Race Relations in Fiji; Fiji's Role in the Pacific

Two postings by Graham Davis in Grubsheet.


In the first he reflects on Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi's statement about race in in Fiji today,


In the other he publishes The Australian article on an Australian Strategic Policy Institute report that urges the Australian government to do much more than restore diplomatic ties with Fiji.  The authors of the think tank's report are Dr Anthony Bergin and Prof Richard Herr, two well known and respected commentators on Pacific affairs.


Anonymous said…
Gratuitous advice by the so-called "respected commentators" in the Australian article have no understanding of diplomacy. Such comments will only irritate ANZ and is not helpful to Fiji. The simple fact of the Sydney Tri-lateral Accord is that hostility from ANZ towards Fiji will cease and normailsation of bilateral relations has now resumed. This has endless prospects. The Agreement does not have to outline each and every step that is envisaged by each Party. This cannot be spelt out in detail for obvious domestic poltical reasons and there is no reason for it be outlined. Each aspect higlighted by these so-called "respected commentators" is possible within the Sydney Accord and may well be part of the Accord albeit unwritten and unsaid. Such is the nature of diplomacy and diploamtic language. One has to read between the lines. Fiji is obviously happy with the break through and the break thorugh came as an initiative of ANZ, while Fiji stood its ground. It is a win win situation for all sides. And Fiji's eminent, able and well-respected Foreign Minister understands this.

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