The Media and Poverty � Crusade needed against poverty problem in Fiji, says media academic


Cicero said…
We should prefer to see a Paper written on:

The FIJI MEDIA AND CRIME : How the Fiji Media over the past ten years permitted anonmy and impunity (same thing?) to flourish through inattention, pure laziness and possible cowardice? Not for want of information! They were fully informed at great cost often. All forms of Fiji media failed in their duty to this country and its citizens, to the Fiji Tourism Industry and its clients and they played into the pockets and the purview of Serious Organised Criminals. Some of whom are still active, others on bail: a worry? Only the Fiji SUN under Russell Hunter (a Deputy Chair of Crimestoppers Fiji until his deportation) took any action at all. Even this was incomplete.

On Media Day dawning soon, we would expect members, owners and journalist especially Managing Editors to explain themselves. How was it that: Human Trafficking, five organised murders of business owners, hard drug mules, Gang Attacks and Home Invasions (targeted by organised criminals) were permited to go on for so long in the leading tourism town of Fiji? What precisely was the Fiji Police involvement? Were the Media also directly involved in collusion and a conspiracy of silence? Were the Courts of Fiji also implicated?

Serious organised crime leads inexorably towards serious poverty. It is also a product of poverty and dysfunctional societies. Above all, it has to be exposed by a responsible and fully active Media prepared to investigate at all levels of society in which it occurs.
If this fails, we must then ask: is the Fiji Media a willing partner to serious organised criminal enterprise itself
Walker Texas Ranger said…
@ Cicero

The word is 'anomy' (1591) from the Greek and meaning lawlessness. Well, that is still ongoing. We have had at least two examples of it today. One in which someone charged by the Police under Section 326 of the Crimes Decree has been permitted to slip away overseas and may well not be coming back. He faces three years in prison if he is ever apprehended and returned. All in a day's work. Writing dishonoured cheques, failing to register a company but conducting business notwithstanding. It is getting to be boring and it is endlessly time-consuming. Who wants to waste a lifetime on such grubby goings-on? Why bother to employ those who do not value their time at work? Let the Chinese have a go!

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