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Fiji issue at the Forum? Democracy is a ‘done deal’ in the Pacific, says Key

Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

Let's Enlighten Our People
Our people live all over the world and every time a foreign ship calls into Fiji you can be sure there will be lots of personal effects sent by people to their relatives and friends in Fiji. Churches, charitable organisations, sports teams and schools, get sent similar goods. For friends and relatives who receive the boxes of goodies, it is always a wonderful time. Many live in villages and live well below the poverty line.  Goods that are often sent consist of clothes, shoes, cutlery, pots and pans, electrical items, toiletries, perfume, bath and washing soap, toilet paper, brush cutters, garden implements  and the best of all is food items. I have seen large jars …

Lessons from Britain?

The moral decay of our society is as bad at the top as the bottom By Peter ObornePolitics  in the Telegraph. Last updated: August 11th, 2011
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Tottenham ablaze: the riots began early on Sunday (Photo: AP) David Cameron, Ed Miliband and the entire British political class came together yesterday to denounce the rioters. They were of course right to say that the actions of these looters, arsonists and muggers were abhorrent and criminal, and that the police should be given more support.

News and Editor's Comments Friday 12.8.11

Friday 12.8.11
Anti-Bainimarama government supporters constantly claim a lack of balance on this website. The accusation is not true. When the 'good' news from Fiji is not reported, I publish it. Credit is given when credit is due. When there's nothing but 'bad' news, it is reported also, as today's postings show. 
My assessment of the current situation is that Government could be risking all that has been gained from nearly five years of lofty ideals, hard work and sacrifice. They are passing the ball to their opponents, many of whom have far less lofty ideals.  Government would quickly regain lost ground if it were to lift (or at least significantly modify) PER, re-think the Essential Industries Decree, and urge the FNPF to implement its reforms as gently as possible.

TRADE UNIONS NOT BANNED BUT ... The A-G is absolutely right in saying that trade unions are not banned by the new Essential National Industries Employment Decree which some have claimed is a viola…

News and Editor's Comments

Thursday 11.8.11

I DON'T GET THIS. Two readers informed me FijiLive had pulled its story about the ILO visit five hours after it was published.  The implication was the item had been censored. One reader speculated Government would not allow the ILO team in the country. This is how rumour and speculation gather momentum.
    But then the same FijiLive published another item with the A-G confirming the ILO visit. So whatever this was all about, it couldn't be censorship. The A-G's  says the ILO team is "coming to Fiji tomorrow to meet with Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and various stakeholders to clarify issues relating to trade unions."
   I think the ILO team will want more than clarification of what the A-G claimed to be "misinformation that has been spreading by individuals who have got self interest.” Several clauses in the  recently passed employment decree are said to be in breach of ILO resolutions to which Fiji is a signatory.  

Begging to Differ: Hallmark of Democracy

My publication of the Fraenkel-Davis discussion on ABC has attracted a large number of comments which, of course, is excellent.  It is excellent because they come from different perspectives and most are well informed and honestly expressed.

It is precisely this sort of public discussion that is so very much needed in Fiji, but which for the moment is unfortunately not possible because of the PER regulations and Government’s apparent unwillingness to really listen to others who also want a better Fiji.  One can only hope that they will come to recognize the dangers inherent this position before it is too late. I have singled out three comments because they illustrate a different approach to logic (by “Sitting n the fence” and Graham Davis) and the importance,  shown by the comment from “Bushmoko”  of not limiting one’s view of the present to a  a single or even multiple current “snap shots.” A longer, broader perspective is always necessary.
“Sitting on the fence” echoes the opinions of…

News and Editor's Comments Wednesday 10.8.11

Wednesday 10.8.11

ILO HIGH LEVEL DELEGATION TO FIJI.The International Labour Organisation is sending a high level delegation to Fiji after last week’s new decree which unionists say threatens their freedoms.
     ILO Director General, Juan Somavia as expressed serious concern about the law aimed at essential national industries and the arrest of two trade unionists.The ILO says these developments come on top of long-standing ILO concerns about the exercise of trade union rights in Fiji.
     In a statement Mr Somavia says the delegation’s being sent because of the grave situation in Fiji and the threat it could deteriorate further.He wants to find out how the ILO can help all parties involved.-- Radio NZI.
SOLOMON ISLAND PM SNUBS MARA. PM Danny Philip has snubbed the request by Fijian fugitive Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara saying his Government will not entertain any official dialogue with Ratu Mara if he visits the country.
     Regarding the chairmanship of the Melanesian Spearhead Grou…

News and Editor's Comments Tuesday 9.8.11

Tuesday 9.8.11

FRAENKEL AND DAVIS. More from  Graham Davis's Grubsheet.
ESSENTIAL INDUSTRIES YES; ESSENTIAL DECREE NO. "The Decree which affects the unions (essential industries 035) is extremely serious and undermines the Employment Relations Bill, the Employment Relations Advisor Board (as well as its legal subcommittee work on some changes to the ERP) and the Wages Councils.  I was told by a lawyer that it also violates a number of ILO conventions Fiji has signed on to.  It is definitely anti-union but pro-business, pro-investor, pro-rich.  I understand that some of the AG's advisors have been the usual suspects who form the business lobby who fought against wages etc. The AG has gone far too far. He is very adept in glossing over the nasty parts of the decree to make it sound feasible and to the benefit of Fiji."
A LITTLE STORY. Just Imagine. When you need your home and children protected against thieves, robbers and intruders you normally get a good strong dog to r…

News and Editor's Comments Monday 8.8.11

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DIFFERENT VIEWS ON FIJI AND AUSTRALIA AND OTHER ISSUES. For  a discussion on this and other Fiji issues, listen to Graham Davis and Jon Fraenkelon Radio Australia.
FIJI'S ECONOMIC RATING IMPROVES. Standard and Poor has upgraded its rating for Fiji.  For foreign currency long term sovereign credit up to B from B-;  for foreign currency short-term rating to B from C; and foreign currency to B/stable from B /positive. The report noted the continued improvements to Fiji's external position and the reduction in the current account deficit. This will further assist Fiji's external position to improve as the level of foreign reserves increases. Government is hoping the new ratings will encourage investor confidence. -- Based on:1568/MOI) 
FIJI OUR NEIGHBOUR - OUR CONCERN. Darien Fenton  writes in the NZ Labour Party website, Red Alert, in support of the the Fiji unionists led by Felix Anthony and Daniel Urai. Read what he has to say.