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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

                          Bank Pull Out

What a pity that “our bank”, the Bank of the South Pacific will be closing its doors in Levuka. We have been told that the EFTPOS facility will still be available but what about other services like loans, queries about accounts, cash deposits and other services that are offered by the bank. Where can cash deposits be made?

Nazhat Shameem's Important Address to the Police Crime Investigation Workshop Police Workshop

Keynote Address – Fiji Police Crime Investigation Management Workshop 21st – 23rd May 2012, Fiji Police Academy, Suva, Nazhat Shameem, 21st May 2012.

I am sometimes asked by school students what the traditional symbol of justice, a blind-folded woman holding scales and a sword, means. That symbol can be traced back in history to the Greek Goddess Maat and the Egyptian Goddess Isis. However the modern symbol, of the Roman Goddess Justitia, was not originally depicted with a blind fold. Originally, she was only shown with a double edged sword – the sword of reason and justice, and with scales which depict the weighing up of evidence on the merits

How is Life in Fiji Today?

Of the 30-odd anti-Bainimarama government blog sites one might have escaped readers' attention, either because it has until now published only infrequently or because whatever it publishes is copied and published by other anti-blogs, as is their way.

The overlooked blog is Good Men (and Women) Doing Something "for the people of Fiji who want to do something but do not have the means to do something, about the illegal regime that is now in power." This is the link to their site. The major contributor is 'Fiji Black' whose most recent posting is ”I'm just overwhelmed by what is happening here, in Fiji." The article tells readers about the sorry state of affairs in Fiji, covering four areas: the "farcicle" justice system, a “dead” downtown Suva, the struggle for "survival", and the brain drain.

Rural-Urban "Drift"

By Kevin J. Barr

The editorial in the Fiji Sun (April 25th) and some of the letters to the Editor around that time discussed the rural/urban drift and the attempt made by the Commissioner Western and the Prime Minister to try and address the issue by building up facilities in rural areas and so providing people there with better schools, roads, access to markets etc. All that is good and very positive.
The editorial in the Fiji Sun (April 25th) and some of the letters to the Editor around that time discussed the rural/urban drift and the attempt made by the Commissioner Western and the Prime Minister to try and address the issue by building up facilities in rural areas and so providing people there with better schools, roads, access to markets etc. All that is good and very positive.
However your editorial stated that,

Fiji's "New" Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Take your Pick

WEEKEND READING.  • Allen Lockington Column • Nazhaat Shameem on Proper Police Procedures  • Fr Kevin Barr on Rural-Urban Drift  • How is Life in Fiji Today? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
                                     Opinion by Crosbie Walsh
If they continue as they have started, it's clear that former prime ministers Qarase and Chaudhry intend to obstruct every move Government takes along the road to elections in 2014.

They wish to be heard by the Constitution Commission — but deny its legality and credibility.  They now see no reason for anything more than tinkering with the 1997 Constitution — but this was not always so.  They object to the military being involved in the massive logistical exercise  of voter registration — even  though officers from the Electoral Office and overseas vote registration experts will be present.

Qarase has called for an "independent body" to handle the …

News and Comments Thursday 24 May 2012

Bau Chief  Urges All Taukei to Support the Constitution Commission

Bau chief Ratu Joji Kadavulevu Cakobau has called on all iTaukei to support Government’s Roadmap to Democracy.  In an interview at Mokani Village in Tailevu he said the Prime Minister had already announced the process of formulating Fiji’s new Constitution.

“We must make good use of this golden opportunity and for the protection of our culture and tradition. We must make our submission to the Constitutional Commission on how we want these two important issues to be protected in the new constitution,” Ratu Joji said.

Some people, he said, were already attacking the constitutional process. He said this was a “waste of time”. He said the iTaukei people should be united in making sure that their interests were taken care of in the new Constitution.

The former senator said while Fijians must all champion equality, there were things that the iTaukei people should protect. However, this would mean that all provinces meet and …

News and Comments Wednesday 23 May 2012

THE JET ON LINE. For readers seeking more news on Fiji visit Shalendra Prasad's  The Jet Online, a fortnightly paper published in Nadi with the support of local businesses and the City Council. All issues since January 2010 are available through this link.

INNOCENT PEOPLE JAILED. This from FijiLive: "Innocent people have been convicted of crimes on the basis of confessions obtained through police brutality or unfair means, says former Fiji High Court judge, Nazhat Shameem. “People who should not have been convicted for crimes, have been convicted of those crimes on the basis of police confessions made in custody,” she told the Criminal Investigation Department workshop in Suva yesterday. Shameem said in almost every serious case, allegations of police brutality and unfairness are made."

Unsurprisingly, the anti-blogs were delighted with Ms Shameen's statement though I doubt she has yet won enough Brownie points for Coup 4.5 to withdraw its allegation that the Shameem…

Chaudhry Blames Everyone Except Himself

What Government is Doing for the Sugar Industry
The following statement was released today by the Ministry of Sugar:

The Bainimarama government and the Ministry of Sugar are very much focussed on ensuring the longevity of the sugar industry. The Bainimarama Government has facilitated, amongst other things, the legal ability of farmers to now obtain longer term leases, a thorough assessment and implementation of efficient cartage systems, efficiency of the sugar mills following the debacle of the Qarase government led upgrade, and continued assistance to farmers.

News and Comments Monday 21 May 2012

WHO SUFFERS WHEN FIJI IS  EXCLUDED? On Friday I posted this item. "AUSTRALIA'S CARR SOURS JAPAN-FIJI RELATIONS. The Japanese government had invited PM Bainimarama to an international conference in Japan until Carr, probably fearful of losing critical trade union support for the struggling Labor government, persuaded Japan to withdraw the invitation. Click here to see what Grubsheet says."

Predictably, the anti-blogs supported Australia. They did not see it as a "big" Pacific neighbour once again using its weight to swipe at its "small" Pacific neighbour, but this is the way it will be seen by its other "small" Pacific neighbours, most of whom have been the subject of Australian bullying.
Nor did they see it as an insult to Fiji; not just Bainimarama and his government: Fiji.  Fiji needs the best possible access to its Asian and global neighbours, not exclusion. The anti-blogs repeatedly crow about Fiji's economic difficulties. They thin…