Some tables from the Lowy/Tebbutt poll

STOP PRESS.  And an article on the poll by Graham Davis in Grubsheet. 

I published a substantial article on this poll three weeks ago "The People have Spoken: Methodology Sound" in which I made the point that government opponents would seek to trivialise the poll results, mainly on the grounds of its methodology and the conditions under which it was carried out. Dr Jon Fraenkel's article in The Australian is the latest. I print some of the poll table results here to show the wide range of responses and disagreement with government on some topics.  Media censorship and a so-called "climate of fear" may, as opponents claim, have influenced the results to some extent but the results (as the tables show) display a wide range of opinions not consistent with misinformation or intimidation. Opponents also fail to heed Jenny Hayward-Jones of the Lowy Institute that commissioned the poll.  She'd hoped, and expected, the poll would have shown pubic opposition to the Bainimarama government.  She did not like the results but she stands by its conclusions. Readers interested in the original poll report should copy and paste on the url line; then  scroll down to "Fiji at home and in the world".  The photo of Bainimarama should help you to find it quickly.   -- Croz

Bainimarama's performance as Prime Minister (%)

Very Fairly . Fairly Very Don't know/

good Good Average poor poor Refused

39 27 25 5 3 2

Government performance – Services (%)

Very Fairly . Fairly Very Don't know/

good Good Average poor poor Refused
Education 56 26 15 1 2
Transport 43 28 21 4 4
Health 38 31 19 6 5

Government performance – General (%)

Very Fairly . Fairly Very Don't know/

good Good Average poor poor Refused
Racial inequalities 34 33 26 4 3
Land ownership 32 31 23 6 5 2
Employment opportunities 32 27 24 10 6
Economy 23 36 28 6 6
Poverty 23 32 28 9 7 1
Draft new Constitution 18 35 32 6 4 5
Progress to elections 21 31 28 8 8 4
Reform electoral system 18 33 31 8 5 5

Effects of new Constitution (%)

Strongly Partly
Partly Strongly DK/R

Agree Agree
Disagree Disagree
Better democracy 44 39
7 4 5
End racial inequalities 40 37
11 7 6
End Coup Culture 36 34
13 10 6

Present role of the military forces (%)

Strongly Partly
Partly Strongly DK/R

Approve Approve
Disapprove Disapprove

31 37
12 19 1

Military should play permanent role in politics (%)

Strongly Partly
Partly Strongly DK/R

Agree Agree
Disagree Disagree

24 29
14 32 1

Media now more reliable and trustworthy (%)

Strongly Partly Same Partly Strongly DK/R

Agree Agree
Disagree Disagree

15 28 31 16 6 1

Should religious organisations be involved in politics (%)


at all


Form of government (%)

Democracy Non-democracy in

Doesn't DK/R

preferable some circumstances


53 25

21 1

* to someone like me.


The Tebbutt Poll Tables said…
@ Don't Know/Refused (DK/R)

This last column should read:

Don't Know/Confused (DK/C)

Because in the current climate, that is much more likely to be the true response. An outright refusal is unlikely in Fiji. But a confused response given the pressure is real. A confused refusal?

This is the architecture if not the hypothesis (theory-making?) on which it is based? And have we allowed for the Freudian Slip? An inevitable response sooner or later? Who is to say?
Vani said…
So, if this ALL that is TRUE and acceptable then why is Voreqe not holding elections now! Why the delay? Does not this show that his "reforms" are working? Then why wait till 2014? That is Dr. Frankel's point, right? As it is with us educated Fijians living overseas and supporting our families back home with our hard-earned cash earned based on our qualifications, experience and merit, thus, contributing to the economic triumphs of our island nation.
Anonymous said…
So Dr Jon Fraenkal seems to be a great advocate of the Great Council of Chiefs and grieves that it has not met and freedom of the Methodist Church has been curtailed, as it can no longer inject the venom of racism in the people of Fiji. Come on Dr Fraenkal come out of the woods with your friend Dr Brij Lal. Both these institutions did incalculable harm to democracy in Fiji. Both stood for racism and for their support to the Qarase's racist Govt, the GCC was allowed to continue sharing from the rental income that belonged to the poor landowners of Fiji. All this has been cancelled by the Bainimarama Govt and landowners are now getting their full share of the funds, less admin costs. Except for the 2006 coup, all other coups were formented by these institutions. GCC supported Rabuka, sponsored a political party and entered Fiji politics to ensure that its racist policies continued. The Methodists gave spiritual justification for the persecution of Indo-Fijians and collectively, they destroyed democracy in Fiji. It is sad that Dr Fraenkal cannot accept the Lowy Poll, as it has not helped his cause. It is a crying shame when educated and informed attempt to distort truth and peddle their prejudices with little regard for honesty and integrity.
Je Geniko said…

Sorry to hijack this post but I would like to share a link to an interview Jenny Hayward-Jones had with ABC Radio National's Counterpoint programme this afternoon.

It is titled "Fiji: Dealing with difficult neighbours".

Freudian Slips and stars said…
The Freudian Slips in the slips?

Now becoming reality above the circling mirages. Like predatory desert drones they seek out their targets in nights of myriad stars. The 'fearful for their future' sense their presence surveying their every waking thought. How long may this endure? Is this the Beginning of the End? Or the End of the Beginning? Let us take another Poll.....and see?

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