SDL Submission

Listen to this youtube link

and decide for yourself.


Decide for yourself said…
I'm more interested in you deciding for yourself about the dictator's bullying attack on Professor Ghai?
Anonymous said…
Well the truth is there for all to see. Even the guy in white tshirt is breathing heavily and the guy reading is stuttering showing that someone else wrote it or him. Who are they anyway? Brainwashed for the occasion maybe.
Anonymous said…
I am more interested in your view about Prof Ghai's secret meetings with Beddoes Anthony Ali and gang?
Anonymous said…
Oh wow !!!! is it hard to guess who has egg on face now? It is now confirmed beyond any doubt what we suspected of SDL. Their version of democracy is racial supremacy. Perhaps A&NZ should remove all sanctions immediately. Ticking on a piece of paper is by no means democracy, as on display here. The silent majority always supported Frank, and rightly so, he is the saviour for sure. I am still in a state of shock.
Baking Bread in Naboro said…
Are these the same "democratically" elected people that Australia/NZ said should not have been thrown out?

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