The Political Blowhards

STOP PRESS. Fiji Today first to acknowledge good work by government in cyclone preparation. Its posting today Thursday 18th, read at 7:30pm NZ time, reads:.Credit where it is due. "Thank You" to our Government and the PM.Peter Firkin.  This is the only "moderate" anti-Bainimarama government blog.
Readers will have noted that the only postings on this blog for the past few days have concerned Cyclone Evan.  Readers of the anti-Bainimarama government blogs will also have noticed that the worst  cyclone in 20 years has not even been mentioned.

As the local Fiji media report winds of over 200kph, unbelievably high seas, roads and bridged closed, no public transport in the North and West, all internal flights and some international flights closed, the loss of electric power and water, roofs whipped off houses, rising flood waters, breached sea walls and landslips,  two ships grounded in Suva harbour, two warehouses of sugar and fertilisers lost, uprooted  cassava, vudi and banana, the military on high alert to assist the emergency services, eight thousand people in 137 evacuation centres, and damage expected to greatly exceed the $300 million estimated for the cyclone damage in Samoa; in short, as the people of Fiji experience yet another massive natural disaster, the blogs that claim to be so concerned about human rights and the plight of ordinary Fijians forced to live under the barbaric, illegal government of Voqere Bainimarama, have so far chosen to ignore the event.

Instead, Coup4.5, Fiji Today and Truth for Fiji, the blog of exiled Ratu Tevita Mara, all publish the same story, the claims by exiled former FRMF Col. Baledrokadroka, that the RFMF submission to the Constitution Commission is "full of lies" , while Sai Lealea's Fiji Coup 2006 again raises the question of why Nur Bano's accountancy firm is paying the salaries of Bainimarama's  ministers.  Discombobulated Bubu's last posting was a week ago on the "untruths" of the A-G's annual conference.  And most of the other anti-blogs  — Luveni Viti, Solivakasama, Fiji Uncensored, Fiji Democracy Now — seem to have gone into hibernation.

But don't worry. They will all wake up to the cyclone soon enough as they ferret out, and revel in the shortcomings in disaster relief revealed to them by their usually reliable inside informers. 

Meanwhile, on my blog I have the usual line up of comments by the "antis" ridiculing Government's Look North policy and saying it will soon be begging Australia and New Zealand for cyclone relief. "Surely," says one of them, " it is time for Fijians to wake up and return to a real government? This useless military regime couldn't even fix a dunny." Really! The disaster preparations seem to have worked particularly well, and so far, and unlike Samoa, no deaths have been reported. 

And as a comment to Allen Lockington's Saturday posting, written and published before the cyclone hit Fiji, an inattentive anti asks why I published an "outdated and inaccurate projection chart. Don't you care about being accurate, timely and helpful?"  It is my blog that published reports on the cyclone. His anti blogs were more concerned with other issues.


siti86* said…
'the barbaric, illegal government of Voqere Bainimarama' may well be in dispute, the cyclone is a fact. There is no way I want to see the military regime as a fact. The 'look North policy' was created by the regime and a source of great amusement at a time of bad weather. The fijian regime and you seem to expect thanks for providing what they are supposed to provide and you can't blame the Qarase or the others for Bainimarama's performance for the past six years, or can you Croz?
Ci Cin said…

Haven't they done what one would reasonably expect of any government?

Not sure what point you are trying to make here. Having spent the last 6 or so years trying to convince the world that they are a legitimate force for good, reacting in a responsible way to a national emergency is the leastt they could do.

They appear to have done a good job - well done. Thats what they are supposed to do.
Back door benny said…
great picture of you and father barr. I hope your junta mate back door benny doesn't see it. It is this sort of thing that gets the thug coward to polish his retarded rifle butt!! Nice to see you are still shining the poles of human rights abusing gun toting thugs!! Oh and thanks for your updates on the cyclone - very helpful to the disenfranchised Fijian villagers with no rights to vote under the dictatorship - they have no electricty not to mention no computers anyway....
Anonymous said…
Croz - keep up the good work. I am one of the silent majority who come and read your blog for its unbiased news and updates but don't usually post. I see that a number of the anti government posters dominate your postings with meaningless rants. Like the silent majority i think Banimarama is doing a good job and we look forward to a new constitution and elections
Anonymous said…
The same 'silent majority' apparently that were too gutless to stand up to the proported corruption of previous governments and stand by while this regime doesn't even bother to be accountable for their own deeds and finances and PER.. How would you know what is happening, LOL
Anonymous said…
Credit must be given where it is due. I am glad nobody was hurt or killed. Thanks to all the civil servants and the hardworking people who were out there right in the middle of this nasty storm. Security was excellent and overall the efficiency was outstanding.Thanks to everyone who helped. Politics aside, Fiji can only improve and we don't need handouts. God Bless our country. Don't really care about the other rubbish on the web blogs, etc. Good, accurate news is what the people want. Thanks Croz.
Anonymous said…
It always amazes me when some people are praised for what they get paid to do and doing it well enough to be noticed....MY thanks go to people who are volunteers and who take in family and strangers during this time of need and support their communities. Watching 9 army guys (paid) standing around watching a guy (paid) on a broom at the airport, falls a little short of this.

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