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FijiToday Still the Most Moderate. Vinaka, Peter

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Anonymous said…
ever heard the expression 'one swallow doesn't make a summer'. There is no doubt, perhaps just the like the Qarase administration there may be capable people.But wheras you tend to lable the whole period as run by racists who were corrupt, i am less inclined to thinkl this one instance does anything for the image of the regime, again, they have had more than five years to get 'their team' in shape unfettered by any democratic norms or accountability, and still they can't get their staff to function??
Anonymous said…
isn't this what he's paid for? how about we praise people, the vlounteers, where it isn't their job, who do great things for their own people and community!! Why do we single out one guy, because all the others and the leadership are that the measure in fiji?
Anonymous said…
Oh dear, he is frustrated...well so are we for the past six years, and we can't change it either. Looks like we will all live with disappointment and frustration. The difference? I won't end up on trial for mutiny and taking an illegal oath.

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