How a New Constitution Can Help

Constitutional Review: the Kenyan Experience
by Professor Yash Ghai and Jill Cottrell

Pacific Dialogue and the Fiji National University are pleased to invite you to a FREE public lecture.6pm, Thursday 26th January, FNU Raiwai Campus. Light refreshments will be provided.

Professor Ghai and Jill Cottrell are renowned constitutional scholars with significant experience in designing and advising on new constitutions around the world. In addition to chairing the Kenya Constitution Review Commission, Professor Ghai has published widely on the subject; he also helped to found the Citizens’ Constitutional Forum in Fiji.

Drawing particularly on the experience of Kenya, this lecture will discuss how the development of a new constitution can help to solve persistent problems within a country, including nation building, democratisation, ethics in public life, and social justice.

This is a rare and timely opportunity to gain insight into the process of constitution building, and should not be missed.

There will be a short Question and Answer session following the lecture.

For more information, please contact Pacific Dialogue: Telephone: 363 3095.


sara'ssista said…
despite the most recent political violence and ethnic conflict, i am not aware , since independence, where the Kenyan Military has intervened or orchestrated a coup on the elected government.
Ho Hum said…
More groupthink and rhetoric from junta apologists? Rubbish.
Ho Hum said…
More groupthink and rhetoric from junta apologists? Rubbish.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like a one of the past members of the racist regimes that cannot change the mindset. So if anyone has anything to contribute the thick layer of imperviousness will not not allow any good to penetrate their unthinking brains. These were the type of people to whom constitution meant nothing, if it failed to serve their selfish and corrupt motives. Trash the rubbish out and seek the sunlight for a change or rewind and replay the dirge because nothing is going to change.

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