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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.
Kick Off Time a Worry
I wondered why the semi finals of the rugby world cup were starting at 8 pm, and then I read that the delay is to cater for the European TV audiences.  And ABs head coach says that he is worried because he is usually asleep by that time. The delayed start time is interesting because of the power of the fans.
I had to laugh at the report that said Graham Henry would have to be woken up when the game started. Players who live in the southern hemisphere may be affected by the late start because according to their biological clock their body would be tiring and about to go to sleep around that time. And this could affect their game.
The power of the audience is supreme a…

Pacific Media Freedom 2011: A Status Report

Click below to quickly download the full report.  There is a lengthy section on Fiji.

Indonesian repression in West Papua. Cartoon: © Malcolm Evans / PJR Alex Perrottet, David Robie, Pacific Journalism ReviewWednesday, October 12, 2011 Perrottet, A., and Robie, D. (2011). Pacific media freedom 2011: A status report.Pacific Journalism Review, 17(2): 147-186. ISSN 1023-9499
DownloadPJR Pacific media freedom report 2011 AbstractPacific media freedom has been under siege for more than a decade, particularly since an attempted coup in Fiji in May 2000, when a television station was attacked and ransacked, a foreign journalist was shot and wounded and a local journalist ended up being imprisoned for treason. Since then various Pacific countries, notably Fiji, Papua New Guinea, Tonga and Vanuatu have faced various periods of media repression. Since the military coup in December 2006, Fiji has faced arguably its worst sustained pressure on the media since the original two Rabuka coups in …

West Papua Replaces Fiji as Biggest Threat to Pacific Media Freedom

West Papua ‘biggest threat’ to Pacific media freedom, says PJR report. The killing and abduction of journalists in Indonesian-occupied West Papua has been highlighted in a special new report on
Pacific media freedom over the past year by Pacific Journalism Review.

News and Comments Friday 21 October 2011

WEEKEND READING. • Allen Lockington column • Pacific Media Freedom 2011: A Status Report  • West Papua Replaces Fiji as Biggest Threat to Pacific Media Freedom
DAYLIGHT SAVING. Members of the public are reminded to change their time to one hour in advance at 2am to 3am this Sunday October 23, and one hour back at 3am to 2am on February 26 next year. 
SENIOR CITIZENS' PARK.Fiji’s first senior citizen park at Thurston Gardens has officially been handed over to the Ministry of Social Welfare by the Rotary Club, Suva. The Park that cost around $40,000 to develop was a culmination of the collaborative effort between the Rotary Club of Suva, the Suva City Council and the Ministry of Social Welfare.The Senior Citizen Park is expected to have ongoing upgrades over time with the construction of walkways, benches and chairs.

. Government has approved the payment of a $1.6 million bonus for six state-owned enterprises that have performed &quo…

News and Comments Wednesday 19 October 2011


IS THE OVERSEAS MEDIA ONE-SIDED? Listen to, or read, Radio Australia's   Bruce Hill interviewing Fiji-resident Vivien Mitchell and NZ Coalition for Democracy in Fiji spokesman Nik Naidu.

NO DEPARTURES WITHOUT MEETING BOND CONDITIONS. Two former recipients of the iTaukei Affairs Board scholarships were stopped from leaving the country at the Nadi International Airport last week.

BAINIMARAMA IN CHINA. In Shanghai the PM has been shown a wide range of applications ranging from e-Health, e-security, e-Public Service and e-Education products that could be useful to Fiji. The PM has also met with the Chairman of the Chinese firm that will mine bauxite in NW Bua.

AIR PACIFIC STARTS FLEET RENEWAL. The new B737-800 plane for Fiji's international carrier, Air Pacific has arrived in the country and airline CEO, Dave Pflieger said this is the first step in their fleet renewal process.

... BUT MAY THREATEN EXPORTS. Cargo will be less as Air Pacific moves away from wide body jets going …

Watershed in Australian-Fiji Relations

Fiji requires our help now: the time is right by: Anthony Bergin, Richard Herr and Mark Johnson From:The AustralianOctober 18, 201112:00AM A WATERSHED is looming for Australian-Fiji relations. At the end of the month, Julia Gillard will host the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in Perth. This will be Canberra's significant opportunity to take a new tack on relations with Fiji before that country's government begins the political phase of its roadmap for a return to parliamentary democracy in 2014.

It is now clear that once the process begins, Fiji Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama will hold fast to his own schedule just as firmly as he has done with the earlier phases of the roadmap laid down in July 2009.
Australia has failed to make any impression on the course of Fiji's return to democracy since the December 2006 military coup. In fact, Australia largely created the diplomatic vacuum that has given us negligible influen…