Fiji at the UN: Small Country, Big Voice

The sight of Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Peter Thomson, chairing the General Assembly is yet another reminder that although Fiji is a relatively small country, it punches way above its weight. This week, Peter has been Acting President of the General Assembly, conducting the everyday business of the UN from the famous podium that has produced some of  history’s most memorable images – from Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat waving his pistol to Soviet leader Nikita Kruschev banging his shoe. Along with hundreds of speeches from everyone from Che Guevara to Nelson Mandela, from the Queen to Frank Bainimarama.
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Na Lawedua said…
I love the story about Peter Thompson in New York. When I was in New York in 2010 for a meeting of the Assembly of State Parties of the ICC, I saw that his personal charisma and professionalism had impacted directly on Fiji's standing in the UN. Fiji is very fortunate to have a citizen like him.
Get some integrity croz said…
Utter crap!

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