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Some tables from the Lowy/Tebbutt poll

STOP PRESS.  And an article on the poll by Graham Davis in Grubsheet. 

I published a substantial article on this poll three weeks ago "The People have Spoken: Methodology Sound" in which I made the point that government opponents would seek to trivialise the poll results, mainly on the grounds of its methodology and the conditions under which it was carried out. Dr Jon Fraenkel's article in The Australian is the latest. I print some of the poll table results here to show the wide range of responses and disagreement with government on some topics.  Media censorship and a so-called "climate of fear" may, as opponents claim, have influenced the results to some extent but the results (as the tables show) display a wide range of opinions not consistent with misinformation or intimidation. Opponents also fail to heed Jenny Hayward-Jones of the Lowy Institute that commissioned the poll.  She'd hoped, and expected, the poll would have shown pubic opposition to the B…

Arrests Not Helpful to Fiji's Image But ...

By Crosbie Walsh 

Two arrests and one banning have made headlines recently. In Fiji, Shalend Scott, a Fiji-born and Australian citizen, Air Pacific pilot and secretary of the Fiji Airline Pilots' Association, was arrested and charged with unlawful access to documents that disclosed Air Pacific's purported involvement in the drafting of the Essential Industries Decree. Second, Sri Lanka-born and NZ citizen IT specialist Jagath Karunaratne is in police custody for questioning. No charges have yet been made but it is thought they could relate to his alleged part in the recent graffiti campaign against the Government.  And, last and somewhat less reported, here in NZ veteran left-wing radio commentator and TV host Martyn “Bomber” Bradbury has been banned from Radio New Zealand for what RNZ said was his “over the top” criticism of Prime Minister John Key.
The Fiji arrests are not good news because they will be used to back up other accusations against the Fiji government.

Government and the Media by Sharon Smith-John

Sharon Smith-John's address to the Fiji Literary Festival, Nadi, October 2 – 9, 2011

Good morning.
I’d like to thank the organizers for having me here to today to speak at Fiji’s first Writers Literary Festival! When I was invited to speak today, I immediately went back years to when I started off in the media industry.
“Media Partners in a new vision for Fiji”!  That’s the topic that I’ve been asked to speak on and its an issue that all of us here today are passionate about.  As someone who used to work in the media industry it brings home the incredible reality of how powerful the media is…and it’s true! Rupert Murdoch was described as someone whose empire influenced the making and breaking of leaders. However that was tested recently with News of the World having to close down. That aside, the subject that I’ve been asked to speak on recognises that the media plays if not a crucial then a powerful role in our society.

Media Censorship in Singapore and Fiji

Censorship v. Self-censorship: Press Control 
in Fiji and Singapore
Dr Marc Edge's  address to the Fiji Literary Festival, Nadi, October 2 – 9, 2011 Dr Edge is head of the journalism programme at the University of the South Pacific, Suva. See Bio at end of the article.
Constraints imposed on the press in Fiji under the 2010 Media Decree have been compared with the system of press control in Singapore. The two systems are, however, quite different. Fiji imposed censorship and criminalized journalism ethics, while the more sophisticated system of press control that has evolved over the past 50 years in Singapore sees journalists exercise self-censorship. The press in Singapore was brought to heel over a period of decades by founding prime minister Lee Kuan Yew through regulation, licensing, and legal intimidation. Fiji’s press system is still evolving, but its use of prior restraint on publication and criminalization of journalism ethics are measures to which Singapore never re…

News and Comments Friday 14 October 2011

WEEKEND READING. • Allen Lockington Column.  • Croz Walsh on two recent arrests
• Sharon Smith-John writes on Censorship and the Media and • Marc Edge compares Media Censorship in Singapore and Fiji

Police clamp down on bad cops The Fiji Police Force will continue to clamp down on corrupt police officers says Police Commissioner Brigadier General, Iowane Naivalurua. Naivalurua says these officers will be removed if they can’t change. 
He says there are endless stories of police officers who are portraying a bad image of the force. 
“We have stories and stories of bad cops, crocked [crooked?] cops, negative cops and we still want them within the force. You have my assurance this morning that we are trying our best to straighten these things out but we will never have a genuine honest relationship with these people around.* Simply the bottom line here is this - we have no place for bad officers within the force, corrupt officers within the force and insensitive officers wit…

News and Comments Thursday 13 October 2011

"Canberra continues to hold out that it has succeeded in politically isolating the Fiji Government - but it has only succeeded in doing so in the two organisations in which it exerts over-weaning influence - the Commonwealth and PIF - and large numbers of the Member States of both organisations have told Fiji privately and publicly that they don't agree with the policy of suspending engagement with the Fiji Government.  All of them attribute Fiji's unhelpful suspension from these two bodies to the influence of Australia.

"How can Fiji be described as "politically isolated"
when it is Chair of MSG (95% of the land and resources of PSIDS); when Government Leaders from China to Georgia, from Papua New Guinea to Kiribati, come to Fiji to pay their respects; when Fiji has been welcomed into the 120-nation Non-Aligned Movement; when in the margins of UN General Assembly Fiji attended Ministerial meetings …


News and Comments Tuesday 11 October 2011

PRESIDENT OBAMA CONGRATULATES FIJI. US President Barack Obama has sent a message to the people of Fiji congratulating them on the occasion of the 41st anniversary of Fiji’s independence.

The President said the people of Fiji and the US share a commitment to peace, freedom, the rule of law and democratic ideals, and it is through this commitment that the two countries have built a relationship based on trust and mutual respect. He pledged that the US will  "stand with the people of Fiji as they strive to these ideals" and said the bond will strengthen "as the people of Fiji continue to pursue a brighter future."

. Outgoing  Solomons Islands High Commissioner Moses Kouni Mose says the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) was set up to complement the work of the Pacific Islands Forum, not to compete with it, and with Fiji at the helm, its future looks promising. Mose believes Fiji has much to contribute to the Pacific. With its "vast exper… - Fiji's home on the world wide web

Fiji Day 10 October 2011