GCC Goes But Chiefs Remain Crucial to Development

Lemeki Delainukunawa, an ethnic Fijian, please note,  wrote this on March 14th in Facebook's Fiji Economic Forum after the announcement that the Great Council of Chiefs was abolished.

IMHO (In my honest opinion), de-establishing the GCC doesn't mean the chiefs themselves are being removed. The GCC was just a body formed during colonial times for a certain purpose. It has gone past its use by date.

Chiefs themselves will be crucial to Fiji's future development. For example, on issues such as conservation, fight against drugs, crimes, rape, violence against women, etc, etc, chiefs are being engaged by government to lead the fight from the frontline.

The Tui Macuata leads or plays a crucial role in conservation projects and so forth in his province. Other chiefs in Kadavu, Navosa, Ba, are being approached or engaged by government to lead the fight against drugs in their provinces, fight against AIDS, fight against crimes, fight against rape, fight violence against women, etc, etc, etc. That is a much better proactive role for chiefs to use their position of authority and leadership directly working with government to create a better society for Fiji, better FIJIANS really.

Some of the comments around here are making the de-establishment of the GCC as if our chiefs or their influence are completely being removed from society. It boggles my mind that people do not even inquire as to what roles the chiefs are currently being used in by government to serve a much better useful purpose in our society. Pliz folks stand fast and think again and maybe get better informed for what the government is using the chiefs in.

The GCC has become a political detour for corrupt opportunists to garner support and this has fatefully made the GCC counter-productive to play a role for a truly democratic Fiji. Its no longer relevant in that manner.

Time for it to go, END of STORY.


Anonymous said…
what is quite galling, is that only people that are allowed to have a voice on the running of the country, who should have a say and who is valid to speak for others is the military which apparently is just okay by this blog. This would be the same army that is 99% itaukei and is run by the some of the most arrogant creatures this country has seen?

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