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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Weekend Reading  • Allen Lockington Column • What to Do with the Military by Peter Firkins  • New Lawyers' Admisssion Ceremony Address • The Julian Moti Saga •  The Last Few Weeks by Crosbie Walsh (possibly Sunday; probably next week).
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Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

Empowering Our Nurses It was reported (FT 21/4) ‘unfit’ nurses were required to undergo diet and training programs.  Public health workers were required to undergo compulsory medical screening when renewing their contracts. And those who were obese, suffer from risks of cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and cancer would be requ…

'Peter Firkins's Ideas on What to Do with the Military

Dreaming about a stable Fiji without the military albatross around our neck.fijitoday | August 4, 2011 at 2:05 pm | Tags: Bainimarama, Debt, economy, election, Fiji, military, police | Categories: Censorship, Coup, Economy, Elections, fiji coup, Military/Police | URL:  By 2020 the Fiji Military should be a ceremonial force only.An opinion piece by Peter Firkin
In the future no immunities.
Let’s look into the future when Fiji has a new constitution and new democratically elected government and concentrate on how we stop a recurrence of the repeated cycle of military coups.
There will be no elections without handing out immunities to all those who have committed crimes in the process of removing an elected government.  Why would you give up control if you were then arrested and jailed?
These immunities have become accepted as part of the “normal method” of ending a coup and would have been factored into the thinking of all the various coup perpetrators.  Ap…

New Lawyers' Admissions Ceremony Address 5.8.2011

I thought some readers would find this interesting.
Address by the Presiding Judge Mr Justice Anthony Gates, Chief Justice, at the Admissions Ceremony for the newly admitted Legal Practitioners for Fiji, at Suva, Fiji, 5th August 2011

The Julian Moti Saga

I haven't published anything about the Moti saga before because it is not directly relevant to Fiji, but he is Fiji-born and the case does ask serious questions about Australia's rather heavy hand in Pacific affairs.  
      O'Connor's article was published on a socialist website which would immediately make it suspect for some readers, though why it should be more suspect than an opinion piece from another perspective, I really do not know.  
     But then, I've lost a lot of faith in the so-called independent and balanced media since I started this blog three years ago.Happy reading. Croz

Minister McCully on Fiji, the Forum and the World Cup

Pacific talks won't dwell on Fiji: McCullyTamara McLean, AAP South Pacific Correspondent
August 4, 2011 - 3:54PM . AAP

Upcoming Pacific regional talks won't dwell on the problematic issue of Fiji's military regime and its lack of progress towards democratic elections, New Zealand's foreign minister says.
Pacific leaders will converge on Auckland next month to celebrate 40 years of what Murray McCully called "regional unity and togetherness".

Missing from that united front, however, is the largest and most powerful South Pacific island nation, Fiji,

News and Editor's Comments Friday 5.8.11

Weekend Reading  • Allen Lockington Column • What to Do with the Military by Peter Firkins   • The Julian Moti Saga •  The Last Few Weeks by Crosbie Walsh (probably later Saturday/Sunday)

Friday 5.8.11
FIJI AMBASSADOR A UN VP.Fiji’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Peter Thomson has been elected as one of 21 elected vice-presidents for the 66th session of the UN General Assembly that will run for one year from 13 September. The vice-presidents are members of the UN’s general committee, chaired by the President of the General Assembly, that deals with procedural and organisational matters of the assembly’s session. -- Based on No.1562/MOFA.
UNIONISTS CHARGED with breaking PER.  Daniel Urai and Dinesh Gounder were charged yesterday for conducting a union meeting without a permit as required in the Public Emergency Regulations (PER). And so the Government-Union standoff escalates.
MORE ON THE METHODIST ANNUAL CONFERENCE. Yesterday, I applauded Government'…

FNPF: A Disappointed Reader

peter said...
It is disappointing to read your views on FNPF.
You also appear to unaware of the Fund’s current revised proposal to phase in the cuts over time and shelter the lower pension sum recipients? Please see

News and Editor's Comments Thursday 4.8.11

 Thursday 4.8.11
METHODIST ANNUAL CONFERENCE. When Methodist-Government relations were at an all time low, it was expected permission would not be granted to hold the usual three day Annual Conference until 2014. The Church asked this year that the one day time be extended to 24 hours. Approval was given for the conference to be held in Suva from August 23-25, with eight hour sessions each day to total the 24 hours requested. The choir and soli competitions, however, are still on hold this year.
STOP UNDERMINING PROGRESS. The PM says that government efforts to make opportunities available for all citizens are being undermined by a few individuals. He said  "misinformation and factually incorrect information about Government is mischievous and is being promoted by a disgruntled few who have a lot to lose when the ordinary citizens benefit the most." And  he again urged people to contact his office or a Government Department if they have any "issues."
    This is fine,…

Essential National Industries Employment Decree gazetted

No strikes, job actions, sick outs, slowdowns or other financially or operationally harmful activities shall be permitted at any time for any reason for designated corporations under the new Essential National Industries Employment Decree.

