News and Comments Friday 21 October 2011

• Allen Lockington column • Pacific Media Freedom 2011: A Status Report 
• West Papua Replaces Fiji as Biggest Threat to Pacific Media Freedom

Members of the public are reminded to change their time to one hour in advance at 2am to 3am this Sunday October 23, and one hour back at 3am to 2am on February 26 next year. 

SENIOR CITIZENS' PARK.Fiji’s first senior citizen park at Thurston Gardens has officially been handed over to the Ministry of Social Welfare by the Rotary Club, Suva. The Park that cost around $40,000 to develop was a culmination of the collaborative effort between the Rotary Club of Suva, the Suva City Council and the Ministry of Social Welfare.The Senior Citizen Park is expected to have ongoing upgrades over time with the construction of walkways, benches and chairs.

. Government has approved the payment of a $1.6 million bonus for six state-owned enterprises that have performed "exceptionally well during the last two years." They include Fiji Broadcasting Corporation, Airports Fiji Limited, the Public Rental Board, Fiji Electricity Authority, Fiji Meat Industry Board, Fiji Ports Corporation and subsidiary Fiji Ships and Heavy Industries Limited. FBCL's net profit grew 244% year over year - exceeding expectations by 103%. 

FACEBOOK'S FIJI ECONOMIC FORUM. Rishab Nair offers is a particularly useful service by providing links  to regular Fiji news items. No comments. Just headlines on all important news.

EDUCATION THE MOTIVATING FORCE.The annual Adi Salusalu Festival will commence on the 27th October (next Thursday) this year with a target of $200,000 to be raised by the 21 tikina (districts), each of which will present their mekes and provide items and food stalls in the three day event. The Ministry of Health will also conduct free health checks during the event. The money collected will be used to assist itaukei students from kindergartens to tertiary education.

HYDRO PROJECT ON TRACK. The Fiji Electricity Authority’s Nadarivatu Hydro project is on track to be commissioned in March next yea. the project that is 82% complete will provide substanatial savings in the money spent on diesel and in turn reduce the country’s fuel import bill. The savings will go towards repaying the close to USD $100 million for the project.The FEA borrowed USD$30 million from the ANZ bank, USD$70m from the Chinese Development Bank and FJD$20m from the Bank South Pacific.

TEAK FOREST SHARES. Fiji's first private commercial Teak Plantation Company, Future Forests Fiji  is  offering shares and notes to the public as it prepares to enter the South Pacific Stock Exchange (SPSE). 

AUSAID will be supporting Fiji in establishing Health Promoting Programmes in another 70 to 100 schools by the end of this year and next year.

DIWALI will be celebrated in Fiji next Wednesday 26 October.


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