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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

                                             Go Local

Fiji has beautiful beaches and landmarks that are just sitting there in our back yards which tourists pay to visit. And yet we, the locals, don't even know the beauty of Fiji.

May I suggest that we go local and travel Fiji to the Yasawas and Mamanucas, to Vanua Levu and the Lau Group, to the Highlands of Fiji where we have little inns and stay at hotels along the Coral Coast and enjoy Fiji.

Go local next time you are thinking of going on a holiday. Your children will enjoy Fiji and get to appropriate the resources in our country. We have the museum, the National Archives, the various municipal offices in towns and cities who have old records of the towns and cities they look after. We have old churches, original native iTaukei sites, local farms, and ancient cemeteries all provide exciting glimpses into the past.

We could visit dairy and vegetable farms. Fish and prawn farms and the many manufacturers and see how things are d…

Introducing the Director of Public Prosecutions

Grubsheet publisher Graham Davis writes about New Zealander Christopher Pryde, until recently the Solicitor-General and now the Director of Public Prosecution. # 101 WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTIONPosted on June 28, 2012 | 2 Comments “The guilty shall be convicted and the innocent shall be acquitted”, declared Fiji’s Director of Public Prosecutions, Christopher Pryde, in a recent address to the Fiji New Zealand Business Council. Stating the bleeding obvious – you’d imagine – except when doubts continue to be expressed about the independence and impartiality of the country’s judiciary. And especially when the most high... Continue Reading... REGISTER FOR EMAIL UPDATES Enter your email address:
ABOUT GRUBSHEET Welcome to a corner of cyberspace that challenges conventional assumptions and proffers the kind of opinions that infuriate the chattering classes. The difference between us and them is that our tongues are planted firmly in our cheeks. And unlike them, we th…

Ideas on Constitutional and Electoral Reforms III: Money, Governance & Citizenship

Part III (final) of Satendra Prasad's ideas.  Readers should not assume that the  publication of his ideas means that I necessarily agree with them. All thoughtful ideas and comments are welcome on this blog (as they are with the Constitution Commission) but I would prefer readers to comment on the special blog Fiji Political and Constitutional Forum
FISCAL AND MONETARY POLICY 27. Enact into legislation that all fiscal and monetary budgets must be balanced. In other words no expenditure to be allocated if there is no source of funds. This has been done in province of BC in Canada and just recently the Democrats have joined forces in USA to enact a similar Legislation. This will force the elected governments to be more responsible and accountable.
GOOD GOVERNANCE 28. Enact Anti-corruption Legislation that includes the creation of Anti Corruption Tribunal headed by a Qualified Judge with team of qualified investigators including forensic team of accounts, IT…

Wages Councils and Mr Hazelman

A Reply published by The Fiji Sun Fr Kevin J. Barr
I was somewhat amused to see the remarks of Mr Nesbitt Hazelman in The Fiji Sun (25th June). They are a replay of an old worn out record by the CEO of the Fiji Commerce and Employer’s Federation (FCEF). The headline for the article should not have been “Wages Councils not Working” but “Wages Councils not Working as Mr Hazelman would like them to” i.e to the advantage of employers.
What seems to be forgotten (even by some employers) is that the Wages Councils are set up to protect the interests of the workers of the country – all of whom are currently earning wages below the poverty line. Of course the Wages Councils constantly try to be fair to employers and take due consideration of their views but they are there basically to protect the 60% of workers in the country who are in full-time employment.
The interests of employers and investors have been promoted in various forums. They were particularly promoted by the last two budgets…

News and Comments Friday 29 June 2012

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WEEKEND READING. • Allen Lockington Column • Introducing the Director of Public Prosecutions • Wages Council and Mr Hazelman • Ideas on Constitutional and Electoral  Reforms Part III

AUSAID TO DOUBLE.  Whether or not it is a response to progress on the Fiji political front or not, the doubling of AusAid to F$66 starting next month is a very welcome move.  Most of the aid will go to health and education.

