaw in the Government’s draft Constitution and affects the whole Constitution because it allows any government to impose limits on people’s rights even if those limits would not be allowed in a free and democratic society. The lack of justification of state limitations of rights to the courts is not cured by Sections 3 and 7 interpretation sections of the 2013 draft Constitution.

(ii) The definition of human rights is not included in the interpretation section of the Constitution

My Recommendation on (iii)

  1. The phrase ‘…as long as the limitation is reasonable and justifiable in a free and democratic society’ should be included in each relevant rights limitation in the Constitution. Without that inclusion, the Government’s draft Constitution 2013 is not fully human rights compliant, contrary to the Government’s statements to the people that their rights are protected by its draft.

  1. In view of the double-entrenchment of the Constitution - because any amendment can only be made by both Parliament and a public referendum with two thirds majority of the registered voters voting for it- it is very important that this phrase is included in the Constitution.

  1. The definition of human rights should be included in the interpretation section of the Constitution.

3. Conclusion

Despite its good points, the Government’s draft constitution 2013 does not represent a ‘social contract’, based on equality between the people of Fiji and the State, which is the fundamental principle of constitutional law.

In important respects it does not follow even its own expressed principles of constitutional governance.

It is an authoritarian constitution where the State’s authority is favoured above people’s rights, as evidenced by the Bill of Rights chapter, despite additional rights being provided.

It also ignores the CERD Committee’s 2012 recommendations on minority group protection.

A proper and informed discussion, rather than the rushed roadshow currently being performed by government, would have allowed the people of Fiji to have a meaningful input into what would be the supreme law directing all their actions in future in their own country.

With its draft 2013 Constitution, the Government seems to have lost a wonderful opportunity to write law in the public interest.

TWO IMPORTANT RECOMMENDATIONS: (i) The Government should comply with the recommendations of the CERD Committee; and (ii) the people of Fiji can insist that the phrase ‘…as long as any limitation (of rights) is reasonable and justifiable in a free and democratic society’ be added to each relevant provision of the Bill of Rights chapter. The inclusion of this phrase will cure many of the shortcomings of the Government’s draft Constitution 2013.

April 2013

1 CERD/C/FJI/CO/18-20


Ace said…
This is a good political platform for the political parties- bring back the phrase..'as long as the limitation is reasonable and justifiable in a free and democratic society'.

But will the political parties want that for Fiji? That is the test.
Anonymous said…
You are intelligent, nobody will doubt that. Thank you for this type of contribution to make Fiji move forward.
Highly appreciated.
Dr Shaista Shameem said…

More coming.
Anonymous said…
Croz, I think you'll find that you "tweak" something, not "tweek" something, as you have written here. A good posting nonetheless with some helpful ideas from Madam Shameem.
Anonymous said…
Just a reminder : Only Nazhat is regarded as Madam Shameem
Dr Shaista Shameem said…
Thank you!

I am sure Croz will correct his spelling. Judging from a lot of bloggers' comments today on his website, spelling errors are the least of his problems!

On another note, I am not 'Madam'! That is one title I can never claim to aspire to!

You may be interested in an article I sent today to another eminent website - on the extent of limitations on media freedom allowed by international law.
Anonymous said…
Shaista, why don't you or did you make send in your personal submission to Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum - it would be much better if you told us why this man god rid of you as FHRC director and Ombudsman! What media freedom - you destroyed it - and now are taking to blogs - how the mighty have fallen!
Orphaned Newspaper Reader said…

Pacific Media Watch
Comment - Alarming reports coming out of Fiji

Title -- 5391 FIJI: Comment - Alarming reports coming out of Fiji
Date -- 25 March 2008
Origin -- Pacific Media Watch
Source -- New Zealand Herald 25/03/08

Comment - Audrey Young blog:

AUCKLAND (NZH Online/Pacific Media Watch): Given Winston Peters' often abusive relationship with the news media in New Zealand it is tempting to make light of his plans to raise press freedom issues in Fiji with the Pacific Islands Forum Foreign Ministers he is hosting in Auckland tomorrow.

