Two Comments on Mick Beddoes's Recent Statements

From Rajend Naidu in FijiToday
... and from Graham Davis in Grubsheet


Anonymous said…
As usual Davis hits the nail on the head.But I differ on one issue. This is not a stupid remark from a stupid man who once led a small party in a racist election. This is a carefully crafted statement intended to frustrate the constitutional process and destroy goodwill necessary to reform the democratic process.I would not be surprised if he and his racist cronies are planning to shove Ghai off the process because he gives it credibility. The whole treason issue seems to be a non event (which he knows) but if he can make it an event and persuade Yash Ghai to resign, well what a coup!!
Anonymous said…
So much pressure on Yash Ghai. The most from friends of his like Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi whose opposition to government policies is well known, from the international community on which Ghai relies for future work and consultancies, and from local diehards whose racism is wrapped up in democratic disguise. Is Ghai strong enough to withstand all that pressure?

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