What Do You Think?

The blog intends to run opinion polls on what readers think the Bainimarama Government is doing:
1. Right
2. Wrong
3. What it most urgently needs to do now

And other poll (poll 4) on what those who oppose the Bainimarama Government, and wish to see what they call a "return to democracy,"  should state as their policy.

The polls will propose up to five ideas for each question. I'd welcome your thoughts  on what those ideas should be. You don't need to spell out the questions. Just use the numbers, e.g. 1. Look North policy,  etc; 2. Lack of public participation, etc.; 3. Lift PER; 4. Reduce political influence of chief, etc.  

I will list or summarise all of your ideas and select the most popular to include in the polls. Please respond promptly so that we can start the poll this week.


Phantom said…
1. Preparations for 2014 elections
2. Preparing a constitution
3. Employment relations promulgations are self-defeating
4. Free the media from direct censorship
5. Continue work on land bank
6. Continue work on natural resource development
Anonymous said…
7. A comprehensive Defence review of Fiji to include the defining of the role of the military in Fiji society, its organisational structure and methods to achieve racial parity within its ranks.
Anonymous said…
Is this place dead?
Simple really... said…
1) No taxation without representation - very simple.
Conflicts of interest in religious organisations said…
The exercise of power through religious organisations in Fiji is an aberration of sound governance. It is rearing its ugly head and has been experienced at first hand.

Wherever it occurs, it must be 'put down'. It must be handled by simply pointing out: Conflicts of interest will not be tolerated in any guise.

Exerting unseemly influence will not win through. It will be exposed.

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