But I won't because it is too damned serious. What is coming out of Fiji is very alarming and good on Peters for putting it on the agenda.

Peters, according to an opinion piece today will discuss with ministers among other things the recently released report titled "Freedom and Independence of the Media: an Inquiry" by James Anthony, a 72-year-old Fiji-born Pacific scholar.

This report was commissioned by the discredited Fiji Human Rights Commission (FHRC) headed by Dr Shaista Shameem, who gave the December 2006 coup by her very good friend Commander Frank Bainimarama a big tick.

It was completed last year but only recently released.

Basically it slams the Press Council, the media and the Fiji Times in particular, and proposes to license the media then tax them on their advertising, plus put out the begging bowl to India, China and Latin America to set up a "Media Tribunal" to fund state media, train reporters, empower politicians and bureaucrats "to deal more effectively with their counterparts in the media" whatever that means.

It recommends the FHRC borrow selectively from media legislation in Singapore and Tonga and suggests Fiji should be a more disciplined society, like Singapore.

The report hints at something rather ominous when it argues that 21st century technology and the transmission of information were of great importance.

"The time has come for all of us, together, to come to the realisation that these are national assets and that their ownership and control will determine one of our futures.

"This report urges the Fiji Human Rights Commission to make strong recommendations to the interim government to protect our nation's ownership of these resources for this and future generations and to act with despatch with respect to these matters."

For its parentage alone, the FHRC, it is discredited. But the report itself is a shocker. It virtually blames the Fiji media rather than the Army for the coups.
I guess it is no surprise that a Government installed by the military would want to censor and control the news media. But to try and give legitimacy to that by getting a report commissioned through the Human Rights Commission is sickening.

* Audrey Young is political editor of the New Zealand Herald.

* The full Jim Anthony report at the FHRC:
Waqavonovono Junior said…
Letter to the Editor regarding Shaister Shameem

53 Pathick Cresent, Namadi Heights, Suva


Shaista Shameem really thinks that International Organizations like the International Bar Association have to seek her advice or the guidance of the Fiji Human Rights Commission. We are led to believe in an article published in the Fiji Times (09/03) titled 'IBA's lost chance' that the IBA "lost a wonderful chance, not only to be fair and impartial in its assessment of the rule of law in Fiji, but also to show it".

Ms Shameem's complaint does not take into account the tribulations the IBA team faced in trying to get into Fiji. From the very start their reputation and agenda was questioned through the media by the Interim Attorney General and even by Ms Shameem, and than because of Qarase vs. State case, the IBA were told not to come into Fiji. This was done even after there was an overwhelming outcry for the IBA observer team to come and obeserve, and than tell us whether what we have been fearing all this while, that our Judiciary was no longer independant.

I have read the IBA report on the rule of law in Fiji, and I am impressed. Shaista Shameem cant believe after reading the Fiji Times and other media for more than two years now, that something is definitely wrong with the unlawful removal of civil servants, interference of the Interim Government in the Judiciary, human rights abuses, the militarization of the state, public threats made through the media by our Interim Prime Minister, poor economic reforms that only benefit the Interim Government, a huge chunk of our budget placed into the RFMF coffers, and current drama happening where we are told that in order to have elections we have to accept the Peoples Charter.

And than we have always known that our Interim Attorney General lied to the nation when he said that Forum Eminent Group of January 2007 concluded that the judiciary was independant. It was the opposite.

In the light of all this illegality and disregard for human rights and the rule of law, where does Shaista Shameem the chairwoman of the Fiji Human Rights Commission stand? Is she part of this Junta?

Maybe the whole of Fiji can reflect on the reasons why Shaista Shameem and the Fiji Human Rights Commission have since 2006 been largely discredited and isolated from the International, Regional and Local Human Rights Community. This leads me to another question, do we really need the FHRC especially when its independence is questionable. Or do we need Shaista Shameem?