NEW CALEDONIA SNUBS MELANESIAN SPEARHEAD GROUP. New Caledonia’s pro-independence FLNKS movement says this weekend’s planned visit to Noumea by Fiji’s interim PM who also the MSG chairman has been cancelled b…

Ideas on Constitutional and Electoral Reforms II: NLTB & Land Reforms

Part II of Satendra Prasad's ideas.  Readers should not assume that the  publication of his ideas means that I necessarily agree with them. All thoughtful ideas and comments are welcome on this blog (as they are with the Constitution Commission) but I would prefer readers to comment on the special blog Fiji Political and Constitutional Forum
Note: The Native Land Trust Board is now called the Itaukei Land Trust Board

LAND REFORMS17. All current NLTB board to be sacked and replaced with competent professionals. Also review all middle and upper managers and regional managers and sack all incompetent, inefficient and or political/national activists and replace with competent professionals.
18. NLTB needs to be completely restructured, reorganized and streamlined like the rest of Govt. appointed Boards.
19. NLTB must be corporatised and such all owners made shareholders and should operate a business.
20. NLTB to open its Employment doors to all qualified Fiji p…

Ideas on Constitutional and Electoral Reforms I

Satendra made these suggestions as a comment to a posting that has now moved down the page and will soon drift into obscurity.

That is why I would prefer readers to use the Fiji Political and Constitutional Forum Blog.

Nothing moves down the page and specific comments are entered in response to specific questions.  This will improve discussion by keeping everyone focussed on one question at a time.

But Satendra's opinions are too important to be left to the old posting.  That's why I've given his first 16 points (there are 30 overall) a full post of their own here.  ►Click or arrow< or > to read on.  Satendra, I'll probably publish your points 17-25 tomorrow and 26-30 on Friday but whatever I do, I'll really appreciate it if you would take time to slot each of your ideas where it can be fully discussed in the new blog.  And many thanks for these thoughtful ideas. Best wishes,  Croz

To other readers, I'd much prefer you to comment on FPCForum, writing you…

Not Dead Yet

I can't remember who it was who said "The news of my death is greatly exaggerated" but I thank Fiji Today for their concerned heading, "Croz, where are you?"  with the further note "Blog has been removed Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs."

My  blog seems to have been hit with a double-banger technical hitch. If I were so inclined I'd suspect something sinister.  But the apparent close down seems to be due to Google Blogger, caused  possibly by my switch to the dynamic view. I can now access the blog on my laptop and on my smartphone. 
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Another unrelated issue was raised by a reader  who, noting that the last seven of my postings had not attracted a single comment, aske…

News and Comments Tuesday 26 June 2012

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THE MILITARY AND THE CONSTITUTION COMMISSION. The military,  of course, will also be making submissions.

THE OVERSEAS VOTE. This is an extract of what Apo Gucake had to say on Facebook: "While the constitutions of many countries guarantee the right to vote for all citizens, in reality voters who are outside their home country when elections take place are often disenfranchised because of a lack of procedures enabling them to exercise that right. Overseas voters are a potentially important political force whose votes can in many cases significantly affect election results. Political parties, sitting governments and oppositions are therefore likely to have different views on participation in the elections. External voting is currently allowed by 115 countries... and territories in the world. Of those countries, some two-thirds allow all their citizens a vote from abroad, a…

Qarase Emergent: From Pupa to Butterfly

Watching the slow metamorphosis of former PM Laisenia Qarase from pupa to butterfly may well soon be a spectator sport► Click to read. 

After lying dormant for a year or two, he's slowly emerged to express some concerns about the legality and composition of the Constitution Commission, but for the most part he has left former colleagues Chaudhry and then Beddoes to speak on his behalf. All of them, unsurprisingly, say there is no need for a new constitution. 

But now, following an SDL meeting in Lautoka on Friday, Qarase has acknowledged that "some amendments to the Constitution is (sic!) necessary for example the electoral system needs to be reviewed, as public opinion moves towards the principle of one man, one vote and one value". He then went on to say: “Other aspects of the Constitution need to be reviewed as well [but] there is no need to formulate an entirely new Constitution for Fiji."

Leaving aside the semantics —at what point does an amended constitution be…