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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

Is All Well?
Talking about corporal punishment in school is like flogging a dead horse. But I’ll flog anyway. Now that schools cannot use the cane or strap, have we introduced other forms of punishment? If so, I would like to know what they are.

Or perhaps our kids are now better behaved than when I was in school. I left school in 1976 and the cane and the strap used to warm our behinds a lot.

Have our students become gentlemen and women, adhering to virtues and principles we of the 70s were bright up on? Are there no more petty theft in schools. That is just to name a few things.

Perhaps the ministry of Education could do a survey, to determine that all is well.

"Return to Sender, Address Unknown": What Some Readers Think

By Crosbie Walsh
A distinctive and most valuable feature of this blog is the comments made by readers. Almost all are politely expressed and informative, irrespective of political viewpoint, and only rarely do I need to block personally insulting, libellous, racist or repetitive comments. Sometimes, to give them more prominence, I publish them on the main page, and occasionally I also use the main page to answer several comments.

This posting does both, first with Sidelines in Viti Levu's comments, and then with a roundup of the phonetapping issue and a further comment in reply to "Fair's Fair" and Wadan's use of Coup4.5 to publish his views that in some ways is a follow on from Sidelines.

Time for a New Policy Approach to Fiji?

Published in the Diplomatic Courier, the global affairs magazine that connects the diplomatic and policy establishment to the next generation of leaders in diplomacy and foreign policy.
Written by Nicole Forrester and Eddie Walsh, Guest Contributors | 08 November 2011
For more than two decades, Fiji has endured a coup culture. During the latest military coup in 2006, Commodore Bainimarama removed Prime Minister Qarase’s duly elected democratic government. Since then, Australia has actively leveraged its bilateral and regional influence to urge Bainimarama’s Interim Government to hold free and fair elections. The regime's failure to return to democracy has led to Fiji’s suspension from the Pacific Islands Forum and the Commonwealth.

Super Yachts Super Idea


A policy dialogue paper prepared by the Marine Operators Sub Committee of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association in association with Sustainable Tourism International Ltd reveals a positive trend and high economic potential of the yachting industry for Fiji.

The presentation by John Philips of the  Yachting Tourism of Fiji highlighted a positive trend as well as the high economic potential of the industry towards Fiji’s growth. Prepared in 2010,  it is the first ever written document exclusively analyzing the yachting tourism sector in Fiji and also revealed positive trends of the yachting sector.

News and Comments Friday 11 November 2011

WEEKEND READING. • Allen Lockington Column • Return to Sender Address Unknown: What some readers think • Time for a New Policy Approach on Fiji? • Super Yachts Super Idea
ANTHONY. Trade unionist Felix Anthony was released from police custody yesterday
afternoon but may be brought in again for questioning if the need arises.-- Based onNo:2054/MOI.

CHINA NOT NEW IN FIJI. UN Ambassador Winston  Thompson is asking why the talk about China’sgrowing dominance. He says China's diplomatic and development presence has been in Fiji
for 40 years. “I think their intentions are development oriented. They want to benefit
from trade and development possibilities from the economic zone – the exploitation of
the seas around us and the mineral resources on land.” Taiwan also is in Fiji, not in a
diplomatic capacity but as a trade partner.

GOVERNMENT AND THE NEW TAXI FARES.  Government has made two official releases on the new increased taxi fares. The first (No:2056/AG) said there has not …

The Muslim Plot to Take Over Fiji

Throughout human history racial and religious differences have been used to rally support. For at least 50 years Fijian leaders have claimed Indians have been planning to take away Fijian land. It suited some Fijian parties to make this claim.  It won votes even if it had no substance in fact. It also took attention away from what the politicians, and those they most closely represented, were doing to help themselves.  The stories of a Muslim plot to take over Fiji, and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum's part in the plot,  is therefore no surprise. It is merely a variant on the earlier use of  racism: playing on  the fear that those who are different are threats to society and the legitimate claims of other citizens.

Fiji's "Cancerous Conspiracy of Silence"

Prof Wadan Narsey's use of Coup4.5 as the vehicle by which to publish his recent Fiji’s cancerous conspiracies of silence: an expose  article has drawn comment from both sides of the political divide. Some, such as Graham Davis, have also berated Wadan's slurs on the characters of moderate people in Fiji such as the Rev. Akuila Yabaki; others such as "Choice I think not" on my blog yesterday, asked: "And where else might Narsey express his views? PER and government extreme sensitivity to any criticism give him little other choice" (but to publish in Coup 4.5).

On the Alleged Phone tapping: Some Facts at Last

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Ratu Mara's Latest Accusation: The Evolution of hi...":

Croz , I am an ex telecom enginner and I can inform you that neither Telecom nor Vodafone have any capability to monitor calls . I dont know about Digicel - they might or might not, I am not sure.
This facility to monitor, record and track calls is worth few hundred thousands dollar investment and it's never been done during my stay till I took my retirement package early this year.

Ratu Mara's Latest Accusation: The Evolution of his Phonetapping Story

Email from Radio NZInternational to Vodofone,  Fiji  4 November 2011

Hi, I spoke to the former Fiji army colonel Tevita Mara this morning.

He says that the internet and phones including mobiles are tapped across Fiji and he named Vodafone as the main company involved in it and says CEO Aslam Khan is a close associate of Mr Bainimarama.

He says he was present for Bainimarama reviewing transcripts of Fijians' private conversations.

News and Comments Monday 7 November 2011

IMF CONFIRMS FIJI ECONOMY ON THE MEND. The International Monetary Fund, previously doubtful of Fiji's chances of economic recovery, now thinks the economy is on an "upward trend." Visiting official Dr Koshy Mathai spoke highly of government reforms, tourism sector performance and the "recovery of sugar cane production."

“The data we have this year has given us a totally different picture of the situation. The last time the team came was in November 2010 and the sugar industry was at one of its lowest but this year we were fortunate enough to be in the west and talk to some of the farmers and the sugar stakeholders and everyone is so positive,” he said.

“We are very pleased to hear some of the reforms that the Fijian Government is doing and we have met with a lot of people over the last two weeks and they have given us a lot of positive feedbacks on what the government has done in respect to the land policies, infrastructure, civil service reforms, public…