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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

I watched club rugby at Nadovu Park in Lautoka. Sometime last week we were told about the absence of medical staff when a player collapsed and died. Then in the evening I watched Super 15 and we see how medics run onto the filed the minute a player goes down. 

The game between the Hurricanes and Rebels saw three Rebel players serious injured by legitimate tackles.

While watching the games at Nadovu Park a thought crossed my mind, could the TV stations come down and record the games, so we can see the level of the game and the facilities. With the TV cameras there I’m sure the players will play above their capabilities and the organizers will have proper medical staff available. 

With the Super 15 we see doctors on the ground, not first aid people!

Seedling Bank
Fiji must now seriously set up “seedling bank” of all kinds of vegetables and root crop, to distribute to
farmers immediately after floods and cyclones. This bank can be funded by the banks and others who have so graciously…

The New Navosavakadua and the Supposedly Threatened i'Taukei Identity

The modern day Navosavakadua is a regular contributor to the anti-government blogs

It is no coincidence that the person who makes "prophecies" in the anti-Government blogs has chosen the pseudonym Navosavakadua, the oracle chief who founded the Tuka millenian cult in the 1870s, and who prophesised the expulsion of the British, a reworked Christianity and the return of the old gods.  The writings of the  "reborn" Navosavakadua are invariably  erudite, sometimes witty, often reasonable and almost believable, and always —always—  subtely or otherwise, anti-Government. 

Navosavakadua's "almost believable" argument
In a recent contribution to the Fiji Times where he likens the one man one vote proposal to an attack on
i'Taukei identity, we have one of his almost believable arguments: talk of one man, one vote, one value, is to talk of people as if they are grains of sand - all
individuals who can be poured into whatever buckets this self-appointed …

Making the Worst of Reality

WEEKEND READING • Allen Lockington on Rugby and Seed Farms • The New Navosavakadua and the Supposed Threat to i'Taukei Identity. Opinion by Croz Walsh 
More than a year ago, Suliasi Daunitutu, the president of the Australia-based Fiji Democracy Freedom Movement he helped to found, was calling for the re-instatement of the 1997 Constitution, the re-instatement of judicial officers appointed under that system, and the re-instatement of the Great Council of Chiefs. And he still does so, almost every day, on Facebook's Fiji Economic Forum and a covey of anti-Bainimarama government blogsites. 
In 2009 on the Matavuvale blog, he called upon "the people of Fiji... to be vehement about our total disagreement with the military regime. So give us liberty or death! The reality of the issue is that democracy in Fiji has been raped...from top to bottom...left to right....inside and out and vice versa!

In 2010, in the Solivakasama blog,  he called on "Divine intervention, for a comple…

News and Comments Thursday 12 July 2012

CULTURAL DIFFERENCES CAUSE CONFLICT. Neighbours fall out everywhere in the world but when two neighbours are of different cultures special care has to be taken to avoid conflict. On Monday the Fiji Times has a story about two young Indo-Fijan girls who had to walk to school along the beach because i'Taukei villagers would not let them take the much shorter and safer route through the village.

A  follow up story on Wednesday explained the source of the problem. The girls' father, Robin Narayan, had reported the theft of crop of watermelons, coconuts and eggplants to the police. Village turaga-ni-koro (headman) Savenaca Delai said in a village community like in Nasilai, everyone was related and when incidents occurred, they should be resolved at the community level. He said he expected, and had asked,  Mr Narayan to inform him of the incidents before going to the police but since he reported the matter to the police, the village decided at a meeting last December to close the tr…

How Many Dictators Speak Like This?

I urge you all to stand up and speak. You can and must speak. Nothing is too small or too big. Speak from your heart. Tell them your wants. Tell them your needs. Tell them what principles and values you want in a government.

The PM was urging Fiji citizens to talk to the Constitution  Commission that met for the first time yesterday.  The Commission, headed by Professor Yash  Ghai, will soon be travelling throughout Fiji to hear public views on the new constitution.  -- Based on Fiji Broadcasting (that managed to misspell both of the professor's names!)

News and Comments Monday 7 July 2012

RABUKA: GOVERNMENT 'ACCEPTED BY THE PEOPLE'. Charismatic 1987 coup-maker Sitiveni Rabuka told Radio NZ International immunity for the current regime is important for Fiji's return to democracy. His own immunity was written into the 1990 and 1997 Constitutions.   

 “This government has demonstrated that they have been effectively in control. The people have not taken to the streets as we saw in Egypt and Libya. Therefore they have taken control of the country. They are the government of the nation and they determine the future steps which we accept on their terms." 

Earlier, he had said granting a pardon for 2000 coup leader George Speight would be a catastrophe ... it would  pave the way for more coups, but he says those who came to power through the 2006 coup have become accepted by the people.

REGISTRATION OF NEW POLITICAL PARTIES. Government is working on legislation, with the A-G saying, "We need to ensure that political parties that do continue, or are re-regis…