News and Comments Thursday 25 October 2012

PEACEKEEPERS' SUBMISSION. The  submission by Fiji's Peacekeeping Veterans Group (PVG) to the Constitution Commission last week called for compulsory military training for men and women from all races aged between  of 18 and 21. PVG co-ordinator Taniela Senikuta said military recruitment would  help youths build their character, become disciplined and help curb crime. The next item suggests that this is not necessarily so.

EXCESSIVE FORCE. There has been no further statement from the police concerning the escaped prisoners who robbed the Bank of the South Pacific in Nabua, Suva, and were subsequently arrested by a combined police and army team.   The prisoners are reported to have resisted arrest. All were severely beaten and were hospitalised for a week.  One of them has since had his leg amputated.

I find it incredible that police and army did not immediately condemn the excessive use of force and say that those responsible would be appearing before disciplinary committees. The police have now  said there will be no further comment  while the amputee remains in hospital.  Whatever the actions of the prisoners, the public —and the prisoners—have the right to expect the police and army  to use the minimum necessary force.  In this instance, they have clearly used excessive force. The officers responsible should be brought before the courts and dismissed. Not to do so will will further tarnish the reputation of both services and, by implication, the good name of Government.

ROTUMANS WANT RECOGNITION. Rotuman Chiefs  and the Rotuma Council want their people to be expressly acknowledged as an indigenous people of Fiji under the new Constitution. In their submissions to the commission, the council said the rights, aspirations and interests of all Rotumans should be recognised in the new constitution.

Misau Fatiaki, who submitted on behalf of the council, said there should be constitutional arrangements under which all matters relating to or affecting the lands and seas of Rotumans are approved by the council."That our uniqueness be reflected in the allocation of representation to both houses of parliament," Mr Fatiaki said.

The council also proposed the establishment of a court system on Rotuma.

Mr Fatiaki expressed the council's views on the 1997 Constitution, saying some provisions in it were worthy of consideration.

These include:

* Fiji's unique history and the great deeds of their forefathers, particularly in their embracing the Judeo-Christian God as the God of the country;

* The role of the Great Council of Chiefs in blessing the constitution in "their abundant wisdom", that Fiji is a sovereign democratic State and that the constitution is the supreme law of the State;

* Those entrusted with the government must recognise the importance of applying the spirit of the constitution rather than glibly applying imperial concepts applicable in other democratic societies; and

* The Bill of Rights.

Mr Fatiaki said the chiefs did not agree with Section 38 (2) (a) of the 1997 Constitution, that the provision on sexual orientation was inconsistent with the Preamble and one that would nurture undesirable, unnatural and immoral practices.


Military might said…
You are a funny chap at times Croz. The explanation on the prisoner beatings is simple. If it had been the police alone then maybe there would be a slim chance of a investigation. But the military are involved in this one. They have a long history of excessive force. And while things might seem normal in Suva these days don't forget the military are very much still considered above the law. And why wouldn't the rank and file of the RFMF hand out a good beating ? They have great leadership examples to follow - people like Francis Kean who beat a man to death for a mere verbal insult. And then there where the villages killed by the military post coup and the remaining big question about 2000 deaths at the barrack.

Frank has no reason to apply the law to the military - this is his support base and he supports their methods fully. Remember physical threats and violence and ignoring the law is exactly how he came to power.
Anonymous said…
"...good name of government..." What good name is that mr Walsh. You mean governments own view of itself ?
nothing to see here mover along said…
Please bloggers stop bring up Francis Kean. Its old news. Everyone knows there is one rule for the military/government/supporters and another rule for everyone else. Bloggers please get over it and move on. There is no way the military government is going to be fair, transparent, balanced or accountable when it comes to their own. Those fine words are only used in crushing opposition. Classic dictatorship stuff. Nothing new....move along everyone. Kean will never have to pay for his crime. Nor will loyal military officers...unless they somehow fall fowl of Frank or the AG...then accountability comes back into play.
Anonymous said…
Come on Croz, A bit of bashing at the hands of the military has been standard operating process for as long as the RFMF has been around. Surely you are not going to be critical of this great institution you worship (think of all the great work they have done) just because they beat the crap out of a couple of escapees.
Anonymous said…
Very good briefs Croz........... Keep on writing the way you have.

Alot of people seriously ponder on issues in your blog.

Some people prefer to be be blind and will not listen to good reasoning and try and understand their opponents......... and only offer insults.

Most of the people however seriously think of issues from both sides of the story and make up their own minds.

By the way, thanks Croz for caring about Fiji our beloved nation.

%$#@! said…
'I find it incredible that police and army did not immediately condemn the excessive use of force', i assume this was tongue in cheek. Given all the benefit of the doubt you give this regime / police and military (all run by the military) and the rubbishing you gave any number of victims who you accuse of exagerating their claims of abuse, i find your claim bizarre.
rusi said…
yes Croz , go and live in Fiji and see how much of your rare but helpful critique of the current regime gets an airing in the mainstream media.
Anonymous said…
did the RFMF condemn the excessive force used by Francis Kean to kill a incocent man ? No....they promoted him !
Anonymous said…
Croz, Croz, Croz, this is the army, normal rules don't apply. Everyone in Fiji understands this.
Dumb as dog shyte said…
Are you as thick in the head as you sound? Or are you a deceitful cowardly slime bag like the garden gnome Davis? This is a thug military. This is a thug junta led by a psychopath. They can kick the shyte out of anyone they choose. And they have - including defenceless unarmed patriots and pregnant women.
Croz - long time, short time? Doesn't matter. Each and everyone of the treasonous cowards will be brought to justice. Everything they have stolen from the nation will be returned with interest. Each and every family member who resists arrest may have a limb amputated. Khaiyum (who is running scared) may visit Australia 'for interesting discussions' not because they 'forgive' him but to 'turn him'.
Have you actually been a so called academic for such a long time, and a man of some intellect (supposedly) and you do not know how these things really work? Or are you a total dipshit like other recent fools who have lived by the sword and end up being dragged out of drainpipes and 'dealt with'?

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