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BUT THERE ARE NO ELEPHANTS IN FIJI. The very different interpretations given to this week's  diplomatic rapprochement of the Australian, NZ and Fiji governments will remind discerning readers of the delightful Indian story of the seven blind men describing the elephant. This Wikipedia  summary of the story is well worth reading for itself and for the insight it provides on different philosophical systems.

Our Fiji "elephants" are represented by Coup4.5 that chastises Australia and NZ for "rewarding the Fiji military dictatorship";
Brij Lal  who thinks "too much has been conceded too soon";
the ACTU president Ged Kearney who is "sceptical";

Sticks and Carrots, a blog reader, who, for some reason known only to himself, thought it was an excellent move because it "will further isolate bainimarama and the Fiji military."

Former Australian foreign minister Alexander Downer, however,  welcomed the move saying the "endless stand-off" achieved nothing;

And Graham Davis   wrote: " So it has finally come. Oceania’s greatest power —Australia— has finally bowed to the inevitable. That five and-a-half-years of trying to destroy the Bainimarama Government in Fiji has failed."

To which we can add three further comments, again from Coup4.5 because its comments are always revealing : "Carr and McCully are doing this for their own ego,they have no idea who they are dealing with here..what a big mistake!!  "McCully has been an ass all along on Fiji and he's now convinced Carr to be one as well."

And finally from Coup4.5:  "Bastards!!! Treachery!!! Shame, shame, shame.What can we do?????"

Any suggestions?

LORRY DRIVERS BOYCOTTING CANE MILLS?  If the sugar industry has not suffered enough what with lease expiries, severe floods, machinery breakdowns, and the withholding of money owing to it from the EU, it would now seem lorry drivers are adding to the woes. Whether this is a boycott or a move out of sugar due to higher costs is not immediately known but the Fiji Sugar Corporation says it is compensating farmers and lorry owners for increased costs. FSC Chairman Adbul Khan said the stand taken by lorry owners is not helping  as Government and the FSC look to reform and revive the sugar industry. He called on all farmers and lorry owners to work together to help revitalise the industry.-- Based on MOI release.

What surprises me is that FLP's Mahendra Chaudhry has not used his considerable influence to defuse the situation. Much of his support in the West is from those involved in the industry and it is their welfare, the industry's and Fiji's, that is at stake. The banner on the FLP website reads, "NFU (National Farmers' Union) cannot support policies that marginalise cane growers in an industry in which they have a a 70% stake."Now is the time for the FLP —and the NFP— to bury the political wrangling that has adversely affected the industry and urge their supporters to get the lorries rolling again.

Meanwhile, we can only hope the recent rapprochement with Australia and NZ will lead one or both of them to get the EU and Commonwealth to lift their sanctions against the industry. These unwisely imposed and costly actions hurt those engaged in the industry; not government.

OUR CHILDREN ARE STARVING. "Isa just another day in Fiji. Isa lei ko keda. Our children are starving, the economy has gone south, roading infrastructure has gone to the dogs, typhoid is breaking out all over the country, our schools have no water and there is fecal matter coming out of our taps."-- Article in Discombobulatedbubu blog  dated 6.6.12.  Sometimes you wonder what anti-bloggers living overseas really know about what's happening in Fiji.

QARASE FOUND GUILTY.Former Prime Minister, Laisenia Qarase was yesterday found guilty and convicted on six counts of abuse of office and three counts of discharge of duty with respect to property in which he has a private interest. Presiding Judge, Justice Priyantha Fernando concurred with the three assessors that Qarase is guilty of all the nine counts. The charges relate to offences concerning Qarase's purchase of Class A shares in Fiji Holdings Ltd.

Even the slightest familiarity with the charges leaves one in no doubt of what he did. The only question was whether it was illegal as well as immoral and unwise.   An anonymous reader of Coup4.5, however, sees it differently:"Corrupt judges controlled by regime.fiji people been raped for free and fair court system.sad day for fiji.democracy is need and people have to fight for it strong pm qarase you are our hero like mandela."

EARLY CHILDHOOD TEACHERS will receive a salary increase, based on qualifications, next year.  Currently many working in the 879 registered pre-school centres, are paid below the poverty line. Education minister Filipe Bole said Government is committed to develop eaerly childhood education (ECE) in Fiji as espoused in the People’s Charter. --- Based on MOI release.


Lesley said…
After reading the above, the only comments and observations that can be relied upon are those from Fijians who actually live in Fiji. Starving children! What rubbish. Put a stick in the ground in Fiji and it grows! Fijians are such compassionate people they would not let other Fijians starve - especially the children. Some children are neglected in other ways in Fiji by irresponsible parents (as in every other country in the world) - that I do know, but none are starving
Anonymous said…
'Sometimes you wonder what anti-bloggers living overseas really know about what's happening in Fiji.' Can you hear yourself? I am stunned you of all people, wrote this.
Anonymous said…
You never seem to address the issue of accountability. While i am happy to accept consequences for illegal activity and corruption you seem to give scant attention to the expectation of most that the regime is held to the same level of scrutiny. I presume that the current individuals in the military regime could withstand an investigation into their own affairs going back 19 years? You seem to be a proponent of amnesty for the military and police and their civilian cohorts as a means to move fiji(by blackmail) to democracry, but show no inclination to extend amnesty for anyone else. How does this sit with you?
Anonymous said…
"And Graham Davis wrote: " So it has finally come. Oceania’s greatest power —Australia— has finally bowed to the inevitable. That five and-a-half-years of trying to destroy the Bainimarama Government in Fiji has failed.""

Davis, give us a break. Are you totally clueless. You can hardly describe not letting a few regime personalities and supporters to enter your country a regime destroying tactic.
Even regime supporters, support the Australian position. In typical bureaucratic fashion, they didn't get it quite right at times, but never the less it was necessary. It is not as if we not aware of the dangers of a "dictatorship", I am sorry if we are not as simplistic as you might want us to be. In fact, the regime, who had huge support from the business community at the beginning now does not enjoy the same popularity. Sanctions is a non issue for the general public, but a big one for the regime and for geopolitical reasons.

Australia will loose more in the long run then gain from its premature hurry to get into bed with the dictator, leaving all its integrity at the foot off the bed.

You turned out to be sluts after all, how embarrassing. How will you live with yourselves going into the future.

Nothing confirms ANZ as Americas sheriff and deputy in the region as this.

Rather pathetic I think. Makes our stomach churn to see you put out the red carpet for the likes of Kubuabola whilst back home decree after decree limits our freedom.

So, at this juncture, would it fair for the populace of Fiji to ask, what if? What has ANZ got in place if the regime reneges or cheats on the people of Fiji during and up to the next elections. Is there a stick lurking in the cupboard nearby. If not, why not.

It makes ANZ look foolish to not wear protection.
Anonymous said…
any life here? site seems dead.
Croz Walsh said…
@ Anonymous ... You've been dreaming again. Time to wake up.

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