Issues of the Past Haunt Us: PM

Bainimarama face closeFiji needs leaders who are committed to genuine consultation, inclusiveness and accountability and have a progressive vision in moving the country forward, the Prime Minister Commodore told Macuata chiefs and provincial leaders  yesterday, repeating his long-time message that that Fiji's root problem was dirty politicians and racism.

The PM urged provincial leaders to take the lead role in developing the  leadership model spelt out in Pillar 3 of the People’s Charter for Change, Peace and Progress which emphasised  honesty, integrity, professional ethics and service to communities.
Me vaka au sa dau tukuna wasoma ka kacivaka talega ni noda leqa naba dua e Viti na draki vakapolitiki e mai tarai keda. O ya na veivakaduiduitaki vaka mata tamata. ("Our biggest problem, as I have stated on a number of times previously, is dirty politics and racial discrimination.")

He said Government depended on genuine leaders who would help take the country forward. Na noda Viti vou ka vinaka e tiko saka ena ligada na veiliutaki ("Our new Fiji is in our hands as leaders.")

He urged Macuata provincial leaders and people to work together to develop the province and adapt to positive changes.

Au gadreva meu vakaraitaka ni sa na levu tikoga mai nai tavi meda qarava e na vuku ni veika vou e sa tara tiko na nodra bula na lewe ni yasana, kei na veika era gadreva me baleta na nodra vakatorocaketaki. Sa dodonu meda na dau yadrava ka raica me cakacakataki ena gauna taudonu  ("I want to tell you that there will be a lot of responsibilities for us to carry out as we move towards developments in the province and what the people need. It is for us to ensure that we carry these responsibilities out and ensure that developments happen when they are supposed to happen.")

The PM was in Macuata to open the Provincial Council meeting.

Based on Fiji Sun story by Caroline Ratucadra.


Consho said…
Bainimarama is not elected. He is in control only because he has the guns. The least he can do if he really believes in transparency, accountability and good governance is to tell us how much he is being paid. Until we know the truth we have real concerns about his military junta?
Seriously said…
Seriously Croz, when was the last time the PM was inclusive and accountable. His words are laughable against the back drop of what he actualy does. Why bother rehashing his hollow words here when you know then to be just that.
Accountable my asss said…
Accountable ? This is the PM that despite very serious allegations against him refuses to tell us how much he is paying himself. This is the same man who refuses to let us see auditor general reports into his own military. This is the same man who is finance minister and sugar minister but will never face questions on either topic. This is the man who promised so much but blames every thing that has gone wrong on a government that has not been in power know for five years.

And of course with a PER and control of the media these comments by him will go unchecked. How is that accountable ?
Anonymous said…
didnt hear anyone complainning after 1987 & 2000. Joker gets a taste of his own medicine. lol
Saving Souls! said…
Honesty, integrity and ethics: a Tall Order. What is vital is this: those who govern must always be seen to be clean and able to justify themselves in all their dealings. If they fail in this, they lose the trust and confidence of the people and by this simple folly, they will lose. In losing, they will throw overboard more than their personal standing: they will abandon the very souls of us all.

The Pacific Forum would do well to consider this SOS: Save Our Souls!

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