PM's Diwali Message

Diwali sign going up
Every child in Fiji grows up with a sense of excitement about Diwali. All over the country, candles are lit and Fijians celebrate with their families, friends and neighbours.

We have a national holiday to mark the occasion because we join our Hindu brothers and sisters to commemorate the Festival of Light.

The essential message of Diwali is the triumph of good over evil. Light is cast upon darkness, justice reigns over oppression. It is a message of deep significance for all Fijians.

Like all of our religious festivals in Fiji, it is also a time to reflect on the spiritual aspect of our lives and the strength we derive from our beliefs.

For me, Diwali symbolises the light we must all shine on our shortcomings as individuals and as a nation and overcome them.

In this Festival of Lights, may we all find peace and joy and a renewed commitment to caring for each other. This is the central message of all our religions that we must all embrace to build a unified nation and a better, stronger Fiji

I wish you all a very happy and blessed Diwali.


Anonymous said…
A very nice message from the PM. A fantastic spirit in Fiji right now and especially Suva. Everyone got together irrespective of race to celebrate Diwali. Lots of i'Taukei girls in Indian saris and i'Taukei saying "happy Diwali" to everyone. The PM is right. The central message of all religions is about caring for each other. Whatever you say about Bainimarama, his revolution in race relations is working. More people are feeling a sense of belonging. Thanks to him, we are all Fijians now and after this Diwali, the future is looking very bright.

Bright future said…
Yes, it is a really bright future. The sugar industry is booming??? And we might even get some indians in the i-taukei military - if nothing else it would certainly lift the average IQ into at least positive digits.
Diwali Messages said…
And wishing everyone all over the world to have a great and happy Diwali! Nice message.

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