FPCF Forum Launching Saturday

 This new site invites readers to comment on 30 constitution and election question.  I trust readers will use it and urge their friends to comment also. Make a start this Saturday and continue to write in as new ideas occur to you over the next few months.  Please note you will need to use your real name or a pseudonym. Without this, useful discussion between readers would be much restricted.  

By  presenting 30 questions, each on a separate issue, your answers will be grouped together, and collectively provide an important resource for information and ideas on each of the questions raised.      

You may also, of course, wish to comment about several things at one time and you should do so, on my blog and on FijiToday that I understand is starting a special section on the constitutional and electoral processes.  Or on the Fiji Constitution Submissions group in Facebook.  But if you do this, please take a little extra time to feed your ideas separately into the places they belong on the FPCF blog.  Vinaka.

The site address is www.fijipcforum.blogspot.com


Questionable Friends? said…
By friends of the junta, do you mean wonderful free democratic nations like North Korea which the junta has embraced with open arms?
Off With the Blinkers said…
To Questionable Friends:

I think by friends he also means UAE, Qatar, Oman and China, shining examples of democracy and fair governance, who remain Australia's and NZ's most lucrative trading partners.
Croz Walsh said…
Both of these comments have nothing to do with the posting on a new forum blog. I've no idea what they mean. Please make sure your comments are made on the relevant posting.
Lesley said…
They are just being silly Croz. They probably don't want elections at all and don't like the build up to the 2014 elections - for whatever reason.

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