Peter Waqavonovono


PH: 714 8480
10/03/2009 9:09 AM
Robie Junior said…
I am terrified whenever I read anything from this low-life woman hiding in New Zealand now - and giving advice to her one-time darling admirer Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. Look what happened the last time when she gave him her "advice" - the death of Fiji media

No colonel of truth in Fiji - By Dr David Robie

For a year, journalists in Fiji have had to live with censors posted in the newsroom. Now a new media decree threatens huge fines and and five years in prison for reports against the national interest. It's a dangerous precedent for the entire Pacific region, says David Robie. Cartoon by Peter Nicholson.

When an Indo-Fijian academic and former trade unionist turned up on Fiji’s shores from Hawaii by invitation to conduct a media industry “review” in June 2007, few took him seriously. Whatever Dr James Anthony’s expertise in other fields, news media was certainly not one of his strengths. Also, it had been decades since he had lived in Fiji and he seemed out of touch.

And then there was a niggling question about the legitimacy of his mission. He had been commissioned by then Fiji Human Rights Commission director Dr Shaista Shameem – no friend of Fiji news organisations – to study media freedom and the future of the industry in the Pacific country.

“Negative reactions of the media industry to human rights scrutiny in the public interest are not unique to Fiji,” Shameem said. “Other human rights commissions have faced similar obstacles – such as the South African Human Rights Commission.”

Anthony immediately clashed with local news media companies and the self-regulatory Fiji Media Council and they refused to cooperate with him. He persevered in an atmosphere of hostility and produced a 161-page report branded by his opponents as “racist” – for a sweeping claim that the industry was dominated by eight white expatriates – and “riddled with inaccuracy”.

Ironically titled “Freedom and independence of the media in Fiji”, the report was discredited and appeared to have sunk into oblivion. Yet now Anthony has come back into focus. His recommendations were adopted as the basis of a draconian draft decree widely regarded as a sinister threat to the future of a free press in Fiji and across the South Pacific.

Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum claimed the Media Industry Development Decree 2010 “takes the already established rules of professionalism, of media behaviour – or how they should behave – and gives it teeth”.
Time for justice said…
The sooner these shameem women go to goal the better.
Anonymous said…
Of-course we don't, but the lady wishes to live in a dream world that Fiji can not survive without her. What a JOKE.

Shahista, its time to clean your own backyard first darling, what do you say?
Kavita Sharma said…
I did appreciated her for giving her view on draft Constitution. However, how can Shaista send her Submission to AG, she knows what she did with Marshall's Petition is well known to AG. Now this Sociologist is trying to find a job back in Fiji. Good try sweetheart but as I said: you have failed - failed to defame your own sister and the government of the day.

Kavita Sharma said…
Let me take this opportunity to correct you for the last time: Time for Justice. First of all you are wrong: wrong with the word "Women".

One should compare who did what for Fiji.

Shaista wrote a report, a detailed one in support of the Military takeover. Then she took a complete U-Turn and assisted Ex Judge Marshall to write a Petition to the Prime Minister recommending herself for AG's post and her sister's name as Chief Justice. She then took FNPF to Court and then she ran away from Fiji. Got a part time NZ$100.00 job in Auckland and started writing on blogs as well as assisted Rajendra Chaudhri on his Facebook to defame her own sister in many ways.

Whereas Nazhat Shameem did not joined the judiciary after the Constitution was abrogated. Instead she formed her own Consultancy Firm and came forward as a trainer. She provides Legal and administration training to Civil Service as well as Private Sectors. She continues to reside in Fiji.This Shameem is a woman of integrity and is respected for her honesty and capabilities.

Now let the good thinking people decide who should be blamed for what.

Kavita Sharma said…
Mr Waqavonovono, Dr Shaista very strongly believes and has been living with this attitude that "she is always right".

She believes in competition and winning the same with hook or crock.

Shaista should be labelled as:"woman of Fraudulence".
The Hoods are winning this war! said…
This is the Land of "Now there are things you may not say"! A threat not a piece of good advice. That's now obvious. But this is the 21st century AD. Neanderthal Man is long gone. Or is he?

How many of these persons who suddenly have so much to add, realise this? How many of you have experience of this? Pita excepted.

