Fiji's "Cancerous Conspiracy of Silence"

Prof Wadan Narsey's use of Coup4.5 as the vehicle by which to publish his recent Fiji’s cancerous conspiracies of silence: an expose  article has drawn comment from both sides of the political divide. Some, such as Graham Davis, have also berated Wadan's slurs on the characters of moderate people in Fiji such as the Rev. Akuila Yabaki; others such as "Choice I think not" on my blog yesterday, asked: "And where else might Narsey express his views? PER and government extreme sensitivity to any criticism give him little other choice" (but to publish in Coup 4.5).

To answer this question first. Wadan's article as it now stands would not be published by an reputable media outlet, in or out of Fiji, but if he removed the personally insulting and obviously libellous parts, I'm sure the Australian and NZ mainstream media would be interested. So also would a number of reasonable anti-Bainimama blogs such as Fiji Today and Pacific Media Forum, or moderate blogs such as the Pacific Media Centre and David Robie's Cafe Pacific (or my own "qualified pro-Bainimarama" blog) which have previously published Wadan's articles. Blocked as he probably would be by the Fiji media that used to publish his articles, there are far more reputable outlets for his informative articles and opinions than Coup 4.5.

Coincidentally, I published an article by Wadan that attacked the Bainimarama government's use of FNPF loan money to pay for new Air Pacific planes and the Natadola resort, on Saturday, at the same time as Coup 4.5 was publishing his "Conspiracies"  article.

This blog publishes reasoned viewpoints from all concerned with the future of Fiji. This is not true of Coup 4.5 nor apparently, on this occasion, of Wadan whose article in parts is petty, vindictive and self-promoting.

The questions he raises are important but the use to which his accusations will be put, in today's political climate, cannot serve the goals he presumably seeks. They will be used by the so-called "pro-democracy" people who supported all of Fiji's coups — except its most recent.  Take time out to read the comments on his Coup 4.5 article and you will see the sick sentiments  he has encouraged.

I don't usually respond to insults with a counter-insult, but after reading Wadan's article that opens with the words: “There is a popular saying: truth liberates.   Yet thousands of people, privy to vital information about one or other of Fiji’s coups, refuse to liberate us with the truth.” some comment is necessary.  Wadan then proceeds to attack almost every public figure in Fiji's history since 1987,  many without fair cause.

I react poorly to  pomposity and exaggeration (Only Wadan knows the truth. Only Wadan has the courage to raise such questions) and to his choice of the Coup4.5 blog as his publisher. Birds of a feather, I thought, and then I remembered the words of an old song that seemed far more appropriate.  Please forgive me, but I can't resist publishing it:
 'Twas an evening in October, I'll confess I wasn't sober,
 I was carting home a load with manly pride,
 When my feet began to stutter and I fell into the gutter,
 And a pig came up and lay down by my side.
 Then I lay there in the gutter and my heart was all a-flutter,
 Till a lady, passing by, did chance to say:
 "You can tell a man that boozes by the company he chooses."
Then the pig got up and slowly walked away.'
If Wadan was seeking the "truth" — and not just that part which may embarrass the Bainimarama government, much to the delight of its opponents — he should have chosen a different media outlet.


more walking less talking please said…
You semm to imply that people supported previous coups so they should support this one. Following that logic then everyone should get behind the next one ?

Also does not anyone else see the irony that the current government who came to power by way of a coup is cracking down hard on anyone with alternate views and seeking to jail the likes of unionists because they where encouraging people to act against government and the law....just like they did to come to power ?

People follow what people do, not what they say. Therefore it is reasonable to expect future coups as long as those behind the latest continue to prosper.

The ironys of this government are beyond beleive. They where against letting those from 2000 coup being released....yet they decree they can never be held accountable for their own coup ? They proclaim the importance of governance yet won't allow anyone to look into how the military is run (think regiment funds). They talk check, balances and anti-corruption yet refuse to speak the coruption charges against the PM - his payout, why he had never taken leave (or perhaps he wasn't recording it) and what his salary is now and why it is handled by a private accountant.

I'm not opposed to what this government says. I would liek to see them "Walk the talk" rather than just "Talk the talk".
Same, same said…
The truth is the Military have been involved in all coups. The truth is there has been vary little resitence to any of the coups and outright support for 2000. The truth is another coup could occur and there still would not be outrage which explains the current governments extreme paronoia about any negative or alternate view.

Look what this government has done to its opponents - removed them from all positions of power, chased them with FICAC, harassed their families and their ultimate goal is to jail them. This government knows they would face the same "pay back" if they lost power so will do everything to make sure they don't - including esnuring they win the 2014 election or delaying it.
On the sidelines in Viti Levu said…
Dear Croz,

When the current military government start being balanced then they will have the right to start demanding better from coup 4.5 but as it stand they are bad as each other.

The problem with silencing everyone is you are left with only those who really scream - that's the crew over at 4.5. A better way for this government to take the attention off 4.5 would be to allow more reasoned voices a platform. Sadly that's a big ask of a military government who have become much too comfortable basking in their own BS and thinking they are the only 'way, truth and light'.

A starting point would be for this government to acknowledge .....
1. Their coup caused massive economic damage that we are only just now recovering from.
2. They made lots of early mistakes including recruiting the FLP leader and putting unionists on boards.
3. They haven't been able to prove corruption like they thought they would.
4. They failed to meet all original commitments and the job of running a county is harder than expected.

1. They have learnt from early mistake
2. Unlike other governments they have taken action on their mistakes
3. Economy is finally coming around and we have tackled hard issues like destructive unions
Fair's Fair said…
I think your attack on Coup 4.5 is rather unjustified.

C4.5 has the biggest readership of all the anti Government blogs. So if your message is anti regime then it is the best place to post your stories. That makes perfect logical sense.

I hear you complain often that the NZ or the Australian media will not listen to your more pro regime stance and I know it frustrates you. But sometimes they will put you on air or carry your stories. In Fiji there is no such option. There is no mainstream media that is allowed to carry an anti regime message. I can tell you it is very frustrating and as frustration builds so do tempers. So if some of the comments on C4.5 are over the top it is caused by the frustrations of not being allowed a voice in Fiji. We cannot talk in the media. We cannot talk in public meetings. We cannot talk in private meetings. We cannot talk on the phone. Our only voice is blogsites like C4.5.

Added to the frustration is the threat that if you so much as hint at overthrowing the regime you can be hauled up on sedition charges. You can be held in custody without charge for up to 10 days.

So please have some sympathy with the likes of Wadan Narsey and where he can have his articles published. He has a small choice if he wants it read in Fiji. Do not blame him for the comments passed by others.

And if an article contains personal attacks it may be because he is right in the thick of it. He cannot come back to his home because he will almost certainly be charged with sedition. Under those circumstances perhaps it is hard to remain calm and analytical. On the other hand you are sitting at home in NZ under no threat and life goes on as normal and you can enjoy your hobby of running your blogsite. No wonder you are so detached and aloof to the whole situation.
Black Jack said…
The Whole Truth is a 'dodgy' concept? Just as Real Jack said elsewhere. The essential 'dodginess' reflects and resides in an utter decrepitude of the system. The truth will set you free? Whose truth? How? When? Where?

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