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Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

            Peace Park

Many years ago I used to visit a little park which is in a secluded place. It had nice benches and the park was about the size of one quarter of a football field or a bit smaller. There was a small swimming pool at one end where we used to go for a therapeutic dip.

Those who visited the park with me came there because they wanted to be alone to just sit and read a book or just sit with their eyes closed and meditate. Or just sit and do nothing.

The trees are neatly trimmed to fit the small park. And in my mind's eye I envisioned a little water fountain bubbling in the middle flowing off into the undergrowth and whispering to us all "be at peace, heal, be at peace."

People from all walks of life used to come there and people who could not walk had to be carried to this park to be at peace with nature and help overcome their stress or trauma.

Some were healing well and just needed to be alone. You see, this park is in the middle of somewhere sacred, well according to me, that is. It was surrounded by people all dressed in white and they all had smiles and were gentle with the recuperating souls. They spoke kind words and often came and sat with those who are looking for peace and time out from work, play and all the stresses of life.

Many came back time and again to find that link to a stress free life, that they seem to have lost. Sometimes when you have a traumatic experience all you need is to be at one with nature or your creator to return to a normal life.

Some even returned to the park to look for those who seemed to long for companionship. They used to go up to them and greet them and if they are accepted they'd sit and have a yarn about anything and everything. Or the recuperating soul simply reached out and took that person's hand and his or her eyes speak and say, "Let's just sit in silence." Many people returned to the park after having being healed. They returned to give comfort to those who were still there and to the new ones who had come in.

Stress is part of our lives and many of us need peace of mind. I know of so many people who are stressed out and I can tell by how they act. Snapping and cursing and trying to rush things. They simply need to go to a peace garden to sit and relax. They could even go to a quiet place in their home or garden and just relax.

But there is a peace garden that I went to, the one I've mentioned.  But sadly it is now fenced in and hardly  unused. The keepers of the park have kept the grass short and clean but the footpaths are covered by moss that this tells me the paths are now unused.

I hope the keepers of the park will read this and revive the park because it is a big loss to those who for various reasons need peace of mind and a place to heal.

And yes the park I talk about is within the walls and at the back of the Colonial War Memorial Hospital. For those who know the place and have some money to spare, would you help us liven up the place so that it can be put to good use once more if the keepers of the Peace Park agree?


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