1) Rocks on the roof and eight masked and armed men at night attempting attack? Must be the Export Trade to Iraq ensuring no one stands in the way?

2) Repeated 'fending off' of witnessed perjury investigations by a person purported to stand for justice and anti-corruption? But a judge has ruled otherwise.

3) The consistent supply of information relating to armed and violent home invasions: at least two connected to abductions and hostage-taking?
No one held to account (other than an alleged 'lunatic prisoner' and a Street Kid referred to only on the Court List by a First Name? All seen in a magistrates court last year. 'Lunatic Prisoner' was written on the Prosecutor's Board for the Day. Neither seen in Court since and no date set. The abducted still await justice.

Does this appear to be functional Due Process?

You are all taken note of, rest assured, and despite continued posturing that you are somehow 'Of Note' for respectable purposes. A Hollywood Studio (yes, not A Bollywood)waits for a major movie to catalogue and chronicle this derisible debacle. Justice and the investigation of major crimes languish as 'rigor mortis' sets in. We are posing for the cameras for all the wrong reasons. And the crimes are regional and multi-jurisdictional. If we choose justice, we should have no quandary about neo-colonial invasion. Because this is BIGGER than all of us, surely? While we bicker and jockey for exposure, the hoods are having their heyday. The Hoods are now Winning the War. Let us assure you of this. This War is not going away. It is now entrenched and has us by the balls. Those of us who have them and we are not many.

Now there are things you may not say? To Hell with that.

Anonymous said…
You right there, even Nazhat's enemies say how honest and straight forward person she is. My vote for you.
Have attended her workshops and the way this lady presents herself, is commendable and fascinating.
Always well dressed, soft spoken and polite to everyone. It reflects her good upbringing by her parents.
US Embassy Staffer said…
I wonder if Shaista's partner-in-crime Rajendra Chodri ever sued the Australian papers over claims that Chodris had a hand in the deportation of Mr Russell Hunter of Fiji Sun. As a former staffer of the US Embassy, our ambassador Larry Dinger had knowledge of Chodris complicity in he deportation - in fact, the PERSON behind Mr Hunter's kidnap and deportation was this evil woman Shaista Shameem. She was also behind the deportation of NZ High Commissioner Michael Green, although she held permanent residency in Mr Green's country. I hear her husband Peter is working, not as a pilot, but ticketting clerk at Auckland airport. Who wants to listen to Shaista in New Zealand and Rajendra Chodri in Sydney - two thoroughly dishonest crooks who supported the 2006 illegal coup

Chaudhry to sue newspaper

Thursday, February 28, 2008

LAWYER Rajendra Chaudhry has instructed his solicitors in Sydney to institute legal action against The Australian newspaper which ran a story claiming he was boasting about Russell Hunter's deportation.

An article in the News Limited owned paper quoted diplomatic sources as well as Mr Hunter as saying that Mr Chaudhry was heard boasting that Mr Hunter would be "out of the country by Wednesday". But Mr Chaudhry said: "That is false and is a total fabrication. I have instructed my solicitors in Sydney to institute legal actions against The Australian," he said.

He asked why these diplomatic sources could not come out and say what they have to say in the open. "This issue (deportation) is decided by the Immigration Minister now how would I be privy to that information?"
Honest my arse said…
Honest? Are you serious? Ask her if she had anything to do with the ridiculous 'doctrine of necessity'?
Anonymous said…
The answer is NO. Ask Shaista why she spread all the lies about her sibling. That woman is a real Queen of Lies.
Vasemaca said…
while we are on the topic of the two evil sisters, can someone ask why Vodaphone is getting monopoly of all services in Fiji?

That is a bit smelly.
Anonymous said…
Why not Vodafone? They are the oldest mobile service provider and has been there with good service. said…
Shaista, this "Madam" word is used for someone you have respect, love and whom you look up to. Like we used to call our teachers - Madam.

I know what exactly you meant when you said : That is one title I can never claim to aspire to!"

That shows what you really are up to.

A elder sister portrays what a bucket full of love towards her own sister.
Yes you are right, you certainly can never claim that respect - so unfortunate.
Vasemaca said…
Not because Vodaphone is linked to your Queen of Spades?

