Removing Over a 100 Years of Discrimination

KaiSolomoni  sewing group at Wailoku
Speaking to Fijians of Solomon Islands descent (Kai Solomoni) at the celebration of the 34th independence day of Solomon Islands at Wailoku, Suva, last week, the PM  reaffirmed his call for a united Fiji regardless of descent:

 “We have many histories, many heritages, and many stories. It is this diversity that makes Fiji the dynamic country it is today and that shapes our common identity. My Government has been working to ensure that all Fijians are treated equally and with dignity. Together we stand as Fijians, united as a nation.” 

Spokesman of the Fiji Solomon Islands Descendents Association, Josateki Gusuivalu, said they welcomed Government’s plans to eradicate discrimination:

“We, the descendents of Solomon Islands labourers being for so long the victims of discrimination, stigmatisation, marginalisation and other suppressing laws and policies, are very grateful with the Government’s intention to urgently remove unjustifiable systems, policies and programmes which are based on racial discrimination or narrow communal considerations,”

Mr Gusuivalu said it was their desire and determination to contribute positively to the development of Fiji.They firmly believed that the Peoples Charter held the key to a better Fiji.

The PM used the opportunity to encourage all present to  register with the electronic voter registration system to be able to cast their vote in 2014: “This is an important right and responsibility of all Fijians. In order to vote in the 2014 elections, you must be registered.” 

He also  urged them to make submissions to the Constitutional Commission: “This is an opportunity for Fijians to speak their mind about what they want for the future of Fiji. To say what is important to them and to their families. To speak from the heart. No submission is too small and no subject is irrelevant. Tell the Commission what principles and values you want your Government to adhere to,” he said. -- Based on the Fiji Sun article by Jyoti Pratibha

See also  this coming Weekend Reading to be published at 9:00 am on Saturday. My review of the Rev. Winston Halapua's book on the KaiSolomoni at Wailoku. 


Time for a real government said…
The return of a real elected government and rule of law would be good? And perhaps bainimarama's 'government' can let us now know how much the non elected self appointed PM and head of the military is paying himself in taxpayer's funds through khaiyum's aunts company?
Anonymous said…
does this 'no discrimination' policy mean we might now get some indo-Fijians in the i-taukei dominated military?
Croz Walsh said…
@ Time for ... and Anonymous .... What has either comment got to do with the main point of the posting on the KaiSolomoni? Time .. you throw the same old terms around as if they are absolutes and sacrosanct. Yawn, yawn on Khaiyum's aunt. As for Indo-Fijians in the military, one hopes so but they are not exactly lining up to join. Perhaps the Commission or Assembly will have recommendations on a more balanced military.
Cin Cin said…

I'm sorry but the headline 'Removing 100 years of Discrimination' is a bit confusing. Given your tendency to blame those horrible ethno-nationalist itaukei rabble raisers for every instance of discrimination that has occurred in Fiji since cession (and probably pre-the invention of the wheel) are you able to clarify the timeline - what is so significant about 1912?
Croz Walsh said…
Cin Cin ... Finally, a comment that addresses the topic. And what a contribution! To make you feel better I've added the word "over."
Cin Cin said…

Haha I feel better already!

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