News and Comments Monday 2 July 2012

IS IT THE OLD STYLE POLITICS AGAIN OR ARE THEY JUST STILL ADJUSTING? A founder of the Fiji Labour Party and former Minister, Krishna Datt, may form a  new political party or join an existing party if substantial changes are made ahead of the 2014 elections. The "existing party" is obviously the FLP, and the "changes" he wants include removing FLP party leader Mahendra Chaudhry.  He says the new generation of voters will be looking for educated responses and and less table banging and thigh thumping. 

While this is a time for cooperation not confrontation, his group will not condone unilateral impositions, non-transparent actions that undermine human rights, freedom of expression, freedom of assembly and association.The group is made up of former politicians, academics and civil servants who are willing to take part in the 2014 elections.

Mahendra Chaudhry  responded on the FLP website in typical style. Datt's remarks smack too much of "political vendetta." They are "the misguided ravings of a person who can’t quite decide whether he wants to form a new political party or not [there is no place in] the political arena for people with confused minds."

Datt had been expelled from the FLP for a breach of discipline, and he is now posing "as a political saint but everybody knows how self-serving he has been in his political career." Chaudhry reaffirmed the democratic nature of the FLP, his leadership, and the FLP efforts,"along with the SDL and the UPP try and unite the nation as it treads the path back to democracy and constitutional rule via general elections."

 NEW PACIFIC PROFILE ON NZ's TV3. The Pacific Profile on 3News is under the ‘World’ tab on 3News online.

FNPF PAYOUT.The Fiji National Provident Fund last week paid 5%  interest to its active members totaling $135 million.

REGISTRATION BIOMETRICS, AVOIDING DOUBLE VOTING.  Municipal Advisory Councilors in the Central have been updated on the new Electronic Voter Registration System.The technical capacity involves the capturing of bio-metrics or facial photographs and thumbprints which would avoid any double voting. Those wishing to vote in the 2014 elections can only do so if their names are listed on the National Register of Voters for Elections. Voters must also be 18 years old, be a Fiji Citizen and present their birth certificate, passport, LTA or FNPF card. Where people do not have a birth certificate, the Elections Office can acquire birth records.  -- Based on MOI.

OFFICERS MUST RESIGN IF they wish to be candidates in the 2014 election.


Mahen "feathering the nest" Chaudhry said…
I prefer confused minds to corrupt ones like Mahen Chaudhry. This man has the gall to accuse others of "political vendetta" when he has expelled from the party anyone who dared raise a word against him. Surrounded himself with lightweights and 'yes-man', like his in-law, Sachida, whom he appointed senator in a nepotistic manner. Chaudhry has turned Labour into a family party with son Rajen the heir apparent. If anyone has been posing "as a political saint", it has been Chaudhry. Everybody knows how self-serving he has been in his political career, collecting funds in the name of the poor and stashing it in his private bank account. Talk about "feathering your nest" with $3m! . "Chaudhry reaffirmed the democratic nature of the FLP...hahaha! what a sick joke." The sooner this corrupt, nepotistic, tax-dodger departs the political scene, the better.

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