Is this corruption? Even the boys at Nabua worried about that ruthless overseas Vodaphone doing everything for its pocket and making poor people buy bus vouchers.

Those supporters of Vodaphone must know the end is near. Good job from Mahendra Reddy to investigate it.
Anonymous said…
That shows your mentality. You can always switch to Digicel.

By the way, she is Queen of Hearts.
Mata said…
This kanita? She should keep crawling; maybe she will get a job in Vodaphone.

Or maybe she already there.

Someone should get her a bath; she smell of corruption.

Vasemaca agree with you about Vodaphone; how come overseas company is on Air Pacific Board? I heard the flight attendants complaining about his free trips and Queenie's free trips. He talks so fast no one can understand him.
Kok Blocka said…
Peter, why don't you stick to your anti-porn crusade. These political problems are too small for you. You have bigger issues to deal with, like adults watching other consenting adults acting out sex. We can't have adults watching things we don't agree with. That wouldn't be the dictators way, would it?
Bad Luck said…
Bad Luck said…
Jonitani said…
Goodness me; what else coming out now?

Very good- go to it kanita- Fiji taking bets on who will win. The one with the degrees or the one with the mobile.

If I was nazhaat, I would shut up kanita. makes her look lowdown to have someone like that with a filthy mouth on her side.
Taito said…
On a more serious topic- I like the idea of a mud fight between kanita and vasemaca on behalf of their champions; everyone can come and watch.

make a nice change from the boring things we have to do in fiji nowadays. I will bring my grog bowl.

The other serious topic is the debt of Fiji - is it really billions? where did the money go?
Sonny said…
Good point Taito. qarase supposed to leave debt but now its worst.

it is in air pacific. Supposed to bring tourists. But tourists not travelling anymore because of taliban. Oi lei.
Anonymous said…
I told you, you have problem with Vodafone, switch to Digicel.
Taito said…
They should get rid of those board in air pacific. too much self interest. I went on air pacific to LA last week- and you know what? Hopeless service.

Another question- is AFL broke? All these vacancies and no appointments. Does anyone know the inside story there?
Concerned granny said…
I heard in 2009 there was big surplus in AFL. But now all finish. someone can ask minister in charge during campaign.

sad case Fiji. Basket case my grandson says.
Vasemaca said…
Anonymous has lost the plot.

the discssion is now AFL- wake up; actually no stay asleep; better that way.
Vasemaca said…
Taito, stop titillating yourself with mud fight idea.

Anyway I am from naitasiri; no kanita gonna win that fight.

Kick ass attitude from naita
John said…
Ok I want to ask a serious question. Is it true that auyaz is about to go and big delegation went to Bainimarama to remove him? oh boy, what will Vodaphone do then? Big trouble in little china my brothers.
Time to remove the illegal junta said…
Khaiyum is detested by the ordinary soldiers as he is by other Fijians. When he is finally brought to justice for his crimes against the nation (along with others associated with him) he must go to gaol for a long time if he is found guilty (which he will be in a proper court). Let's hope the soldiers don't get him first?
Shanti said…
Truse-up. Take that Vodaphone corrupt people too. They are really manipulating Bainimarama just to get their own way and fill their sacks.

remember how the vodaphone mrs used Trish Jalal to get rid of Tuivaqa's name from the International court of justice. That poor old man. And he had made her a judge. Imagine. i was in FWRM that time.

I been reading the blog by so-called kavita sharma. her madam shameem will use her and discard her while she is still licking the floor after her queen.
Anonymous said…
Oh really, did she do that to you?

I wish I could do something for her. I would be the luckiest.

Lenora said…
I am very interested in this blog going on; do you mean to say Vodaphone in Fiji is corrupt? Has anyone informed Vodaphone head office? They have an ethics department.

Anyone heard about the car tender from Vodaphone? The CEO looked at the highest bid and bid $1 extra for himself. Does Arun Sarin (Vodaphone Global CEO) know this? Honda Accord EE 803. I was in Vodaphone that time and ashamed.
Varea said…
OMG! Really; now its all coming out. Another one that I heard was Vunibobo was not prosecuted by DPP for NBF when he was minister for Telecom because one telecom technician was his employee.

