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Two Warnings in One
The PSC is warning civil servants about the impending cyclone. That’s good.
As for the private sector, can they too warn their employees. I remember sometime in the past there was a cyclone warning out and because of torrential rain civil servants were sent home to make their homes safe, pick up their children and stock up on rations. Well, one civil servant did just that and drove to his wife’s work place (she worked in a retail store) to pick up his wife. When he got there she said the store owner said they couldn’t leave because the shop was still open. Fearing for his wife’s safety he told the store owner that all civil servants had been told to go home for safety sake.   The store owner said that his store was not the civil service and they operated differently and he was the owner.
He told the husband that if the wife was to leave, she shouldn’t bother coming back, and they did just that. How unkind can that be.  We have an impending cyclone approaching us, …

The Need for Reforms

By Fr Kevin J. Barr
At the recent Attorney-General’s Conference in Natadola the Prime Minister pointed out the need to reform various laws in Fiji in order to remove long-festering problems in Fiji society. Those he mentioned were: The established privilege of career politicians that foster division; Elites who believe the laws do not apply to them; Dishonest civil servants who take bribes to do the bidding of others; Certain unionists who manipulate the law and destroy job opportunities for workers; Men who resist equal rights for women.
That is fine but why be selective? What of the need for reforms to address other long-festering problems and concerns: Those businessmen who colluded with those responsible for the various coups since 1987 and were never investigated? The influential lobby of businessmen who, over the years, have been responsible for delaying and reducing the wage regulation orders for workers in our country and so caused deeper poverty? Those who used their persona…

Cyclone Evan is over Savai'i, Heading for Fiji

WEEKEND READING • Allen Lockington column  • The Need for Reforms by Fr Barr 

Cyclone Evan to hit Fiji by Sunday 07:46 Yesterday
Taken from/By:
Report by: Roland Koroi The tropical depression that was affecting Fiji earlier this week has been upgraded to Tropical cyclone Evan and could hit Fiji by as early as this Sunday.
This has prompted calls for communities to be be prepared now, heed warnings, and act responsibly, to avoid unnecessary loss of lives and/or property.
A statement by the Fiji Met office last night predicted that Evan was 300km west of Apia in Samoa and could intensify and reach category 2 or storm force in the next 24 hours.
The New Zealand Herald reports that Cyclone Evan is expected to hit Samoa today with wind speeds of up to 80km/hr.
At its current track, the cyclone is predicted to make a u-turn towards the south, over Samoa, and head back towards the west, later tomorrow.
The weather office says if Evan maintains its projected track and intensi…

The 14th Attorney-General's Annual Conference

Speeches by the Prime Minister and Attorney-General

Click on the hyperlinks to access the videos of the speeches by the  Prime Minister on the Constitution Process and the Constituent Assembly (click here), and by the .the Attorney-General on the Constitution and Constitutionalism (click here).