Another 'Democrat' Speaks Out

Enemy of the people has left a new comment on your post "News and Comments Friday June 1, 2014":

You are an enemy of the Fijian people. Come back to Fiji when it is free again and without your military thug protection and you will be dealt with accordingly. the treatment of gaddafi and his feral family was a wonderful example of how didctators and their families should be treated. Like gaddafi you only have a big mouth with guns behind you!


Real Violence is OK said…
I am really confused. You seem to get upset by threatening words on a blogsite and you try to imply that a lot of pro democrats in Fiji threaten violence to their opponents.

Yet you endorse and give your unqualified support to a dictator who has regularly had his opponents beaten up. Not just with threats but actual physical violence.

Is that Hypocrisy or What?
Cowards watch said…
Good for you, Croz, thumbing your nose at these idle threats from the same anonymous cowards we see time and again emerging from their stink pits. This is why the 2006 coup was necessary and why most Fijians enjoy seeing these liumuri on the run. Have to laugh when these thugs go on about the RFMF being thugs. They complain about getting cuffed when they rear their ugly heads but that's what they can expect if they dare show their faces. They won't because they are all lamusona, the lowest of the low.
what a joke said…
Oh come on, talk about defending the indefensible! What a complete crock, "R V is OK". Who said anyone condones what happens to any regime opponent? This is about a specific threat to Croz. This just shows how twisted people like you are. No moral compass at all. Totally pathetic. You are making excuses for a coward and a thug. Which makes you complicit.
Walker Texas Ranger said…
Where is the refuge of last resort against craven and cowardly bullies? Bullying in the name of democracy? Or...worse perhaps bullying in the name of Trans National Crime? This is the kind of bullying which knows no borders. What is required to secure a nation against the Bully Boys Without Borders? Ask yourselves that!
Real Violence is OK said…
@No Joke

I am not making excuses for anyone. Nowhere have Isaid it is ok to use or threaten violence. I was merely making the point that Croz gives his total support to a man who regularly uses violence. By supporting Bainimarama Croz is condoning the use of violence for political ends. I find it deeply hypocritical that he gets so upset by the threat of violence to himself but continues to support a man who uses actual violence.

In your words “Croz is making excuses for a coward and a thug, Bainimarama. Which makes him complicit.”

In my book threats of violence and violence are wrong. Simple as that.
In my book you never support someone who uses violence to get their way.
Dellusion of Grandeur said…
Bula Croz, how are you? I hope you print this comment, because time is running short for you and your supporters of the current regime. Yes when you scrape the bottom of the barrel to get your bidding done it is a sign of the future - leading nowhere. Vinaka
Paula said…
After six years of moving Fiji forward, what do we have today? A deeply divided society, perhaps more deeply divided that ever. With no public platform for open discourse, the level of discussions has fallen to unbelievable lows. On the one hand a state sponsored propaganda machine that churns out things like "we will hunt those down who distribute a video" and the like on the other people resort to empty threads and venom on the blogs. It does not look good for Fiji's future. The sad fact is, that historically, nothing good ever came out of a dictatorship, of a regime that bases its power on violence and intimidation. We have to start a serious open and civilized dialogue about the future of our country, we have to stop intimidation and RFMF officers should certainly refrain from using the hunting down language when it comes to the citizens they have sworn to protect.
Narcoville said…
@ Paula

The hunting down language needs to be applied daily, with robust application, to the Bully Boys Without Borders. They inhabit every nook and cranny of Fiji: have you noticed?

Or, not unlike Delusions of Grandeur, maybe you have not? If there is a single focus of activity which is impeding movement in the right direction - the right and just direction - it is this. Transnational Criminal Enterprise is driving out any other form of enterprise. The economy is tanking in consequence. The threats which daily emanate from these base, dastardly, recreant and renegade criminal hoods are beginning to undermine the last vestiges of hope for movement to a better place.

Those of you who have dissipated your energies in money laundering, drug dealing, cocaine heists,printing of counterfeit money, passport-manipulations through identity theft should consider this: your efforts have wrecked any democratic future worth having. You have exploited a flawed democracy and now you are wrecking the last ditch attempt to find a new one. You are moral bankrupts. Holler on as much as you choose about illegality. At the end of the day, the 'hoods' are winning this race. You have handed it to them on a plate: you are creators of the latest addition to Narcoville!
Anonymous said…
What evidence is there that our society is more divided now than it was? The hate blogs? This is an emotional assumption based on no forensic or statistical basis at all. Maybe the writer hates other ethnic groups more than he did before but that's his own personal demon, possibly fueled by loss of privilege.
Anonymous said…
Threats of violence for people who are expressing non violent views, are undemocratic. Threats of prosecution and investigation against people who fuel hatred for others are legitimate democratic expression. The guy who promises violence is always the thug. Democracy is just the cover for the illegitimate use of violence. On an anonymous blogsite, threats of violence are just cowardly and contemptible. Yet the so called democrats are silent in any condemnation of such cowardice. What a bunch of hypocrites.
The Way of the God-forsaken said…
'Threats of violence' is one thing. The reality of violence is quite another. That is why the threat must always be taken seriously. Violent language - the expression of violent thought - becomes a violent act.

In the past two weeks where two people were taken hostage for eight and a half hours, having been robbed and valuables removed from their home, their business interests threatened and all their staff traumatised, we must ask ourselves just this:

Why are we permitting such people to thrive in our midst?

Do we really choose to be free?

Or are we enslaved to violence as a Way of Life?

This is no Christian Way of Life. This is the way of the God-forsaken.
Hollering Hoods! said…
Hollering of the Hoods!

Muammar Qadafi and his so-termed feral family are greatly under-estimated here. After all, Colonel Qadafi ruled Libya and he controlled the adjacent territories in all manner of able ways for forty years. Including the transit of cocaine from the Three Guineas of W. Africa through Mali, Mauritania and Niger into Europe. Many of these countries have fallen to coups d'etat since Qadafi was dispensed with. Quite rapidly, in effect.

If we were SMART we would be asking ourselves why? Instead of issuing idle, hollering threats. By the way and as a rider: 'holler' is a US term with a pedigree back to 1699. Interesting that it is now the USA which is using drones to control the hoods and the terrorists in Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan/Pakistan border. Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has many tentacles. But the drones are also now introduced into Australia for use by the Federal and State Police. That should concentrate our feeble minds considerably. So much so, that threatening people will take a back-seat: fast!
Anonymous said…
Coup 4.5 is littered with racial slurs and threats of violence. Yet the NGOs like CCF are avid readers of the hate blogs. Hypocrisy indeed. Where is their condemnation of 4.5?

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