Too many skeletons in that cupboard.
Homecentre said…
Goodness me; what revelations. Also what about the Kijang 'win'? Back in 1998 James Dautta gave his friend Vodaphone CEO a Kijang which he sell after that.

James told me one day over grog. Can't say much about that; James is dead now poor falla. James wanted more business from vODA.

Virisila said…
You really stupid Kavita; haven't you found out yet? Trish will tell u. Keep licking poor girl kavita. You are such a wheetbix. Are you doing a job on aiyaaz? I heard somewhere you were a cleaner always under his table. What u cleaning? His shoes or something 'small'?
Kamikamica said…
Right, given these revelations, we all have to look again at what is happening in Fiji, really. I am freaked out; the problem with Fiji is the aiyaz- vodaphone cabal.

I know the army is reading Croz's blog- take action boys, Corruption must be eliminated, like you promised.

It's time to have a dialogue with everyone and have a good future for Fiji with Bainimarama as its head without the problems from the big overseas companies like vodaphone who is ruthless and corrupt.
Gulli Khan said…
get ready with your orange salwar kanmeez Madam. Can visit you at Vodaphone Suva goal.
Kavitas Sharma said…
Shaista, why do you have to hide with the name Virisila. I know how much you hate this name.
You do not have the guts to come out openly and comment on your younger sister and her husband so you are using these names.

Do you really believe in Freedom of Speech?

Aah whom am I putting this question to.......the same lady who breached all the ethics, rules and professionalism to say that 2006 takeover was legal.

Get a life Shaista
Kavitas Sharma said…
You do not even know her favorite colour?
Ironclad said…
You would do well to prepare yourselves with Class 'A' lawyers! Because when this all comes out-in-the-wash, some of you 'Noteworthy Persons' are going to face Contingency Class Action Cases of a mega kind (they will be brought multi-jurisdictionally): Failure of a Duty of Care, Failure of a Duty to Protect, Aiding and Abetting Hostage-taking and Abduction and on and on and on. Think carefully about what you post if you have a care for any future worth having. Going forward, our victims and our communicators-of-horror will require and demand justice from their tormentors. An Almighty Mud Fight is on its way. And we shall come to you no matter where you have PR. Get used to the Idea!
Kavitas Sharma said…
And the above 'Warning' is for Dr Shahista in Auckland New Zealand.

Get ready for a Criminal charge as well baby - since you are nil all in Criminal Law!
Joe said…
what makes you think you will even get there Ironclad to sue anybody.

My bet's on Frank to win the elections by hook.
KanitaS said…

Of course Frank will win, you fool Joe. He's got a good team with the AG and Vodaphone.

Gatekeeper said…
Social Science has always been a doubtful academic pursuit. How did it transfer itself into a career for someone so eager to sell out the rights and the protections of compatriots? No point jumping onto a bandwagon now of 'Due Care and a Duty to Protect'. The horse has already bolted. This is totally repugnant as is any form of immunity for Crimes Against Humanity. None of you shall be let off yet again while children and young persons are taken off the streets by Slitty-Eyed 'vulagi' with needles.
Paula said…
The fight is in Fiji lady, not in Auckland!
Kavita Sharma said…
Read properly bro. She resides there but still holds Fijian citizenship. She will be brought here to face the band.
Anonymous said…
I love travelling by Air Pacific; best value for money in the world; great service and low prices - how do they do it!!
Kris Kross said…
@Peter, top using the Kavitas pseudonym. Just use your own name and be proud of it.
Ratu Sai said…
Kavita sharma ,I think the previous blogger meant that the orange colour is the jail uniform ,perhaps the orange uniform should accompany a cane knife for cutting grass at the cemetery in the environs of the Vodaphone Korovou Jail.
Ratu Sai said…
The band will march and salute as the prisoners(in orange salwar kameez) watch from Vodaphone korovou.
boreqe said…
really shitffat??????
Faiz Mohd said…
Oile Sai you gayz and Shaista lesbian, still live in dream world - thats the safest place for both. All the best
Kavita Sharma said…
Oh, you didn't tell me that you also have a pet name. Come on Shaista, you should not be hiding such things from FRIENDZ. I just loved your emails which you sent to scare me!!!! i am still shivering darling.
Anonymous said…
Gulli said…
Report to the police there's a good girl. Maybe the dirt will come out; everyone's waiting for the dirt on nuzhat the goody two shoes. She chased her mother in law to Australia.

