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Lockington's Everyday Fiji ... Life Goes On

Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.
Alimony Problems
I was up at the magistrate’s court last week and noticed the many women who were milling around there. I spotted a lady I knew and asked her what they were all waiting for. She said that they had come to collect their child maintenance cheques. But she said that many of them were disappointed because theirs had not arrived.

Just Wages? 'Just' Flies Away

by Crosbie Walsh
Government sets up the Wages Councils, accepts its method of determining a just minimum wage based on the Poverty Line, accepts its recommendations for wage increases for some industries, announces when the increases will be paid, and then backtracks on everything because there's a global crisis, some employers say they can't afford to pay — and they need to remain competitive with Bangladesh!
Employers did not direct these concerns at the Wages Council and earlier some employers had refused to co-operate with the Council to determine what they could afford. They bypassed the Council and went directly to Government, and Government did not refer them back to the Wages Council. Instead, it heeded the employers' concerns and ignored the Wages Council.

Give Bainimarama a Chance; Educating the Media, PI Forum Group Meet on Fiji, Audit Reveals Irregularities

WEEKEND READING.  ♦ Allen Lockington column  ♦ Croz Walsh on Just Wages ♦ Wadan Narsey on the Wages Councils.
N0124. LETTER TO THE FIJITODAY BLOG. To its credit, FijiToday, the only moderate and reasoned anti-government blog, published this letter from a reader.

"I support what is happening in Fiji. Let’s see how open your Blog is. I don’t see anything positive on your site so here goes.

A Minibus Owner's Story; Tonga Warns AustNZ Over Fiji

N0122. CANCELLED LICENCES PROOF OF 'JUNTA CORRUPTION'. I was alerted to the public transport situation by a letter in FijiToday by a minivan driver who warned all of the blog's readers not to "do any business in Fiji at present" because "justice in business depends on who you know in the right place."

The writer said he had been issued a permit to run a minibus service between Lautoka and Ba but after two weeks the licence was revoked along with the licences of ten others. A Ministry of Transport official told him he and other minivan owners "were causing bus companies to go broke." He thought complaints by the bus companies were the cause of the revoked licences, adding "Surely this is part of the corruption that this government was going to wipe out."

I commented on Peter Firkin's FijiToday blog sympathising with his position and advised him to complain through the Chamber of Commerce and contact me if he thought I could help.

Words by Dallas Swinstead (on Swinstead), Wadan Narsey (on Itaukei), Brij Lal (on Ratu Iloilo) and Mason Smith (on Itaukei Agriculture)

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N0117. A DELETED COMMENT, published to remind ourselves just who we are dealing with. Joe has left a new comment on your post "Telling the PM ..." (edited): Just butt out croz mother f*****r. Leave us Fijians alone d***head. We could do without you white trashes supporting the treasonous lot. Just F*** OFF.

N0118.ABOUT FACE (AMBIGUITY INTENDED). What on earth is outgoing Fiji Times publisher Dallas Swinstead trying to say? In an open letter on Cafe Pacific he makes six comments on why he left so soon after taking up the job.
1 and 2.  The owners Motibhai couldn't organize insurance or medical evacuation (Why not? Why didn't he organize his own?).
3. He was tremendously proud of what he achieved (This is not a reason for leaving and to be honest I didn't notice any difference).
4. He supported the People's Charter and said so but would not be "kissing arses." (You'd think this would be a reason to …

Re-Ploughing the Muck in the Same Field

N0116. By Crosbie Walsh
What veteran journalist Michael Field (photo) can't teach you about reporting on Fiji isn't worth knowing. Take his latest Sunday Star-Times article on the Fiji Rugby Union crisis,Fiji Leader Doesn't Care for NZ. It's 282 words long and has 82 words of new information. Most of the rest was published last week by the the same journalist in the same weekly paper.

First, we need to look at the heading because it gets the message across even to those who don't read the article. It says Bainimarama doesn't like us and we reply: Up yours! We don't like you either. It's a good way to get readers tuned in to what you want them to believe, even if it was not quite what Bainimarama said. 

Then, it's important to typecast the main actors so that readers are left in no doubt about who the baddies are. Bainimarama, of course, is the “Fiji coup leader.” He's the guy we usually see on TV in his unchanged military uniform. And another k…

Rumours, the Shopkeeper and Mary Bainimarama's One Million Dollars

The latest story from CoupFourPointFive (citing a "source that has been reliable from the outset and is from within the military ranks") is that Renee Lal, a female lawyer accused of fraud, was "beaten about her head with a full bottle of water and that her beating was apparently organised by an army officer by the name of Ben Naliva.

"The officer is believed to be part of the illegal leader Frank Bainimarama's personal security detail. And it's claimed, as we said, that he was given $10,000 to ensure Lal got beaten.".

Saras'sista, a  commentator only too well known to readers of my blog, had this to say on CoupFourPointFive (I leave it unedited) :
"of course Croz would see nothing contradictory in the police commish demanding that police know the 2009 domestic violence decree by April, but the governments own thugs beating upa woman. No sir. For all the bleatings about how we should be nice, polite, positive and constructive, Croz is neve…

Twittering on Egypt, Kai Solomoni Organize, Minerals to Pass Tourism, Govt Looks Silly

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N0110. I DON'T GET IT. Perennial anti-government agitator, Peter Waqavonovono, president of the Fiji Young People's Concerned Network that appears to have no other members, has told ABC's Bruce Hill that many Fiji youth are using Twitter and Facebook to get information about the political unrest in Cairo. He says this is because the Fiji media is self-censoring news on Egypt. A quick survey by ABC, however, found that the Fiji Times and Fijilive have both carried comprehensive and balanced reports on the events in Egypt. So why, ABC, did you give this Peter Pan, who incredibly sees parallels between Fiji and Egypt, this free air time? When is no news news?  My source: via

The news that the PM may tour Russia later in the year to boost tourism and trade makes incredible reading. Th…

Ratu Iloilo Passes On

The former president of Fiji, Ratu Josefa Iloilo Uluivuda, has died. He was 91.
Ratu Iloilo was vice president in May 2000 when the Government of Mahendra Chaudhry was overthrown by a coup led by George Speight.
He became president after the military took power in July, was deposed in the 2006 coup led by Commodore Frank Bainimarama but restored to the presidency the following year.
When the Court of Appeal in 2009 ruled the interim government led by Commodore Bainimarama was illegal, Ratu Iloilo abrogated the constitution, sacked the judges and reinstated the Commodore as prime minister. He retired last August.  -- RNZI.