.PM's Christmas Message

Let's renew our commitment, says PM

December 25, 2011 11:54:24 AM
As Fiji celebrates Christmas today, Prime Minister Commmodore Voreqe Bainimarama has urged all citizens to renew their commitment to the future of the country

In his Christmas message to the nation, Commodore Bainimarama said with a renewed commitment, Fiji will benefit from full social and gender equality and become a nation that protects the welfare and livelihood of all of its citizens and a nation that unitedly moves to strengthen its economy and modernalise along a progressive timeline.

"We, as a nation have accomplished many great things in 2011 and look forward to a holiday season and a New Year filled with joy, steeped in hope and surrounded by family," he said.

"This is a time when families and friends get together in warmth and happiness to remember the birth of Christ and the promises he brought to a troubled world- a world not unlike our own in this time with conflict and unrest.

"Always, and especially during the holidays, we must be concerned with the welfare of our fellow man and ensure that all members of the society experience the true spirit of the Christmas season."

"As this year comes to an end, we as Fijians can look across our great and developing nation with a sense of accomplishment."

"Most importantly, we celebrate a shared humanity among all Fijians from rural areas, to city centres and throughout our many islands," he added.


Vinaka saka said…
Whatever you think about the PM, he certainly has a way with words. This is a statesman-like effort that brings together the strands of his program and conveys it effectively. Whether it's written by a minion ( Sharon SJ?) doesn't matter. It's spot on.
Com said…
Perhaps he could start by looking at his own 'commitments'. Obviously all the previous promised dates for elections are long gone, as has his 'constitution being the ultimate law'. But it's not too late to deliver a few of hisnother promises. He could lift the PER now to show he does actually believe in a free society. He could make public all ministers salaries to show he is serious about fair, accountable and transparent ( not to mention his promise no one soldier would benefit from this coup). To demonstrate he is serious about moving forward he allow auditor general reportsnfrom his time in government be published (not just the ones that made previous governments look poor).

My commitment is just fine. How is your Mr PM ? Commitment sometimes means stepping aside from all the trappings of power, commitment sometimes means accepting others views and supporting others ideas. Commitment to a great future requires more than a 'it will be done as I say, chain of command' military style.

So please show us your commitment.
The unintended risk of Big Biz said…
Commitments to SMEs?

Since at least 1999, Dr Nur Bano Ali and her associates have mouthed a commitment to Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs). This was a maxim of Women in Business. In practice, no such thing took place. If we carefully examine her role - one who should know better - it is largely Big Biz which features - so much more lucrative and fun?

Yet the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we are told today, is discovering that the future lies in SMEs and they are doing all they can to foster them. The future is uncertain and we all need to nurture our women entrepreneurs and the middle area of the Service Sector. So, why are we entertaining 'Big Biz? It is truly questionable and redolent with all manner of large commissions and 'expected consequences'? None of which will bear close examination? In addition, this is the Land of Conflicting Interest. So why risk it? What precisely are the risks in play? For all of us?
Anonymous said…
Why are you so keen on the Auditor General's report - the past Govt didn't give a damn about the report, though you would say it was published. It revealed corruption and when nothing was done, it only encouraged others to take the same path - to become rich overnight. Look at the bigger picture of what has been achieved and what is intended - remove your head from the sand and see the real world.
Gay said…
I notice no bloggers to this site have bothered to wish everyone a Happy Christmas, only to continue wit5h the sarcasm and criticism. WE HOPE THAT YOU ALL HAD A BEAUTIFUL CHRISTMAS, AND WILL HAVE A GREAT NEW YEAR. ..... AND YES THANK YOU WE ALL HAD A FANTASTIC CHRISTMAS, THOUGHT OF OTHERS, AND ARE LOOKING AHEAD TO ANOLTHER VERY PRODUCTIVE NEW YEAR 2012.


Com said…

With so much achieved why hide so much ? Why does this government not practice what they preach. Why do they ignore their own charter.

I don't think my head is in the the sand but do think this government (as a old cartoon Croz posted) too often has it head up it's ass. They think their shite don't stink.
Com said…

With so much achieved why hide so much ? Why does this government not practice what they preach. Why do they ignore their own charter.

I don't think my head is in the the sand but do think this government (as a old cartoon Croz posted) too often has it head up it's ass. They think their shite don't stink.
Why why said…

Why - because we know this government has many problems. In particular the military are not squeaky clean. In many instance even in the last 5 years they have been as bad as previous governments. That is why they hide reports on them but lecture everyone else.

Let's think back to the PMs back pay....he set the scene very early on rewarding his soldiers for throwing out a elected government and he continues to reward and overlook conflicts.
Yea yea said…
dear anon,

My mother always said two wrongs don't make a right and I think she was correct. So let's not overlook all this governments mistakes just because the previous one was poor as well.
Kahukiwa said…

Do you mean that past performance tends to indicate future performance?

We all wait with bated breath.....
Real World said…
The real world informs me that for more than 4 years Fiji has had no elected government, it is suppressed by an ongoing PER, and we can't even find out how much the self appointed PM and AG are being paid by taxpayers through the AGs aunts company? So a commitment to openness and transparency from this unelected regime would be a good start?
Anonymous said…

There is nothing you can say croz that can justify support for the miltary junta, this, our, abomination.

Every day they hold on to power they become more distant, closer to the womb of "hate"
Analysis of fact put to good use,,,, said…
It has been noted previously that sarcasm is generally unproductive, negative and little understood in Fiji. Positive, analytical criticism is insufficiently well-received in Fiji and that is partly why we are where we find ourselves. Criticism which derives from analysis of fact is productive and useful and always of interest.

Perhaps the best Christmas gift anyone might receive, if put to good and constructive use?

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