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gullible military has rooted the nationy said…
Obviously they didn't learn their lessons very well? The useless military under the poor leadership of bhaini undertook the Dec 2006 coup that has totally rooted the country and certainly destroyed the once proud reputation of the Fiji military. Bunch of simpletons.
Gatekeeper said…
We have neglected to call what took place by its real name: terror. If only being snubbed or pushed on the pavement were all that was endured? What is galling is the failure by some of us to find out about the terrifying events that have taken place to some of us now. Specifically, in the past two years. Home invasions in which people have suffered abduction after they were robbed. Trussed up in heavy tape and then held hostage in their own vehicle, driven away for hour after hour by an armed group. No one held to account and this is not an isolated incident. How is it some of us choose to be blind and deaf and have nothing to say? Either in private or in public?
Please not again, never again. said…
You are born and you are already in a racial category from which there is no escape. Bullying at school is based on your race. You feel safer in Indian or Chinese schools because at least you will not be bullied by the majority. You apply for a scholarship. There are few given to people of your race even though your grades are the best in the school. You enter medical school only to be told that the rest got in with lower marks because they belong to a privileged race. You start working as a doctor and there are no promotions for you. You go into private practice and you work hard to earn your living. You even save up to do post grad. But nothing counts because when you vote, your vote is worth less than the votes of the privileged race. Yet your taxes are paid on an equal basis! Your patients speak of open racism on the wards by the nurses who break all the rules for patients of the privileged class but treat minority group patients with contempt.When your children dance cultural items at the school concert the others laugh and mock the dancing.Your children are expected to get higher marks to get into medical school. And. again, there are no scholarships. Do we really want to go back to all of that? Is that what SODELPA will offer us again?

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