By the way Kavita are you the one having an affair with the AG like coup 4.5 said one time? They said a Kavita Sharma was having an affair with AG recently. None of my business who you having it off with, but just trying to place your name.
Joe said…
Oh so that Kavita Sharma.

Now I see the connection. What does Mrs AG say about that?

Kavita Sharma said…
Dear Shaista there are lot of Kavita Sharma in this world and lot of you and Gulli and Peter and Raman and know what I mean sweetheart?

I think you have not had a chance to smoke for a long time. Go and complete a packet now so that your brain starts functioning. I do understand at the age of 58 people start finding it difficult even to breath.

And yes I have forwarded your emails to almost all the blogs, and yes Human Rights in NZ.

Have a great day with them.
Taito said…
You must be one of the favoured few; free tickets maybe?
Listen to the dribbling idiot said…
Are you a total wanker?
Poni said…
Don't bother with this one Ratu Sai. She is the alter ego of one nazhaat.

She can't come out and say things up front and sends this one danita sharma to do her dirty work.

I think its because nazhat wrote the government constitution anonymously (as RokoLui said in his blog) and when her sister (who is smarter even if we didn't agree with her 2007 report) commented on it, the former judge lost the plot. This is what she did to Aruna in her office, Andie who took her to court, Mrs nainendra nand, Trish, judge Hickie, Scott and so many others. There will be others coming out to say what she did to them; she is called the smiling assassin. Cross her at your peril. Advice Dr Shaista to ignore. We don't agree with many of Dr Shaista's opinions but no one can doubt that if she wants to say something she just comes out and says it. She was a law lecturer at Unifiji and no one knows constitutional law better than her. if she says something is wrong with the constitution it definitely is wrong. Even richard Naidu admitted she was right on a constitutional mistake he made on Republika magazine, and he is supposed to be Fiji's best constitutional lawyer and not her fan. But if nazhaat wrote the government draft she should come out an defend it; no use hiding behind aiyaz. everyone knows he is a legal nincompoop and without her would not even be there, since the army's preference was mohammed aziz for the ag's post in 2006. He has a phd in law.
Kavita Sharma said…
Wow Shaista, Lady you are a smart one, I will never disagree to that but where have you used it, that is the question sweetheart.

I have said it before and will say it again: if you were not so selfish and self centered, we would have been a good buddy and I mean it.

Come on now, take a half day off and go have a bottle or two then take your doggy for a walk on the beach. I know you are feeling left out which is making you frustrated.

It is not good for someone at this age, its dangerous.

Take a break, we will meet soon.
Dr Shaista Shameem said…

i see that one kavita sharma thinks I have something to do with Rajend Chaudhary's apparently nefarious comments on his blog or facebook not sure which.

He apparently said a similar thing about me; and this below is how I dealt with it. Start from the bottom. I suggest Kavita do the same as a more dignified way of dealing with it.

On 26 March 2013 07:36, Mahendra Chaudhry wrote:

Dear Shaista
I have spoken to Rajendra and he denies the report in Coup 4.5. I personally do not have any inclination to go further in to the matter as I know them to be anti- Chaudhry blog site. Hope you are well.

Sent via BlackBerry® from Vodafone.

-----Original Message-----
From: Shaista Shameem
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2013 09:05:01
To: ;
Subject: attached in coup 4.5

Dear Mr Chaudhry,

I trust you and Rajendra have an idea of what this all about? see below quote from Coup 4.5. He had better not be behind this story. And if it is not his story, I would expect him to make a response to Coup 4.5 immediately. I don't take kindly to these sorts of reports.


