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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.
Traffic Officers
I was in the suburbs of Suva this week especially places that I used to frequent during my young days.
One of the things that I noticed is the people.  -Goodness, I've never seen so many people all together in one place. I am reliably told that the population of the city is going down. Probably because of the growth of Nasinu  but it didn't look that way. The market was full of people and the streets  full of people. I think I have been away from Suva for too long. Because Autoclave is not congested like Suva.
And another thing that I noticed is the traffic office in Raiwaqa. Right near the Raiwaqa market pedestrian crossing, I spotted a woman police officer, standi…

When watchdogs become lapdogs: Some New Zealand media in spotlight

By Thakur Ranjit Singh*
With the fall of Murdoch Media Empire and Wikileaks Scandal, the concept of a free media has taken almost a fatal hit. With recent developments in mainstream television, controversies and questionable decisions by some media outlets in New Zealand, one is forced to revisit Herman and Chomsky's Propaganda Model.

News and Comments Friday 24 February 2012

TWO NEW CABINET MINISTERS. Viliame Naupoto is now the Minister for Youth and Sports and Jone Usumate the Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment. Naupoto was previously Permanent Secretary of Fisheries and Forests and earlier the Director of the Immigration Department. Usamate is a former CEO for the Training and Productivity Authority of Fiji (TPAF) and . the Director for Technical and Vocational Education at the Fiji National University. --- FBC.
THE DEMOGRAPHICS OF TOP GOVERNMENT POSITIONS. The new Cabinet of ten includes 8 I'taukei, 2 Indo-Fijian; 4 men military or former military officers, and one woman.  The demographics of the 22 permanent secretaries are 14 I'taukei, 4 Indo-Fijians, 2 Part-Europeans and 2 Europeans; 6 military officers, and 5 women. And all four district commissioners are male, I'taukei and military. This is not an unreasonable representation at this time but there need to be more women, more Indo-Fijians and, over time, less milita…

News and Comments Wednesday 22 February 2012

ERRATUM. Apologies to RealFijiNews for including them among the anti-blogs that published the Lal-Hunter article.  It was RawFijiNews.

But what a reaction to my error!  "Crosbie Walsh needs to visit a Psychiatrist or an Optometrist...The above is what the anti democracy, anti freedom, anti human rights, anti rule of law, anti good governance, pro Frank Bainimarama dictatorship blog Crosbie Walsh has falsely alleged Real Fiji News had published. Perhaps someone in NZ could kindly wheel this anti democracy blogger to the nearest psychiatrist or optometrist because we published no such article and therefore are not obliged to publish any such response to same."  I would also have apologized on their blogsite but they appear to have made no provision for readers' comments.

PETERS REJECTS CLAIMS  NZ was planning to arrest Bainimarama.

. "Do you think the Department of Roads is doing enough given the poor state of roads across the country? Yes 6%, No …

Bainimarama's Four Coups and New Zealand's Involvement

The NZHerald has  published Victor Lal and Russell Hunter's article on Bainimarama's supposed four coups and the refusal of the NZ police to comply with the request of Fiji police commissioner Andrew Hughes to arrest Bainimarama when he was in NZ for his granddaughter's christening just before the December 2006 coup.

The article, published at 8:40am Saturday, was copied by at least  four anti-blog (FijiToday, RealFijiNews, TruthforFiji and Coup 4.5) within the next 24 hours. These blogs publish links to each other so it takes no time to jump on new stories. I doubt the Herald or the blogs will publish this response.

Bainimarama Planned Four Coups
The article is of interest for two reasons, the first of which is its claim that Bainimarama had planned three coups before 2006. I've read claims (on the anti-blogs, no sources cited) of the first supposed attempt when Bainimarama negotiated the release of Chaudhry and other MPS kidnapped by Speight. But as one informed pers…

Forever Positive in its Criticisms and Suggestions: CCF, The Voice of Moderate Fiji

 Taking Ownership of the Constitution Making Processes 

The Citizens’ Constitutional Forum stresses that the processes for formulating Fiji’s next Constitution must be led by the citizens of Fiji and people are urged to start talking and discussing in their homes, villages, religious and social groups on how to get involved.

CEO Reverend Akuila Yabaki says that the people must take ownership and prepare to make constructive contribution in the Constitutional Consultation process from the drafting to having a final say on the contents of the document.

“A unique opportunity presents itself to all Fijians to build a sustainable democracy for this country through a Constitution which takes into accounts the dreams and aspirations of all the people of Fiji,” says Reverend Yabaki.
CCF stresses that the Bainimarama government must ensure that the processes are participatory and not just consultative and the end result is a document made by the people by encouraging submissions on the content …