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Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that.

 Security Forces Pacific Tournament

Now that the Sukuna Bowl is a classic tournament, may I suggest that we (Fiji) have an invitation tournament where all the disciplined forces in the Pacific including Australia and New Zealand, come together in sport and during that tournament we have a meeting of disciplined forces executives to strengthen the Pacific’s  security with reference to terrorism, money laundering, people smuggling, pedophilia, maritime surveillance, peace keeping duties and all in all strengthen the ties of our people.

Pacific Islanders live all over the Pacific and what an opportune time during the Sukuna Bowl for the executives of the disciplined forces to think about devising this Pacific tournament – simply titled – “Discipline, strengthening our ties”.

And then have it every two or three years or whatever is suitable. 

Well it’s a thought, because we usually have the Pacific nations meetings in Fiji from time to time, why not have sporting tournament at the same time.


Anonymous said…
Such a tournament has been going on since 2006 when Fiji won the iaugural tournament by thrashing Australia in the final. The most recent tournament was held in Canberra in September 2011. Countries represeted included Australia, NZ, Tonga, Samoa, China, UK, PNG, Cook Islands, Malaysia and Singapore. Fiji has not been invited after 2006 because of the Australian policy of not engaging with military/security forces who go around toppling civilian governments. So the lesson for Fiji is clear - return to an elected democratic government then you can come join the club. Otherwise stay out.
Anonymous said…
If I would be given a penny for every single misguided, tangetial and published thought by Allen, I would be quite wealthy by now.
Living in Denial said…
Do you know what a military coup is? Do you think it is an act of a 'disciplined' service?
Anonymous said…
There is a saying that goes something like this "if you look after the big things in life, then the little things will be take of themselves".

Allen walks around with his head in the sand penning his opinions about all the little irrelevant things in life with no real consequence to us all. He ignores the big things that really do matter eg freedom of speech etc that has been denied us all by the current government. These are values that all other countries in the region embrace. Once Fiji embraces those values then can it come inside and sit at the table (or play rugby) with other regional defence & security organisations that are involved in such a tournament.

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