FLP Cautiouisly Welcomes PER Lift and Commonwealth Statement

 Cautious welcome to lifting of PER

The Fiji Labour Party cautiously welcomes the decision to lift the PER later this week to allow for political consultations on the new constitution.

As an obnoxious and repressive set of measures, the Public Emergency Regulations should never have happened.

However, the Party believes that simply lifting the PER is not enough. To be fully effective, it should be accompanied by the following:

• the restoration of full media freedom

• restoration of the Judiciary’s independence and the restrictions on its jurisprudence lifted

• Government accounts together with Auditor General’s reports must be published

• There must be absolute accountability and transparency in the affairs of the nation

• Ministerial salaries must be made public

• All abuses under the PER must be investigated and those found guilty, punished

Ed. Note: "Full" media freedom yes but only with a responsibility that was frequently lacking in the past. Indeed, trial by media (Fiji Times)  was a major factor that toppled the FLP-led government in 2000. How is the  judiciary not independent? Judges on more than one occasion have refused to be pressured by Government.  Accountability, transparency yes, starting by asking  Mahendra Chaudhry to explain how Indian donations finished up in his personal Australian bank account.

 Labour welcomes Commonwealth statement on PER

FLP welcomes the Commonwealth statement on the lifting of the PER and its offer to assist Fiji return to democratically elected government without further delay. 

In a statement issued 2 January 2012, Commonwealth Secretary-General Kamalesh Sharma, welcomed the announcement by the Fiji authorities to lift emergency laws in Fiji and to begin national consultations on a new constitution by February. 

Describing it as “a positive step that was long overdue”, Mr Sharma said the CMAG – the custodian of Commonwealth values and principles – had repeatedly urged the authorities in Fiji to lift the PER and respect the human rights of all its people. 

He hoped that the national consultations expected to begin in February 2012 “will be fully inclusive and time bound and that they will lead to a genuine national consensus on the constitution, clearing the way for credible elections and the return of a democratically elected government without further delay”. 

“The Commonwealth remains ready to engage as a partner and to extend assistance as appropriate towards these ends,” he said. 

Ed. Note: "Without further delay"?   Elections will be held in 2014 following constitutional (2012) and electoral (2013) reforms.  The Commnwealth and the FLP should accept this timetable.  Democracy is not justg about holding elections, and much work remains to be done before 2014.


Johnny-Come-Lately said…
Ha ha ha!...biggest joke is the Fiji Labour Party pontificating about media freedom, absolute accountability and transparency (ha ha ha!).

This is rich coming from a party led by Mahendra Chaudhry.

Do you think we have forgotten charges against you for tax evasion and alleged misappropriation of donations (supported by strong documentary evidence) you collected on behalf of the poor?

Does the Fiji Labour party think we are stupid?

Chaudhry as PM and as illegal finance minister was totally anti-media.

Chaudry's Labour insists Government accounts, including Auditor General’s reports, must be published.

It calls for "absolute accountability and transparency in the affairs of the nation" and wants Ministerial salaries to be made public".

Breathtaking stuff! Insults our intelligence.

How much transparency and accountability have Chaudhry and Labour Party displayed?

Instead of preaching "absolute" transparency and accountability, why can't Chaudhry and Labour set an example by fully disclosing how much in donations was collected on behalf of the poor and publishing how it was spent?

Nobody should hold their breath - this man ardently supported the coup, repressed media freedom, evaded taxes while pontificating against the practice and cracking down on other tax evaders (hypocrite).

He tried to use his authority as illegal finance minister to hide his financial details.

Now he and his Labour Party are pretending to be paragons of democracy, transparency and accountability.

How pathetic and low down is that?

This man is a consummate opportunist with no loyalties or morals.
Anonymous said…
Chaudhary has no shame and he thinks everyone is stupid and he can fool all the people all of the time and wants them to do as he says and not as he does. He never embraced democratic principles in running his FLP, there was no accountability and no transparency. During his term the Auditior-General's report was simply shelved, as in the case of previous Govts. If he wants publication of Auditor General's report then he should disclose why he failed to make full disclosure of money that he salted away in Australian banks. Hope there is no place for such people in any new democratically elected governments.
Anonymous said…
I hope FLP and SDL are not part of the proposed consultation process. Have to keep the Draculas away from the blood bank.
CharterChatter said…
it is fair to say that SDL, FLP, Unions and in fat anyone who may have offended or spoken out against the the coup or subsequent actions of this government will be excluded from consultations. Only those who are prepared to rubber stamp what is presented to them will be involved.

As to the public consultations they will be 'education' sessions more than consultations. Explaining and telling people what will happen.
Anonymous said…
Hit and run Chaudhry
Tea lady Chaudhry
Refugee Chaudhry...with $2m pension.

Dont listen to your Minister of Home Affairs Chaudhry

Arrogant Chaudhry!

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