Qarase found guilty, judgement tomorrow

Qarase found guilty, judgement tomorrow


Anonymous said…
Well a very strong message to all. This means Frank must stay in power and in charge for a long long time now. Imagine what a good team of investigators and lawyer could charge him with if the had the chance ? And this case suggests even if 20 years gas passed they can still go for it.

Mahen will be found guilty as well and then long live king Frank.

I imagine Qarase will server no time. After all thats the standard sentence for cases like killing a man (think Francis Kean) and at least Qarase didn't kill anyone.
One Down, Two to Go said…
One down. Two to go.

Mahen will surely be next.

Question is will our current PM ever face the law for all his sins ?
Yea ! Open the bubbles... said…
Finally Frank and the Military get a scalp. Lets ignore it has taken 5 years and millions of dollars, lets ignore Qarase was not PM or even in government then, lets ignore they had to go back 20 years and lets ignore he did not gain personally....the important this is Frank can now claim the past government was corrupt and all his actions plunging Fiji into 5 dark years where worth it. See everyone it had nothing to do with the Frank was going to be charged with treason !

As a side issue I wonder if the person who put Qarase in powere should shoulder some of the blame....that would be, um Frank !
Anonymous said…
While I'm sure you will be celebrating tonight Croz is Fiji really any different today.

Qarase would never have been pursued like he was while he was PM and there is no way anyone is going to be able to pursue Baininarama while he is PM. He is untouchable which is why he has got away with paying himself hundreds of thousands (not to mention appointing mates to boards, rolkes to family etc). So on it goes and the first thing his enemies will do if they ever get into power is chase after he did to Qarase. Very sad.

Imagine if some of this effort was put into say Sugar ?
Day in Court said…
The elected PM of Fiji Hon Qarase has had his day in court. He faced this court (with regime appointed judge and assessors with his usual courage and dignity. I now look forward to the day the unelected self appointed PM has his day in court for the serious allegations regarding the unarmed captured CRW soldiers. It will be interesting if Bainimarama faces the court (with the detailed files of the allegations put together under Police Commissioner Hughes legitimate appointment) with the same courage and dignity.
Birds of a feather said…
Qarase and Mahen clearly took advantage of their positions for their personal pecuniary benefits – the evidence is solid.
Mahen habitually accused others of ‘feathering the nest’, his favourite term.
Ironically, mahen and qarase epitomize “feathering the nest”, in mahen’s case to the tune of $3m raised for the poor but secreted to his personal bank account.
These two are ‘birds of the same feather’.
Both have demonstrated how to use one’s political position to get rich.
While running for office, Mahen and Qarase promised to serve their people, not themselves and their families.
If you call a spade a spade, both these leaders are morally corrupt, greedy, self-serving liars. They deserve to be behind bars because behaviour like theirs, if allowed to continue, spreads like cancer.
The commoners suffer the most, because it is their entitlements that that is usually stolen, as demonstrated in both the qarase and mahen case. They were taking away bread from the common man’s mouth, one by misappropriating donations, the other stocks and shares.
What is surprising is the length some people are going to in order find and make excuses for the two ‘leaders’ in a futile bid defend their actions.
Whatever Bainimarama did should not obscure the fact that these two were using their positons to illegally misappropriate monies. His time will come. Right now, it's mahen and Lai.
Some die-hard supporters can’t handle the truth. Corrupt, racist, leaders in Fiji thrive on this type of blind support.
Such supporters are more concerned about the political parties and leaders they support – like support for a sports team – rather than about the welfare of the poor, or about corruption, or what is good for the country.
It is about time people took a dose of reality and faced up to the facts, however painful

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