PM Will Run/Where to Comment on Draft Constition

BREAKING NEWS.  PM to stand for election.
FijiVillage story.
Fiji Times story by Nasik Swami
Saturday, March 23, 2013

PRIME Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will stand for the 2014 general elections.
Commodore Bainimarama announced this yesterday.

"I am on track for elections in September 2014 and I am confident of standing," he said in a Ministry of Information statement.

Commodore Bainimarama also said there was still ample time to form a political party with elections more than a year away. Highlighting the changes in parliamentary seats, he said the proposed 45-member single house parliament would cut costs.

Commodore Bainimarama said this would attract the right people for Parliament and Cabinet.
In a national address on Thursday, he announced that Fiji needed at least 15 months to prepare for a democratic parliamentary system.

"My fellow Fijians, adherence to the timeline we have set is critical if we are to have elections by September 2014," Commodore Bainimarama said.


How to send in feedback on Fiji’s draft constitution:

By Mail:

Send your feedback to the Office of the Solicitor General

Level 7 Suvavou House, Victoria Parade, Suva

P O Box 2213 Government Buildings Suva

Fax: +679 3305421

By Email:

Email your feedback to


Text your feedback to 02. This service is available to both Digicel and Vodafone customers at 5 cents a text.

On Facebook:

Post your feedback on Facebook. Look for the “Constitution” tab on the Ministry of Information’s Facebook page.

Public Forums

Details of the public forums will be announced early next week.


Bill Carson said…
Time to put politics aside for a few days and bask in the glory of the Hong Kong Sevens win !!

From 1977 onwards when they first won, Fiji's sevens team has been a source of joy and pride for all Fiji citizens of all political persuasions and races.

God bless Fiji.
Patriot said…
Fantastic comeback!! Brilliant game and a new mastermind in Sevens Rugby... we are in good hands! Bring on the World Cup... Go Fiji Go
Good luck said…
How will Frank ever sit in parliament and take questions and debate issues ? To date he has only seems capable of giving orders.
Free and Fair said…
By free and fair elections I am starting to think our PM means the new/old political parties will have to play fair while he is free to do anything he likes !

The PM has announced he will run but has not formed a party.

Former parties and new parties not yet registered are not able to make any political comments and the papers

Yet he PM it seems is free to make as many political comments as he likes. He also has the full powers and resources of government to campaign on his behalf. Any new checks and balances in the constitution only come into effect after the election. Before then he can do anything he likes and remains free of the law (with unlimited immunity right up until a new parliament). Lets assume someone else he does not like wins the election – he can simply throw them out before parliament sits and carry on.
Anonymous said…
If we had a registered political party in the country they could make a few comments and the start the debate re Frank forming a political party. But as it stands we don't and really Frank should not be making any comments either.
Frank will win said…
I suspect our PM is right when he says he will stand and he will win. He has shown he will stop for nothing when he decides to do something - including promises or the law. I can't imgaine a single situation in which he would 'accept' or 'allow' anyone else to win. We should expect him to keep everything turned in his favour. he will use the full force of government, the military and police to help him win. He will suppress opposition every step of the way. He will use FICAC and he will gove plently of handouts to the rural areas.

The funny day will come when he has to sit in parliment (actually be there) to argue and debate. Thats something he has never done and something he may not be able to avoid in a real parliment. The 'read a prepared statement routine' won't work.
liar liar pants on fire said…
Ummm but didn't the PM promise that no one in the interim government could run in future elections ? Thats what he promised when he tool over power.

It seems he has broken every single promise made on that day in 2006

1. The constitution was not upheld
2. The military have benefited greatly from the coup
3. The PM is going to stand
4. The sugar industry has not been fixed
5. There was no election in 2009
6. There is less transparency in government than ever
Anonymous said…
N. P. S. C.
P.O. Box 56099
North Pole, Alaska 99705-1099

If you write to above address with your comments on the draft constitution you will get a reply for sure unlike the address in Suva.
Crosbie Walsh said…
Anon. You're not even in the right hemisphere
Con beef and Rourou said…
> It seems he has broken every single promise made

Sounds like a great politician. He will do well in post-2014 democracy.
Anonymous said…
Dear Croz,

And from your very poor understanding of the real situation in Fiji I suspect you are not even on the right planet.
Bill Carson said…

What have all the anti-bloggers achieved to date. Jack-shit, that's all. They havent been prepared to mount any kind of tangible demonstrations against the regime because to lack of support from ordinary citizens.

What bloggers like Croz have done is being positive about a better future for all of Fiji's citizens, and the way forward is to work in with the present leaders. That way, you'll be more likely to be listened to.

There is no alternative leadership out there which is any better than the current lot.
Joe said…
@ AnonymousThursday, March 28, 2013 at 8:42:00 AM GMT+13:00

So, what is the real situation in Fiji? Do you know something that we dont? Would you be kind enough to share it with us?

Dont tell us that there is an unelected govt in Fiji, human rights abuses etc. We are aware of that and have our own opinion in that regard.

Ben said…
@ anon Thursday Mar 28,
Therefore you look at Fiji s situation from an anonymous point of view. What have you achieved for the past six years? nothing but talk. It shows what you will achieve for the first fours years that you and your lot will achieve when you win the next election. Same old crap.
Yes, we have an unelected govt, but, this govt have been running this country for the past six years(hopefully more), better than the past elected, greedy govt.
So, anon, stay put in that planet of yours, as for us in Fiji, tread along this journey the Fijian(all ethnic) way.
common sense said…
If I was under attack day and night from my enemies, I would adopt strategies to fool my enemies about what I am about to do next. That way my enemies will put all their resources into defeating me from Angle 1, when all the time I am proceeding from Angle 2. The best form of defense is surprise. So a litany of supposed broken promises becomes good military strategy. To win a result, you must first win trust. That will not be won by attack, demeaning insult or bluster.

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