Government Closed Down Military Schools

I must say I'm writing this post tongue in cheek but it does seem the anti-Government bloggers have missed a marvellous opportunity to exercise their ever fertile imaginations. A defenceless Education Department defied the might of the military late last year and ordering it to close its schools.  .

Why didn't we see headings like: 
                                    Military Forced to Back Down
                                   Educatonalists Stand Up to Military Goons
                                   Critics Defy Military Agenda
                                  Media Dares to Publish on Military Rebuff
                                  Dictator's Mob Surrenders
                                  David Defeats Goliath

Unfortunately it's now too late. The military have applied to the Higher Education Commission to permit the reopening of their higher education institutions that were closed because  they did not conform to new standards set by the Commission. They will only reopen  after the Commission gives them the green light.


Good start said…
Good start. Now all they need to do is close down the military. Put the wasted money into schools and hospitals, and rebuilding the rule of law.
Out with 'educationalists'! said…
We were always under the illusion that the term

Educationist - (noun derivative)

was just that. Where does 'educationalist' come from? An adjective posing as a noun? In a discussion concerning institutions of learning?

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