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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

Fare Anomaly
I have to tell this story - when the taxi fare increase was imminent we were told that to calculate the new fare we simply had to multiply the old fare by two and subtract $1.50. My old fare was $3.00 from the Lautoka market to Kava Place, Waiyavi.  Using the calculation the new fare would be $4.50.

When is an Indian Not an Indian: an Old-New Story

I published an article When is an Indian Not an Indian on January 8. No one commented until last Tuesday 15 November, ten months after the article was published.  I found this remarkable and worthy  of comment in itself.  Someone had gone back ten months to find this article on an pretty obscure blog site. It's a reminder to all readers that many older articles and comments are not out of date.  They are as topical today as when they were first published, and are well worth a re-visit as you will realize when you read the comment and the article. The undeserved compliment by 'New Media' comes at a good time as another reader calls me a racist for criticising ethnic Fijian chiefs and political parties that have pursued a racist agenda. See It "looks likes racism to me"

Thesis on the Fiji Times Coverage of May 1999-May 2000: the FLP Government and the Speight Coup:

Read this abstract first, coutesy of AUT's Pacific Media Centre .

If This is True, Government Credibility Demands the Culprits Face Court Charges

Coup4.5 has published a detailed account by US businessman Ken Honig of alleged harassment by Fiji biosecurity arising from their claim that he illegally imported an iguana lizard and set it lose on his 70-acre property on Qamea Island, to the east of Taveuni. His story was also briefly reported by RadioNZInternational. 

The Biosecurity claim was apparently based on the evidence of his former property manager, Jo Kolinibarava, who he had been trying to dismiss for thieving and other offences and Jerry Surumi, Naivivi village manager who, according to Honig, also stole from his property.

Government and Adi Teimumu Clarify Their Positions

WEEKEND READING.  Don't miss out on the Weekend Reading. Most articles will be published at  9:00am Saturday, and one, A Letter to Sugasini Kandiah from Guy Threllfell, at 1:00 pm Sunday. See details in previous posting.

Adi Teimumu Kepa (b.1945),  high chief of Rewa, paramount chief of the Burebasaga confederacy and a cabinet minister in the deposed Qarase Government, clarifies her position on why she, and Rewa, do not support the Bainimarama Government. Her remarks were made at Thursday's Rewa Provincial Council meeting where she reiterated that she would not support Government or the People's Charter.  Governmment then suspended further meetings. The Government's position, expressed by LtCol Neumi Leweni, was reported in the Fiji Times , the main parts of which read:

Radio NZ International's Dirty Trick

RadioNZI persists, despite denials, that the Fiji Government is phonetapping, and has now pushed the accusation to a new level by repeating Ratu Tevita's claim about phonetapping in 2007 (sic!);  by citing unionist "Mr Urai, who was released on bail last week (who said he'd) "heard from a government minister that a team in the military works full time on tracing calls";  by citing "an associate professor for Information Science at the University of Otago, Hank Wolfe, (who) says it’s not difficult for phone companies to tap into phone calls; and by accusing Vodafone Fiji of "leak(ing) emails to a blogger" — me.

Tap, Tap, No Tap. End of Story.

Postscript17.11.11. Bridget of RNZI rang me this morning to say she received a reply from Vodafone (stating they had nothing more to add to their earlier statement) but that RNZI had not received the Vodafone emails posted below. She disagreed with my statement that the second email enquiry had asked nothing different from their ealier questions and, on reflection, I have to agree.  I trust this postscript clarifies the situation and is fair to all parties.
 --- RadioNZInternational is to be congratulated in seeking an official comment from Fiji on Ratu Mara's claim about phone tapping (many others don't bother), but why do they persist with a story that has already been denied?
I would feel happier about RadioNZI if they sometimes — just sometimes —  published news about Fiji that was not influenced by political considerations, and if their sources were from Fiji, and not,  as they now seem to be, from  Ratu Mara, others of like mind, and the overseas-based anti-Bainimarama go…

News and Comments Wednesday 16 November 2011

Explanatory note: One can disagree with a court judgement but questioning the integrity of a judge, the judgment, or the judiciary, is unacceptable and liable to prosecution in Fiji as it is in all Western democracies.

Government has announced that the Attorney-General and Minister for Justice Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has been granted leave to initiate proceedings for contempt of court against the Fiji Times Limited, the Fiji Times Editor Fred Wesley, and the Fiji Times Publisher Brian O’Flaherty.

The offending article, “FIFA probes Doc,” appeared in the Monday, 07 November, 2011 edition of the Fiji Times. Statements in the article questioned the existence of a judiciary in Fiji, potentially undermining the public’s confidence in the administration of justice, and potentially damaging the integrity of the enforcement of justice.

The Attorney-General commented, “It is my responsibility to protect the independence of the courts, as the Fijian Governme…

Depression Could Become Cyclone

It "Looks Like Racism to Me"

A comment on my "Muslims are Taking Over Fiji" article.

    @Croz You talk about "Fijian leaders" and `some Fijian parties" pursuing racist fears over fifty years. These sweeping generalisations about the leaders of a particular race look like racism to me. I

In 1977 or 1978 Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara introduced and won support for the the amendment of the Agricultural Landlords and Tenants Ordinance to increase the term of agricultural leases from 10 to 30 years. All existing leases were extended by a further twenty years. To pass this legislation he had to win the support of the Great Council of Chiefs (as required by the Constitution.) How does your claim that Fijian leaders were consistently claiming over 50 years that "'Indians have been planning to take away Fijian land" fit with this fact?

The National Federation Party leaders repaid the courage and vision of Ratu Mara in the 1982 elections by showing the famous Four Corners program on t…