The Lord Giveth and the Lord Taketh Away?....

From a reader:
A brief comment on the lifting of PER and the Amendment to the Public Order Act.

I was hoping that the lifting of the PER would mean that universities in Fiji could carry out their proper functions without further restrictions.  However, my understanding is that if we hold lectures that are advertised to the public, under the new regulations we shall still have to obtain a police permit, but this time only from the local community police post. 

Does any reader know whether this is the case?


Anonymous said…
You must apply in writing at least seven days before the event to the local police post. However you may not recieve an answer for at least seven days. This makes organising and promoting a meeting very dificult. It may still be revoked at the discretion of any senior officer after it is fowarded to Police Headquarters.
Conditions may be imposed on the permit such as no political discussion and if it is decided that a police officer must be present it has been suggested that he may charge for his attendance.
A full synopsis of the reason for the meeting and what will be discussed must accompany the application.
I asked today about needing a permit for a private gathering of some ex political figures and was told a permit would be required as some of the people attending were known to the police.
you can see where this is heading said…
so the latest draconian decree (which makes the PER look like a PURR) and states the junta can do what it likes "including the use of arms to disperse illegal gatherings" are you most excited about?
Croz, you seem like a reasonable man? Do you sincerely think Fiji is moving forward under this dictatorship with such repressive and frightening decrees?
Three steps backwards said…
Thanks anonymous.

You, Father Barr and Rev Yabaki must be ecstatic at the progress the military junta is making in returning Fiji to democracy, freedom and return of the rule of law?
Kings said…
Problem is the Frank is not the lord and he mostly only take it away.

Any free and fair dialogue nether lone elections are looking very very unlikely.

You are free to speak and meet as long as it is to sing the praise of Frank and his achievements.

I assume you will be able to meet if you are part of team Frank for elections 2014 also.

Otherwise forget it. No opposition will be aloud.
To2014 said…
A simple question.....

Who will be allowed to contest the the 2014 election ?

SDL, Labour, NFP, former independents ?

Can anyone answer this please. Croz any ideas ?

AGforPMtoday said…

The removal of the PER is starting to look like window dressing to me and I had remained hopeful this would be a big step forward.

Has the PM become so paranoid about criticism he can't stand to hear anything other than his own self praise ? If so he is past his prime and should step down. The AG at least is prepared to debate topics with journalists ( albeit only overseas and censored here). I say let the AG have a go at being PM. Frank as commander or even president (and still commander) can keep the peace and this will show he is absolutely serious about a multi-racial Fiji.

The AG seems to carry most of the work load at any rate. Frank hold the most important portfolio of finance but realistically he would struggle to even to talk to any of the basics. Same for sugar.

Frank, if you rare serious about wanting nothing more than true democracy and a racist free Fiji then perhaps you should step aside. This would also show that your game this day one has not been power and money.
Anonymous said…
Dear Croz,

I know you want to wait and see and I do admire your patience and optimism. However if we look at the last two years there has been a big crack down on almost every previous freedom in Fiji. The RFMF in their government and civil service roles look very very comfortable. They are enjoying more pay and better opportunities than ever before. The effectively now run the police and even if they step out of line it is unlikely they will face the law...or face a very soft hand. My point to all this is there is not a lot of reason to create a environment of press freedom or freedom to assemble.....that could mean someone could disagree, oppose or undercover the cushy lives and corruption of the now all powerful RFMF.
Anyone have the answer said…
What I don't understand having read your postings since it was announced the PER would be lifted is if the PM is so anti coup, so pro multi racial Fiji then why did he not return Chaudry to power after having over come Speight ?
Not my lord said…
Frank is not my lord but he sure has taketh away a lot.
Anonymous said…
Our PM mostly taketh....usually for himself and his supporters.
sewesr said…

More accurate might be Frank taketh away (with PER) then giveth back just a little bit and mostly just so he can say the PER is gone !
yea yea said…
The Lord Giveth, Frank Taketh away?_

I'm pretty sure is was Frank not the good lord that took away basic human rights with his PER.

By the way we where always told it was temporary and because of a public emergency. Later we are told it was to make reform easier and now we see most of it becomes long term/permanant.
Anonymous said…

All public meeting require a permit. And what chances do you think the unions, SDL or FLP have of getting a permit ?
Anonymous said…
Lets be honest here. Our PM mostly giveth to those that have supported his coup. Think of all the RFMF men in public service positions now. And he mostly taketh away from anyone opposed to his coup and all previous appointments of the SDL multi party government.
Plan and truth said…
I think government could save a lot of time and money and stop wasting the international communities time by being honest.

They should come out and say.

1. under no circumstances will they allow any opposition to thier redorms, their rule or their laws.

2. unders no circumstances are anyone from previous governments or anyone the current government deems not suitable will participate in elections or hold positions of power

3. under no circumstances will the RFMF actions or current government ministers actions come under any scrutiny. They are above questioning and the law and will reamin so beyond even elections in 2014

4. we have a plan. only we can take Fiji forward. no one else
Why the fuss said…
I don't think readers are being fair here. Look at all the properity Frank has brought Fiji onver the last 5 years. He has fixed the suger industry as promised all the way back in Jan 2007 and everything is going well. Just look at the year on year GDP growth

2007 Negative 1.1%
2008 Negative 0.4%
2009 Negative 1.9%
2010 Negative 0.4%

And he has also exposed all the SDL corruption. I have listed all the SDL ministers that have been found guilty of corruption below...

So of course this government should continue to have the power to do as it wants and when it wants. It the best thing that has ever happened to us. Just ask them - they will tell you.

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