Happy New Year Everyone

A New Year, New Births,  New Challenges, New Opportunities

SUVA'S Colonial War Memorial Hospital welcomed three new babies in the early hours of New Year.

Anderson Maternity Unit sister-in-charge Lavenia Qaranivalu said the first was a baby girl born at 12.20am, weighing 3.98kg, the second a baby boy born at 1.15am weighed 3.45kg and the third was a baby girl born at 1.40am, weighing 2.75kg.

Mrs Qaranivalu said all babies were in good health.

She said it was a very happy moment for staff members at the hospital to deliver the three babies

-- Thanks, Rishab, for drawing my attention to this item. And a special Happy New Year's greeting to you for keeping us so well informed on your Fiji Economic Forum in Facebook.


Greg Bullard said…
I am sorry for being so emotional. My beautiful and sensitive son is about to turn 21. I am sitting in my beautiful home in sydney, My kids had awesome results at uni this year. It is new years day and I am sitting around my pool crying. I miss my Tangage family. I want freedom and justice for Fiji. I shoud be happy but I am crying. The Fijian people are the best friends I have ever had. Instead of enoying liberty thay have this evil commander, the evil AG the evil CJ destroying their liberty. God Bless Fiji. I feel so helpless. My thoughts and prayers are with you brothers and sisters. I would die for you if if I could. Hang in there pray fast. God will deliver you.
Anonymous said…
What a splendid wish for a New Year's Day? If only it were that simple or straightforward. It is not, it is a conundrum; it always was and it is so now. A few SMART diplomats along the way have 'got it'. Some have been brave enough to own to it. We the people know every waking hour that this is a situation which will fester. It brooks no ways out. All, like Homs and Aleppo are death traps. We are now on the sanctions lists with such 'blasted heaths', you will note. Spare us economy with the Truth. The Truth will out through whichever portal the last vestige of decency or human goodness will permit.
A Nation Sold Out said…
Fiji is a nation which has been sold out by its useless cowardly military.
Anonymous said…
@ A nation sold out
Fiji is a nation which has been sold out by its racist, greedy power groups who have always been able to change governments through coups by using the military, and can no longer do so.The same groups who now claim to be born again democrats. Please pass me the airline bag.

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