� West Papua ignored, Fiji poll condemned as Forum leaders emerge � West Papua ignored, Fiji poll condemned as Forum leaders emerge
Insistence on "democracy" in Fiji but not for West Papua.
Tuilaepa and Gillard dismiss polls results.

Their logic is on a par with that of a reader who wrote: "Unlocking the Fiji Situation":

Not interested Croz. Like the Lowy Institute, you have lost your credibility and your mojo.
Oh, and now that the hysterics and rhetoric have dissipated, Fiji is still not back in the Forum. What was that you were trying to tell us about the success of the MSG again???

And yet we have this comment from another reader: "Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "#44 FIJI’S POPULAR DICTATOR":

Agree totally with the Lowy Institute Poll and posting of Sister Saras above. I recently spent 4 weeks in Fiji in the canefields of Ba/Tavua, remote Fijian villages, in the niteclubs of Suva and Nadi etc. The Lowy Poll is an accurate reflection of the majority of people of all races I spoke to. They look upon with great scorn those overseas-based members of the 'pro-democracy' movement. Most of their scorn was heaped against people like Roko Ului Mara and John Baledroka and his sidekick in Queanbeyan (his name escapes me for the moment). The opinion is very much against a political role for the Great Council of 'Thieves' (thats what they refer to them as). Same sentiment aganst the Methodist Church who, with the concurrence of the now washed-up and irrelevant Rabuka, were responsible for radicalizing Fijian ethno-nationalists who ex PM Qarase drew succour from.


sara'ssista said…
Is The Fiji regime demanding political and democratic reform for West Papua ? This is given their own pretentious and fatuous claims to defend true democracy in Fiji. Perhaps the fiji military only get involved when they see remittances for themselves and their interests extend as far their UN paychecks. Wasn't Aus the one who forced the referendum on East Timor? Where was Fiji? How quick to forget. Your welcome.
Proud fijian said…
It appears that there may have been a compromise to Fiji's situation discussed at the forum.

Fiji officials have been invited to participate in PACER talks. This may have been after discussion with MSG reps and the presentation of the Tebutt Polls. Samoan PM's rejection of this polls gives is an incite into those discussions behind closed doors.

I would expect Bainimarama to reject participating in PACER plus talks yet again.

While Fiji progresses forward in self determination other Pacific countries continue the status quo with more dangling of carrots by Australia and NZ.
Scott said…
When assessing the latest poll, one of the effects of an earlier poll in Fiji should be recalled. In late 1999, a poll with a small sample reached the conclusion that Mahendra Chaudhry was the most popular politician in Fiji, ahead of others, including Sitiveni Rabuka.
This result played an important part in convincing the leading ethnic nationalists that the SVT, almost wiped out in May 1999, had no chance of forming the government even at the next elections. Only non-electoral, extra constitutional politics would suffice if those who had once held state power were to regain their 'rightful' hold. The plotting began in earnest for what would become the takeover of parliament in May 2000 by the George Speight-led gang.
So the current poll should be as much cause for concern as for satisfaction in the Frank Bainimarama - led government. Desperate people often take desperate measures when they find even hoped-for popular support is not running their way.

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