"Shameem, who appeared recently on Fair Go, the consumer watchdog programme for Television New Zealand, is accused by disbarred Fiji lawyer, Rajendra Chaudhry, of having sexual relations with Bainimarama.

Chaudhry says he has the pictures to prove it".

Kavita Sharma said…
My dear Dr Shaista, this is exactly how one feels when one is defamed.

I do feel bad about what is written on 4.5 but once again, who wrote it and why Rajendra Chaudhary wrote it? You are FLP's die hard supporter - well that's your right. No arguments on that but now you know how one feels when defamed in this manner.

Good day.
Dr Shaista Shameem said…
Well it's not me doing the defaming lady. Now that it's clear that I am also a victim you should find yourself another person to harass. And no one wants to be friends with someone like you- certainly not me.

It is truly disgusting and outrageous what you have been up to in the blogs and I have been trying to avoid your hatred by rising above it and getting on with my work. But you have been harassing me through emails and blogs, trying to be friends in a weird way when I have no desire whatsoever to even engage with someone like you who is pretty low life from what I can see; with your different names and same sick personality.

Don't bother me with your small talk or with your venomous and vituperative nonsense, trying desperately to get my attention. I don't have the time to engage with idiots. I know that you are close enough to your champion to have personal information about me, which luckily does not affect me as my life has always been lived as an open book. I am not afraid to sign my name to things I write.

Suggest you spend some time getting a good education and improving yourself and your language.

Croz, I will not be engaging with this person on your blog again; and if this is the kind of person you attract to your blog, I shall not send you my articles again.
Kavita Sharma said…
Wow what a speech. You got shocked and surprised both at the same time. Poor baby. With respect to your old age - good night.
Dr Shaista Shameem said…

I noted, when I was compiling your emails and blogs, including your mobile number, for the attention of the Prime Minister as a complaint, that there is a reference in your blog to my correspondence with the Attorney General on my submissions to the government's draft constitution. This communication was private, privileged and confidential, as well as official. You are clearly hacking into the Attorney General's email account or you have been disclosed this information by the Attorney General. I would like to know which one, therefore I am asking the Prime Minister of Fiji to investigate this breach of protocol, if not the decree on confidentiality of official communication, and issue me with a report. Suggest you disclose the relevant information.
Kavita Sharma said…
hey you are scary..all the best
Anonymous said…
Fark Vodafone and fark Digicel and fark LTA and fark the elites who never travel by bus! What happened to "cash" being "legal tender".

fark the lot of you

furher Adolf said…
KAVITA...CAN WE ????????? in your father's MURANO FT024 back seat.?
Redneck white trash said…
Lot of simplistic, cliched and one-sided views about press freedom.
Press in Fiji, and elsewhere, is hardly blameless or innocent bystander.
People like Russell Hunter would have you believe this bullshit.
No lamenting Russell Hunter was kicked out of Fiji.
Yes, he did well to expose mahen's secret account (most work was done by Victor Lal).
But Russell also tried to play Rupert Murdoch in Fiji.
He used his position at the Fiji Times to cary out personal vendettas and affect the country's politics.
Playing god is a hallmark of the Murdoch press and its editors everywhere.
Murdoch has passed on these genes onto to his editors and clones like Russell Hunter.
For the all the talk about media freedom, Fiji Times is famous for engaging in skirt journalism to out-scoop its competitors.
It was the handowrk of Rusell Hunter, his prodigy Netani Rika and golfing buddy samisoni kakaival.
Russell Hunter was kicked out Samoan Observer for non-performance.
Good riddance of redneck white trash from our shores.

Kavita Sharma said…
My father died some 20 years back and he never had a vehicle. Look for someone else sweetheart
Tulisea Taki said…
Murano, who is the owner. Tuli wana go for long drive
Kavita Sharma said…
Do a search at LTA and you will see the owner's name or ask Dr..........................who knows very thing and almost anything
Tulisea Taki said…
furher Adolf does this in his/her father's car - back seat!!!!

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