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A Christmas to remember 
I remember  my young days when it was nearing the end of the year and school holidays were just around the corner, there was magic in the air. I looked forward to the holidays as a time of fun and games and many other things. But December was always my best month of the year because this is when Santa Claus would bring me presents.

When going into town, shops would be decorated in Christmas fashion and the sounds of Jingle Bells and Jingle Bell Rock would permeate the air. Boney M would be singing Felis Navidad and Jim Reeves would be crooning I'm dreaming of a White Christmas and in another shop Elvis Presley would be singing Silver bells. I would get goose bumps listening to Christmas carols. And I still do, there is something about Christmas songs that touches my heart and I get all nostalgic and remember fairway times. Anyway, this is the time all Christians commemorate and celebrate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Churches are usually full this ti…

More Insights on the Leaked Constitution

Among the many comments on the draft constitution saga, three posted on the only "reasonable" anti-Government blog, Fiji  Today, provide interesting insights.

The Offensive DVD
First is the posting on Fiji Today by publisher "Peter Firkins" who says he will not be publishing anything on an "offensive DVD" that purports to explain the draft in Fijian and Hindi because the summary is accompanied by offensive illustrations likening Col Tikoitoga to Hitler, human rights to beating Jews, and amnesty to a firing squad.

The speedy production  of a DVD suggests a well organized opposition that could also have received early information on the draft, as I suggested yesterday in writing about the possibly flawed neutrality of the Commission staff and Mahendra Chaudhy's likely early access to draft material.

The Constitution Assembly will receive the draft constitution and an "Explanatory Report"  prepared by the Commission. One can see no useful purpo…

Making Some Sense of Recent Developments

It's supposed to be a holiday period when people relax, and New Year when the more idealistic make new resolutions. But you wouldn't have thought so on the Fiji political scene.

First we have a new Catholic Bishop and a congratulatory message from the Methodist church  that they expect to work well with him with a a hint that all was not hunky dory with the retired Bishop.  A little earlier Amnesty International and a group of international trade unions sprung to arms with claims of torture by the military for an event that occurred months before (and which the police are investigating) but with no mention of background information that may have convinced others all was not as they saw it. Then came the hardship and damage caused by Cyclone Evan, Fiji's third natural disaster in less than one year. And then, the Constitution Commission presented its draft constitution to the President; the PM sought expressions of interest in joining the Constituent Assembly that that wil…

ABC Nit-Picking

 Definition. Nit-picking.To be excessively concerned with or critical of inconsequential details; to criticize by focusing on inconsequential details to the exclusion of the more consequential.

Photo: Not quite as cute when humans do it.

Email from the ABC 
31/12/2012 1:20 p.m
Predictably the regime has not responded to the allegations

Mr Crosbie Walsh,
I have listened to Bruce Hill’s interview that went to air on Pacific Beat and I have also read the transcript on Radio Australia’s website and nowhere in these items is the word predictably used.
Adding this word into your blog under the heading of ‘The Radio Australia Report’ is a misrepresentation of that report.
Please remove this error and in fairness you should also acknowledge the word predictably was not used by Bruce Hill.

The information contained in this email and any attachment is confidential and may contain legally privileged or copyright material. It is intended only for the use of the addressee(s). If you…

PM's New Year Message

My Fellow Fijians,

Once again we are at the dawn of another year. It’s a time to reflect on the year that has passed and to contemplate what the future holds for ourselves and our families. And it’s also a time to reflect on our nation’s progress over the past 12 months and the hopes of all of us for the year ahead.

Together, we have weathered three separate natural disasters in 2012 - the two floods and then Hurricane Evan. Our thoughts this evening are with our fellow Fijians who are still suffering because of Hurricane Evan, and especially those made homeless by the destruction of hundreds of dwellings in the hurricane’s path. As your Prime Minister, I again pledge that your Government will do everything in its power to assist you to rebuild your homes and your lives.

I want to pay tribute to every worker, citizen, civil servant and business owner who worked tirelessly in the affected areas or provided assistance to help their fellow Fijians back on their feet. All of these people…

Happy New Year Everyone

A NewYear, New Births,  New Challenges,New Opportunities

SUVA'S Colonial War Memorial Hospital welcomed three new babies in the early hours of New Year.

Anderson Maternity Unit sister-in-charge Lavenia Qaranivalu said the first was a baby girl born at 12.20am, weighing 3.98kg, the second a baby boy born at 1.15am weighed 3.45kg and the third was a baby girl born at 1.40am, weighing 2.75kg.

Mrs Qaranivalu said all babies were in good health.

She said it was a very happy moment for staff members at the hospital to deliver the three babies

-- Thanks, Rishab, for drawing my attention to this item. And a special Happy New Year's greeting to you for keeping us so well informed on your Fiji Economic Forum in Facebook.

Fallout from Draft Seizure and a Few Facts

Please note that the  quote from the Commission's Explanatory Report is an addition to this article as it was first published.

 By Crosbie Walsh

This is the second article on developments in the constitution dialogue. Others, listed at the end, will follow.

FijiToday reports that the NGO Coalition on Human Rights, a vocal anti-government grouping chaired by Shamima Ali, has demanded explanations for the police seizure of copies of the draft constitution.  Their statement is based on the Hill-Ghai ABC radio interview and it appears to be unaware of the legal issues discussed in my posting "Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill."

The organization wrongly states the "actions of the police demonstrate the obvious deterioration of the respect for the rule of law and a total disregard of a supposedly participatory processes." The seizure was within the law, and it was Prof Ghai who acted outside it by claiming ownership of the copies, presumably with the intention of dis…