Cyclone Evan is over Savai'i, Heading for Fiji

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Cyclone Evan to hit Fiji by Sunday

07:46 Yesterday

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Report by: Roland Koroi
The tropical depression that was affecting Fiji earlier this week has been upgraded to Tropical cyclone Evan and could hit Fiji by as early as this Sunday.
This has prompted calls for communities to be be prepared now, heed warnings, and act responsibly, to avoid unnecessary loss of lives and/or property.
A statement by the Fiji Met office last night predicted that Evan was 300km west of Apia in Samoa and could intensify and reach category 2 or storm force in the next 24 hours.
The New Zealand Herald reports that Cyclone Evan is expected to hit Samoa today with wind speeds of up to 80km/hr.
At its current track, the cyclone is predicted to make a u-turn towards the south, over Samoa, and head back towards the west, later tomorrow.
The weather office says if Evan maintains its projected track and intensity trend after leaving Samoa, it should move across the northern parts of Tonga on Saturday and arrive into the Fiji waters by Sunday, at least as a category 2.
Additionally, ahead of this cyclone, as it heads for Fiji, damaging heavy easterly swells are expected.
These can cause damages to, and sea flooding of, low-lying coastal areas.
Please note the mobile contacts of Ministry of Information officers including that of the permanent secretary that can be utilised during the weather event expected over the weekend.

Please use these contacts for clarifications, access to updates and in case of emergency.

Contact list:
Permanent Secretary Ms Sharon Smith Johns- 9905558

Acting Director of Information Prakash Narayan- 9904981

Acting Principal Information Officer Taniela Gavidi- 9905966

Senior Information Officer Viliame Tikotani- 9905850

Information Officer Bale Dolokoto- 9904440

Officer on duty- 9905965

Many thanks,

The Ministry of Social Welfare is advising the public to take seriously the precautions given by the National Disaster Management Office and be prepared for any natural disaster.
Minister Dr Jiko Luveni reiterated the need for parents to be mindful of the safety and well being of their children during times of natural disasters.
“It is crucial for parents and guardians as the primary care-givers to advise and ensure that right care and protection is provided to children during disasters. Our responsibility to our children extends to include our ability to be prepared for natural disasters”.
“The location of our homes, conditions of surrounding terrain and the state of drainage, our proximity to rivers and waterways, density of vegetation in our immediate vicinity should tell us whether our homes are safe in a disaster. It’s our responsibility to guide children, inform them, and provide their basic needs in order to mitigate disasters,” Dr Luveni said.
The Minister has also called on women to be proactive and prepare a checklist on items they will need during the disasters.
“We should start preparing now women in rural and urban areas are advised to please ensure that enough food, water, clothes and batteries are stored.  In case of evacuation, women should prepare enough clothes and must also have a first aid kit,” she said.
She said the Ministry’s Child Welfare Unit will work with the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO). The social welfare officers in the western and northern divisions have been trained as part of the Child Protection in Emergency (CPIE) program to strengthen their role during emergencies.
“As reported by the Nadi Met office, Tropical Cyclone Evan is due to pick up its intensity as it approaches Fiji. All Fijians are advised to please remain calm and take heed of the weather news and advice from Disaster Management Office. As a nation, we should ensure the safety and well being of those in our families and communities at all times,” Dr Luveni added.


Too much cut and paste said…
Nice diversion from anal rape with a rifle butt allegations croz. We are more interested in the illegal regime MINFO view of this terrible unspeakable act from junta cowards.
Give Me a Break said…
@Too Much Cut and Paste:

Hogwash !! Why not take your crap one step further? Why not just blame Bainimarama and his "illegal regime" for hurricane Evan. If that obese Samoan PM hadn't offended Bainimarama and his "illegal regime" in the past, Evans would have spared Samoa.
i-taukei military said…
Another cowardly boney arse ghoose making a racist comment about Samoans. The bottom feeding dailit wouldn't dare say it in a bar - if the Samoans didn't shut the shiva coward up first the Fijians would jump in and give him the belting he deserves.

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