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Allen Lockington is a self-employed customs agent and business consultant who has regular articles published in Fiji. I thank Allen for permission to reprint some of them in this political blog. They remind us that life goes on, whatever the political situation. And it's good to know that. 
Abuse in Government

 The recent report of funds abuse and abuse of office is not a new thing. It has been happening for  a very long time. We just need to go back in time and have a look at the Auditor-Generals' reports of yesteryears. Time and again the same abuse and mismanagement would be printed in the report and highlighted in the newspapers.

We should ask the question: Why it this happening?

There are several things, with reference to funds abuse that I can think of:  Low wages, a want of things that the ordinary salary can’t afford, a weakness for money, corrupt and unethical practices, weak will power and self image, and not understanding the law. As for abuse of office, I feel people just don’t know their laws and regulations and where they are supposed to draw the line. Or the person may just be a pompous ass.

What Fiji needs is to bring back the government audit system where the team goes to each government department and statutory body every so often and check books, ledgers, attendance registers, cash books, and so on. They should also interview staff and have work shops to inform everyone about their role and how to conduct themselves. To put it simply, we need to keep our people on their toes so to speak.

Looking at the number of cases highlighted in the recent report, I wonder how many of these are people are happily married with children and have a standing in social and religious organisations.


More audits please said…
Do you think we should audit the salaries of the junta appointed PM and the AG? I would like to know what they are paid? Do you think in terms of good governance this is a fair question?
Anil Nair said…
Government should also audit the Fiji Rugby Unions accounts.
Allen said…
More audits: It is a fair question.
Ram Sami said…
I would like a full audit of Fiji Football Association's finances going back the last 25 years, now that the disgraced and debarred lawyer is no longer in control
Independent & Forensic said…
@ Allen said

More audits? Well, yes. But the critical and essential question is: BY WHOM? Independent, forensic auditors? Do they exist anymore? Or have they all been poached by our nearest neighbours? Who already have quite sufficient for their needs.
Allen said…
Bula Independent & Forensic

Well said, cant trust anyone now.

Perhaps the new breed of politicians will do this in the new elections.

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