News and Editor's Comments Wednesday 3.8.11

Wednesday 3.8.11
RAMADAN STARTS. With the appearance of the new moon, Muslims around the world are observing Ramadan, the holiest month on the Islamic calendar when they are expected to fast and abstain from smoking and sex from dawn until sunset. They also adhere to a broader definition of self-restraint that includes focusing on a re-evaluation of their lives. Ramadan commemorates the time more than 1400 years ago when the words of the Quran were revealed to the Prophet Mohammed. Ramadan ends with the celebration called Eid al-Fitr.
KFC COULD CLOSE. KFC says their temporary closure is due to certain ingredients which they are not allowed to import because of bans placed by Biosecurity Authority of Fiji (BAF), but  BAF said KFC’s closure is not due to any bans imposed by them but through their own admission to rising costs and deteriorating sales.
UNION WARY OF AIR PACIFIC OFFER. The Transport Workers Union says a profit-sharing programme proposal for Air Pacific employees is vague, unl…

Press Release by FTUC on Allegations re. FNPF

PRESIDENT: Daniel Urai YOUR REF: …………………..
NATIONAL SECRETARY: Felix Anthony OUR REF: PUB/01 DATE: 22/07/11 

The Regime continues to make personal allegations on Mr. Daniel Urai and myself. These
allegations appear on all media outlets in Fiji and in the Fiji Sun, FM96, Fijilive, Fiji Village and
FBCL with much vigor. Yet our media releases are not allowed to be published or aired on the
radio. We ask what is there to hide from the public by disallowing our FTUC media releases. If
the regime is honest in its conduct, then there should be nothing to hide from the public. We
now urge the Regime to allow free media so that we can have a constructive and open debate
on all issues. The citizens of Fiji should be allowed to make a free and fair judgment on these

News and Editor's Comments Tuesday 2.8.11

Tuesday 2.8.11

QOLIQOLI DOES NOT BELONG TO CHIEFS. Traditional rights to the foreshore and seabed belong equally to all members of the the yavusa (tribe)and not the paramount chiefs, says Kisoko Cagituevei of the PM's Office.He says according to the I-taukei Land and Fisheries Commission the  qoliqoli is owned by the Yavusa and every member has a right to it.
     He made the  clarification following complaints of chiefs giving approval for development work to be carried out - and receiving the goodwill payments without the consent from Yavusa members, adding that chiefs should stop being greedy but instead care about the welfare of their people."

. The Attorney-General has assured civil servants that amendments to the Public Service Act to be gazetted next week will protect civil servants from discrimination. While 80% of grievances brought before the Labour Tribunal are handled through mediation, the amendment will enable employees to take their griev…

New $4m Chinese Ship for Fisheries

A fishing vessel that will link maritime islanders to markets on the mainland is undergoing sea trials in China before it sails for Fiji next month.

The multi cargo vessel is testament of Government’s commitment to further develop rural dwellers by opening up access to economic opportunities and fits in well with the rural and outer islands development programs.

News and Editor's Comments Monday 1.8.11

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 News and Editor's Comments Monday 1.8.11
OPEN LIST PROPORTIONAL REPRESENTATION. It's good to see this sort of informative, reasoned article on the anti-Bainimarama blog Fiji Today. Follow this link.

FIJI'S GREY POWER.This is a link to a new blog presenting the views of some pensioners on the proposed FNPF changes.

HISTORY REVISITED: FIJI'S COOPERATIVES.  Back in the 1950s and 1960s cooperatives, based on traditional itaukei social structures and "Western" business organization, were all the go. They were to bring rural ethnic Fijians into the economic mainstream.  Unfortunately, many failed, as did similar support for galala (independent farmers), and I have not seen any substantial research on the possible reasons for failure.There were notable exception, of course, and one is still seen on the streets of Suva: the Cautata Bus Comp…